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Jin Air Reviews

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27 October 2022 12:10:00 Antonio Martin

I wanted to check a notice on my ticket. "If you paid by credit card with non-verification method when purchasing flight tickets, the cardholder must present his/her payment card when checking-in at the airport."

My wife bought the ticket for me. The flight is at 6:50am on a sunday and it is a massive pain for my mrs and two little kids to drive with me to the airport well before sunrise.

I called and spent a total of 4 hrs waiting for somone to answer the call to no avail, The automated system simply tried to hang up on me every chance it got.

I emailed and got no reply.

Customer service is horrible, such a simple thing is so painful.

I assume the staff get paid so little they really could not be bothered to actually work to a satisfactory level. They might lack training, which is often the case in many places in Korea. I live in Korea, I know this from personal experience.

I have not flown yet, I do hope the flight from ICN to FUK goes without incident. I mean it is 1hr 20mins long. What could go wrong...?

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12 September 2022 12:09:00 CLARENCE E THOMPSON

I was a Passenger on3 September from Philippines to Incheon Flight LJ024 205 AM
and cannot believe how disrespectful the Flight Attendants were although Jin Air prices are great even if I have to pay more I will use a different Airline there was 9 empty seats (Exit Seats) a Korean Gentleman was allowed to move he didnt ask so I asked if I could move I was told no it was the rules I pointed out that the other person was allowed to move pointed out the only difference was that he was Asian and I was Caucasian the Flight Attendant said I was right and to sit down the Korean Man was allowed to remain in the seat that took I told the Head Flight Attendant I was writing the CEO and she said to go ahead. A rule should apply to all not pick and choose if this was in the States we would be in Court right now!!

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23 August 2022 12:08:00 Guest

Be honest, I don't understand what Jin Air Co doing business with outside. Why ? I couldn't use America Chase Visa card for booking on Jin Air, They said " I couldn't accept your visa card.
A few days ago, I already succeed on booking KAL. Maybe, they looked for more charge on foreigners by any reason or they don't know how web designed correctly. Any way, it is not acceptable.

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26 January 2022 12:01:00 Guest

No way to get in touch with someone for helping me with my reservation change.
No Email reference to somebody ..
Very frustrating

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25 February 2020 12:02:00 Guest

The phone number registered is not working so its kind of anoyying . I cannot even change my flight date, I've been trying to do so for a couple day. Why is the number for the customer service is not * working?

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21 November 2018 12:11:00 Yulin Ge

My wife and I booked with Jin air for flight 213 fr om Incheon to Ōsaka-Kansai on 19 Nov, with a connecting flight from Osaka to our home Honolulu, Hawaii. The booking was made and confirmed on 1 Nov. When we arrived at the airport, the duty manager refused our boarding because my wifes Japan transit visa was used, despite our connecting confirmed flight with Air Asia D71. We then purchased tickets from Incheon to Ōsaka from Asiana airline under the same circumstances successfully. The Jin air duty manager we spoke to at the airport, and the general manager she had us talk to over the phone said they will issue us a full refund. We have now returned to Hawaii, but when we called wh ere we booked the flight, Jin air did not issue a refund. We then called Jin air, but the customer service agent refused to escalate the case, and simply hung up the call rudely. We feel the situation highly demeaning, and the whole experience frustrating. The airline refused our boarding causing us stress and almost make us miss the connecting flight at Osaka. I hope your office will be able to investigate into this issue, as it constitute a deliberate lying on the part of Jin air duty manager at Incheon airport. Anyone on duty between 14:00-15:00 at the check-in table at Incheon airport would know about this situation. Please feel free to contact me any time at 7576342363 or (preferred method of contact is the email) for any other information you might need. Thank you.
Yulin Ge

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25 February 2018 12:02:00 Guest

For one I have to say airplanes are old. I thought I was flying by Korean air the whole time but somehow I happened to have Jin air from Guam to Busan as a it is their partner airline. It was a long flight. No entertainment no, they offered drinks once for a flight that is almost 5 hours it was quite hard. The seats were uncomfortable and very close to each other. You can fly such plane domestically or internationally for 1 and a half hour ibut not 4 and a half. However the staff was very friendly and helpful. When I came to the hotel I realized that my black case from Bose headphones might have fell out from a back pack. I remember I took my headphones out on a plane and do not remember what happened to the case. I wouldnt even hfuss about it if my home keys didnt happen to be there. My fault. Shouldve checked better. I always do but I guess not this time. The way they dealt with it was terrible. The manager couldnt understand me and kept asking if I lost luggage. Then he asked me if I have a phone number to call the airline in Guam. I wish I could speak Korea but I dont. Then he called a girl from registration and immediately she told me well thats your fault you forgot it. Also without checking she said, I remember nobody told me anything about lost items. They didnt find anything I asked her to check with cleaning ladies and with lost and found and with an airplane. Her reply was, it will take time obviously they didnt want to deal with me and I didnt want to deal with them either. Eventually I needed up walking to my next flight with no actions to be done from the airline. Very disappointing

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