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21 December 2020 12:12:00 Bilal

Avoid this scam company at any cost.
130US$ for a typo in the name !!!
And when I asked for a refund : 80 US$ "penalty" + you don't get your money back but a "voucher" to be used within a year on the same flight ...
Real scam of a company.
Save your time and money and avoid this disgusting airline.

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30 March 2020 12:03:00 Guest

I have booked online for Fly Dubai, Due to sickness, I was not able to travel, I called the customer service team to cancel, however, he has told me that don't to cancel through him, and send an email to with my doctors note two days before my flights, and I do not do anything, the airline will make an exception and refund you the money to the Credit Card, After so many failed attempt, a few days ago and I had asked them to modify my booking, they have unilaterally cancelled my flight and have sent me half the value of my ticket in a voucher. I am sending email and follow up, since I am writing this embezzlement no body is responding me. This is more like an of clients funds by an Fly Dubai.
This Airline is the most corrupt and irresponsible. Please think twice when you want to fly with Fly Dubai.

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24 May 2019 12:05:00 Daniel Tudor

Hello, before I will write my review, just for information its the first time that I do so, because today on board experience was something that never happened to me and I really hope nobody should have this experience again.
Me and my husband, we have flight on 23.05.2019, from Dubai-Bucharest, flight number FZ-1797, seats 1A;1C.
On this flight we had a very unexpected experience, concerning safety of the flight and crew attitude.
1-The crew, never check it before departing and landing or during turbulence the status of the seatbelts ( my husband realize after take of that he didnt put on the seatbelt, all the bags was on the floor, nobody asked like other times to put my bag in the cabin or under the seat.
2-The crew didnt take attention and there service was very poor, at least on business class.
3- On board it was also a friend of the crew ( as we understood hes also a steward but he was not on service) that have spent with another lady long time, discussing, offering coffees together with other crew members, in front of businesses class.
4-Also it was very cold, we have asked few times to make it little bit more hot, but it was rather to cold or to hot.
One of the passenger from economic class, first row have asked to make it less cold, and he argued on this subject with the crew (chef of the cabin) and the result was that the chef of the cabin have asked the captain to call the security at landing.
-We and some other passengers have explained to the security in Bucharest at arrival the reall situation and the fact that the chef of the cabin, was totally different, he exaggerated, I believe that hes behavior was not to put down the conflict but he persuaded.
-During the flight, the crew members were more busy to talk about their love life more than taking care of the passengers.
One of the steward (a girl that she seats if front together with the chef of the crew, explain all her problems that she has, from the moment that she understood that her boyfriend (from Marco if Im not mistaken) he went out with another girl (Maria) and she was very upset and so many other details that really I couldnt believe.
Conclusion-we had a very good flight from Bucharest to Dubai and good service, and a very bad fight from Dubai to Bucharest, in business class.
I didnt feel comfortable, and the cabin crew give us the impression that we are a very low level company. Because we fly pretty much to Dubai and the best option for us it was Fly Dubai, I really will think twice before flying again, definitely I will look for other options because its not the first time that I see the crew, that if someone complaining about something they answer back very rude.

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09 November 2017 12:11:00 Guest

Online booking system is highly flawed. Never let you amend booking on your own. You have to call FlyDubai numerous times if you want to change your booking. Also, anyone can cancel your booking by just getting a hold of your booking number. They don't ask for any confirmation or anything. Just can such as date of birth or phone number or anything just cancels it with one key stroke.

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23 May 2017 12:05:00 Guest

I used FlyDubai and this airline is really bad. The seats are small and staff are not friendly. The TV's don't work. I have used this airline a few times, but this last flight was my LAST. Out of all the flights i have taken with them only 1 time the TV worked. When you tell the people that the TV is not working they just walk away without answering you. If there are empty seats they don't move people. Absolute mess. Suggestion to shareholders: Immediately fire your CEO and COO.

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14 August 2015 12:08:00 Guest

I just got of a flydubai flight! Worst airline ever!!! We were 2 hours delayed and even though we were delayed the didn't serve drinks or food, not even water without charging money.
But even worse was the fact that u couldnt move your chairs, so that the can squeeze in even more seats and people into the plan. So u sit uncomftable in an upright position and u think lets watch a movie in the the screen in fron of you. But thats also not possible cause even for that you have to pay extra!
Never fly with flydubai!

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07 August 2015 12:08:00 ECM

Still waiting for money to be refunded for flights they cancelled.
Waited 6 weeks so far!
Disgusting customer service.
Avoid at all costs.
Will never use again and am telling all family and friends to avoid as well.

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19 May 2015 12:05:00 ANTON

Do not use fly dubai if there is an alternative airline. First, they don't do refunds - they only give you a voucher if you cancel. Then, if you bought a ticket for someone else using your credit card, cancelled it, and decide to use the money for yourself - you are in trouble. First you have to send them an EMAIL to change the name on the voucher, without that they will not book you a ticket. Of course that takes ages and if you want to fly next day you are screwed. Also their ticket offices are all near the airport in the worst and most congested part of town, it takes 1 hour to get their and 30 minutes to search for parking. Terminal 2 which they fly from sucks big time - it's really far and doesn't have a metro connection, so you have to pay lots of money for taxi.
Bottom line - STAY AWAY FROM FLYDUBAI, use another airline if you can.

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06 February 2015 12:02:00 Guest

Never use fly dubai the staff are rude un professional and arrogant, u will experience added costs that will be made by them and a very very poor customer service. Infact this would be an understatement

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27 August 2014 12:08:00 Guest

I booked my airfare on their website but the payment system did not work. Tried several different credit cards and debit cards but the system just kept loading the last confirmation page after submitting card details. Frustrated I called their customer service. They offered to take my payment over the phone. Tried one card which normally works, but not, it did not work with them. Only the second card was accepted. I was surprised that the representative asked me the 3 digit secure code over the phone. I thought normally this information should only be provided via secure channels. Anyway, payment was finally accepted.
The next day an unpleasant surprise: checked my credit card account and saw that it was billed twice by flydubai for the same fare amount. I had to lodge a dispute about the double charge with my bank. Only after a few days the second charge was reversed.

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08 May 2014 12:05:00 Hazem Badu

I did not get to fly with Flydubai yet because problems started immediately after I clicked the confirm button.
There booking system created a fake passenger by taking my name from the credit card and amend it to one of the passengers first name on the list creating a fake imaginary person that does not exist. I requested them to either correct the booking name to display the credit card holder name or corrected to the name that I entered correctly. They refused claiming that I should check the names before I clicked confirm.
Flydubai to me is a sucker company that has a booking system that lack quality controls and does not meet Fit for Purpose requirement unless there requirement is to rip-off passengers and hiding behind an emailing system to respond to complaints

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23 February 2014 12:02:00 Guest

In my 30 years of flying, last night was the worse experience ever! 5 hours delay due to fog, I understand the reason for the delay, but not a single staffmember or Manager took the ownership of informing the stranded passengers and forget about even an apology when we eventually could board. That is the bare minimum I expect and it doesn't cost you anything!!!! We were misinformed upon check-in about the fact that the inbound flight had already left its destination and that the time mentioned on the electronic departure sign in the check-in area was incorrect, the dealy would be 1 hour. It was only by checking the webpage online that we found the true departure timing. 5 hrs later as what we were told by the check-in agent and 2 1/2 hrs later as what the electronic board displayed. Fly Dubai staff were in hiding till boarding and couldn't be bothered to apologize for the non communication..SHAME ON YOU!!!

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21 May 2012 12:05:00 syed rashid mahdi

promising airline and sure to grow leap ahead from existing so called first class or 5 star airlines.....

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11 August 2011 12:08:00 Rula Abu Al Ata

im a regular customer but recently i faced a problem when i booked my flight 1 month before the departure but found it cancelled as the follow up department supposed to call me but no one did despite that i gave them 3 phone nmbers this affected my work as i was planning to attend a meeting on Dubai on the 11th of august and this cancellation put me in trouble at work, after this experience i will think 100 times before travelling with flight dubai

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04 July 2011 12:07:00 Guest

I booked on flydubai online for a weekend getaway and was happy at the low fairs compared to their competitors. I decided to pay at their Kuwait Branch. Instead of charging me an additional 30AED fee per person, as per the website, they charged me 150 AED per ticket. When I inquired regarding this the Kuwait Branch Manager was extremely rude and hostel. I have never encountered such unprofessional and hostile customer service. I will never use flydubai again and do not recommend this airline at all!

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