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Blue Panorama Airlines Reviews

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All reviews about Blue Panorama Airlines

12 August 2019 12:08:00 Andrew

Be very careful when you book with this airline. The luggage pricing is not so straight forward and the confirmation emails are confusing.

Having booked for 2 x 20kg hold luggage, it was unclear that this was just in one direction. Ended up having to pay double at the airport for the return flight. И80!

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22 July 2019 12:07:00 Guest

If you are considering booking with this airline, read the reviews and believe EVERYTHING you read! They present themselves as a "low fare" airlines, but are just wanting to add the no middle name fee to anyone. I booked through in December 2018. I had to prove it was in December to the agent at Swissport (company used in Santorini to collect the fees) or I would have been charge 300 Euros instead of 50 Euros per/person. (Total paid $224.70) Apparently they increased the amount for no middle name, (even though the website does not have the box for a middle name) went up to 300 Euros in April 2019 per/person. After paying, nothing change on my boarding pass, not even use a middle name. They charge you to talk to a person on the phone and there is no way to contact them without long distance charges if you are outside of Italy. This company practices are deceptive at best. I recommend sticking with someone you know, if possible because this "great fare" you purchased will probably actually be the most expensive flight you have ever taken.

US traveler to and around Europe

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09 July 2019 12:07:00 Guest

Worst airlines ever. Never travel with these guys

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14 January 2019 12:01:00 cali

I don't understand how this company can operate in a European country like Italy .
They are robbers , somebody has to do something about this .
I had to pay 25 euros for one of my hand luggages because it did not feet for less than 3 cm while on me ticket is
says ( 2 suitcases up to 30 kg) and i use those fore many years and flying with many company's, end on all the others is max 8 kg blu panorama says 10 kg.

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01 January 2019 12:01:00 Guest

Blue Panorama is a scam airline - beware!

Upon checkin we were made to pay 120 EUR because when we booked we hadn't entered our middle names. The charge for this was 60 EUR each!!! Just because they had to print us another ticket. We had no choice but to pay or we could not fly... This cost almost as much as the original flight . I have worked in the airline industry for years and I know that this charge is completely unfounded and is the only airline I have ever heard of doing this. It is 100% a total and utter scam and I am disgusted.

So "if" you book with Blue Panorama MAKE SURE YOU ENTER YOUR MIDDLE NAME.

Furthermore the plane diverted after one of the most scary "almost landing's" due to wind, which is understandable, sure. But again, I have worked as a flight attendant for years and I've never encountered such a terrifying flight experience. The acceleration seemed highly sporadic even when the plane wasn't in bad weather. Just coming into land in Milano was scary despite perfect weather. I was so relieved to finally get off the plane.

There was no direction to get to the bus which was then supposed to take us to Genoa. We ended up staying in Milan and paying even more for accomodation and further travel expenses.

Needless to say I would not recommend flying with Blue Panorama and never will again.

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31 October 2018 12:10:00 Guest1234

This Airline is a complete scam. They charged me $80 USD for not having my middle name on my ticket to match my passport. There was no place on the third party website to add it in.
Also, my flight had been changed and I was not informed. I had to fly into Milan, rent a car and drive three hours to get to my final destination. They were very unhelpful. I would not fly this airline. They will nickel and dime you for every single little thing.

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21 September 2018 12:09:00 Izd

I had to pay 55 Euros at Bologna airport for having inserted one middle name as in driving license not two as I have in passport. The ticket itself for a flight from Bologna to zakynthos was 35 Euros. Seems this is how this Blue Panorama company supplements its cheap fares.
Given that my flight was between two countries in the Schengen travel area, there was no need for passport and Blue Panorama ground staff should have accepted my driving license with identical name to ticket, but they refused and insisted on paying a fine to be paid to change middle name and allow me to board.
A cheap company that scams passengers just before they board, is not worth flying with. Disgusting company and behaviour.

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30 July 2018 12:07:00 Petit

Like all the people using this Company , i will never use it a gain. I was forced to pay 100 euros more to get into the plane because we had two first Names ! I have been asking for thé manager but there was nobody and now we are 3 hours late to fly to Tirana . Tell everybody not to take this Company.!! Please do they are robbers

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31 May 2018 12:05:00 Brandon Conrad

To be fair and objective, the service and communication of this airline is on par with its low prices. They do not respond to emails. If called, they direct the individual to write an email. Every person that I talked with placed the blame on anyone but the airline or their self.

The in-flight service is unprofessional and as if the flight attendants had been taken from the streets without any customer service training. Crisis management is not in their vocabulary. Heaven forbid that something go seriously wrong while in the air; passengers would have more luck directing those on board to safety.

As mentioned below, they created a website that preys on mistakes so that they are able to extort additional costs from the passengers. When I spoke to a member of the staff they handed my a rectangular piece of paper with contact information, as if they were prepared for complaints! Honestly, there is nothing redeeming about this airline!

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16 February 2018 12:02:00 David

Prepare your pocket at airport because you will pay the double of you paid for the ticket. For example, if you do not have complete name in the ticket, you will pay more 50И.
It is my first and last time in this company. Furthermore, do not exist an email to complain. I do not recommend this company at all!!

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