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Blue Air Reviews

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All reviews about Blue Air

09 December 2022 12:12:00 Guest

SCAM! I scheduled a flight as one part of my honeymoon and they kept cancelling the fights, needless to say they did not returned the money. Their customer service does not even exist. Stay away from this airline if you don't want to lose money. FRAUD.

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01 August 2022 12:08:00 Guest

the company offers the worst customer services. they do not have any telefon number where you can call , on e-mail they reply as robots , without any filter. when it comes to refund - there is no answer on this topic. they invoke pandemy and because of that you have to much we have to wait to get our money back? I have cancelled my tickets because they have changed several time their schedule. If you want to have the electronic wallet - at least to use your money (again with them) they do not send you that.
they,re site is not user friendly at all and what they need is to have competition. it is a shame that such companies are still existing in EU.

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18 July 2022 12:07:00 Eduard Ciobotea

DON'T BUY A BLUEAIR TICKET!!! They'll cancel the flight and keep your money.

In the period 30.04.2021-30.04.2022 alone, Blueair canceled 11,289 flights, corresponding to 178,405 bookings, for which payments totaling almost 14 million were made to consumers in 20 EU Member States.

The airline Blue Air has just been fined 2 million by the Romanian National Authority for Consumer Protection (ANPC) after a series of checks following complaints received, according to a press release.

My canceled flight is from more than 2 years ago and I still didn't get my money back.

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03 June 2022 12:06:00 Andrea

You do NOT have a single valid reason to fly BlueAir. NOBODY does.

First off it's not that cheap really. Secondly, our flight departure and return destination was changed to a different, inconvenient airport at a different inconvenient time -- EU regulations imply that a refund or a free change should be offered, but that won't appear anywhere in the email they send you (which essentially reads "it is what it is, suck it up"). Thirdly, and the true cherry on top, some of the reserved seats we bought in order to travel together had to be BOUGHT AGAIN A SECOND TIME OVER FOR NO REASON, as the child in our party was moved far from her parents for no good reason at all once the departure airport was changed. Finally, there is no customer support. Two requests to at least reimburse the same seats we had to needlessly buy for a second time and not cheaply, were systematically ignored. Ludicrous, they shouldn't be allowed to operate.

Basically TAROM flies to all BlueAir destinations and these days their fares are comparable -- and when you add up all the inconveniences, not only will you be happier with TAROM but also quite likely with more cash in your wallet. Avoid like the plague.

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20 May 2022 12:05:00 iulian Ranciu

Stay away from this company ! You will get your money taken off you and your flight will be cancelled and you will not be able to claim your money back except via a rubbish voucher of them . Nobody to talk to either. Police and credit card provider have been informed

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18 May 2022 12:05:00 David

I booked with this airline for a friend to fly back home to see her elderly parents. Three days later I was informed the flight had been cancelled. I have never received a refund even though I asked for one. Avoid using Blue Air airline like you would a plague.

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28 April 2022 12:04:00 Guest

Avoid this airline, no matter what!

They don't respond to calls, e-mails, requests on their website, nothing.

I booked to tickets, i paid the tickets and now i can't find my booking on their website, nowhere...And therefore i can't do online checkin.

This is the worst airline that ever exists.

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09 April 2022 12:04:00 Guest

Terrible experience. I ordered a meal and they didnt have my order and I was starving. Had to eat peanuts.
The staff was unhelpful and unpleasant.

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08 April 2022 12:04:00 Guest

Trying to charge me £157 in addition to the £77 already paid for a flight that is £72 on their website - this airline is the lowest of the low and I will never ever use them again. When I pointed this out to their representative she got argumentative and when I asked to speak to a manager, she hung up. Fly with someone else, even if more expensive, do not give your money to them.

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24 February 2022 12:02:00 Mariette Loit

Bought 5 flight tickets which were cancelled. 2 years they still haven't refunded me 1000 euros. Hope they go !

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20 January 2022 12:01:00 Guest

AVOID this company!
I've been struggling for a month to get my money back on my tickets.
I booked for 12.01.2022 and I woke up that the tickets were dated 13.04.2022.
The company answers me anything else but not what questions I ask them.

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09 November 2021 12:11:00 Guest

Do yourself a favor and listen to the reviews !!
Avoid this airline even at the cost of none direct flight. They measure every suit case and charge you even the trolley is 2 cm bigger . that happened to all people on the line . We all thought they found a cheap flight 😀😀😀 all paid double

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28 October 2021 12:10:00 Guest

AVOID this company!

Some days before the flight I received an email that the departure hour was changed and that I got the option to cancel the tickets and to receive a full refund. I cancelled the ticket, but nobody sent me a confirmation about this. When I called to Blue air to see what's happening, my ticket was still active.
If you are sending them emails nobody will answer. I have already sent three, but no reply

Customer Service is so bad, that you'll just * your time dealing with them.

I'm very disappointed about the entire process.

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11 September 2021 12:09:00 Marianna

A big THANK YOU to the customer service rep in OTP who helped me with my Locator Form on 12 Aug at a very distressing time for me, when WizzAir reps not only didn't help, but refused to allow me board my flight, although I already checked in.
Thank you for your kindness and professionalism!

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31 August 2021 12:08:00 Guest

Just AVOID!!!

The lady at the gate did not let me on the plane because they thought the rules for entry in UK were different to the actual rules. They did not let me talk to a manager. She just ignored me, told me to call the embassy, leave the airport to talk to an agent, ignored me again, and then just left at the end.
I was not the only person in this situation.
Firstly, if you have a boarding pass you should be let in! You can always get fined by the country on arrival, which would obviously not have been the case.
Secondly, this was just ridiculous. I have no words. How could she ignore us so rudely!?
I will now miss 2 days of work, and had to pay £600 for the next available flight.
I knew they were bad, but not like this...

Also, during this whole time the pilot was shouting at her to stop letting people in as it was late and he wanted to leave, only because she wasn't able to process everyone quickly enough. How could you do that??

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25 August 2021 12:08:00 Bogdan

Avoid this company , they will cancel flights and never give you your money back.

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24 August 2021 12:08:00 Guest

The online check-in doesn't work. They charge you 35 euro to check in.
More often than not flights are delayed.
All aircraft are very old worn out cast offs, previously used by reputable airlines.
Cabin crew are generally very good.
Best avoided

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27 July 2021 12:07:00 Adelina Handrabur

I am very disappointed with this airline! First, you buy a ticket and after all, they are trying to do it's making you pay more. I have never ever had to pay for the check-in at the airport! I couldn't make the online check-in for my niece because she is younger than 18 years old so I said I will wait until the airport in Florence, Italy. At the airport, the blue air airline employees made me pay 60 euros for the check-in! That's really ridiculous! The blue air employees' attitude it's as bad as their services! Really disappointed! I will never fly with this airline again! My advice is to take care with this airline they have bad services and they are trying to make you pay more!

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28 June 2021 12:06:00 Guest

Awful !!! It's zero stars... The phone lines are not working... they keep you on hold for hours and no one answers... website shows errors.... paid biz and was charged twice... absolutely awful company and service!

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16 June 2021 12:06:00 Guest

Terrible company. I will never buy from them again either. They changed flights and then if you don't agree to the change you need to email them and wait indefinitely for a reply, while your flight is due. Then when you try to call them you stay on hold for longer than an hour and then the robot closes the call on you for some 'system problems', they say. You spend time and money on calling them and they just can't care less. One star is too much for them. I regret massively buying from them.

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14 June 2021 12:06:00 The worst

Blue Air, the worst company ever. thieves, never buy tickets from them. You buy a ticket on Luton and then change it at another airport. They don't even have Luton flights, but they sell tickets on Luton. They changed 3 tickets for me in different months and I'm not the only one. I called and waited 55 minutes after which the robot closed my call. Don't buy from Blue Air, you better go on foot

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27 January 2021 12:01:00 Guest

Still awaiting refund from July after they tried to issue a voucher which was not redeemable. Stay away from blue air at all costs looks like the company has lots of debts and is going bust

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25 March 2019 12:03:00 Popa Dragomir

They smashed my luggage.
6 months past and nobody cares.

Try to avoid this company.

0 stars, not even 1.

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30 January 2019 12:01:00 Guest

Terrible airline!! We got a flight from Liverpool to Rome last year and the flight was delayed by over 15 hours! The airline staff were terrible at customer services and only decided to let the passengers know what was going on (well, sort of!) when there was a threat of a revolt! Their communication skills are appalling and the service terrible! We lost a days holiday stuck in an airport instead of being in Rome and to top it all I have put a claim for compensation and they look like they will not honour even that. They are a disgrace to the aviation industry so please think carefully before you book with these jokers.

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30 January 2019 12:01:00 Athos

I find Blue Air as the worst Aviation Co. I was flying from Thessaloniki to Larnaca and although I didn't have any hand luggage, they didn't leave me to take my antique guitar with me in the cabin, they forced me to pay 70 Euros to send it as luggage and when I opened the professional case of my guitar in Larnaca it was broken completely. I followed all EU and International procedure for compensation, I have reported the case to the lost and found, I made my claim etc but the Blue Air refused to pay anything and is trying to find stubid excuses to avoid any compensations.

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05 November 2018 12:11:00 Guest

Suffered a 5 hour flight delay from Rome to Liverpool in January. The airport staff were very considerate (as were the cabin crew) and I have no complaints there. As Blue Air ignored our correspondence over compensation however, we had to involve the CAA , who determined in August that money was due to us. After repeated phone calls (average 30 minutes queue each time) Blue Air insisted in early October that paperwork for payment had been sent to accounts, but we're still waiting in November and are currently issuing a European Order for Payment to try and get them to pay compensation that was due 9 months ago.

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17 September 2018 12:09:00 Guest

Couldn't perform the check in online due to system error; 6:15 hours delayed; old airplanes; first and last time I flight with Blue Air

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11 September 2018 12:09:00 Guest

Quite the worst airline I have travelled with. Indifferent staff, the few announcements that there were were inaudible. I had no confidence that the crew would deal well with an emergency.

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19 July 2018 12:07:00 mike

Flown with Blue Air 6 times since Monarch collapse,each flight has left and arrived on time,this is between Liverpool and Alicante.
Have booked to fly again.Web site is not easy,planes obviously not new,!,,,
Staff look like uniforms have been bought second han but Crew friendly and efficient. Mike

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10 July 2018 12:07:00 Phil

DO NOT USE BLUE AIR. Same experience as previous review. Delayed over 7 hours and still not compensated. Ignore my emails and have locked me on Twitter. Will never use them again.

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25 June 2018 12:06:00 Guest

Absolutely disgusting customer service - nearly 3 months since my flight was delayed by 7 hours and no hint of a resolution!! DO NOT FLY WITH BLUE AIR

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06 April 2018 12:04:00 Guest

Completely useless
Over a four hour delay and still no refund been given even after numerous emails

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24 March 2018 12:03:00 Guest

I was supposed to fly fr om cologne to Bucharest but got refused to board.
Because my name wasnt in their crappy system although Ive got a confirmation and the website shows that booking and payment has been made successfully.
Despite of showing them confirmation, nobody knew what happened to my booking.
Staff said repeatedly that I dont know and suggested me to purchase another flight to another airport which is I dont even know wh ere it is.
I reached out to the costumer center to get my money back but they said ticket is unrefoundable, only they can refound is half amount.
Worst experience I ever have.
I dont understand how they stay in business. DO NOT USE BLUE AIR, IF YOU DONT WANT TO RUIN YOUR TRIP.

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26 May 2017 12:05:00 Maria Halpin

I recently used your airline to a trip to Rome for my husbands 70th birthday and found the services outbound and returning outstanding. The staff were very friendly and the customer service were impeccable. I was very impressed with the organisation of complimentary refreshments. I look forward using your services again in the future. Thank you

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17 April 2017 12:04:00 Guest

Awful discriminating service at Bacau airport. They treated me like a convict and was just a single mum travelling with my 3 yrs old. Will not use again.

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09 August 2015 12:08:00 Guest

Blue air is the worst low cost you can fly with! I am sure if there is a low cost in deep Africa, it will be better than Blue Air. Unprofessional flight attendants, rude ground stuff (especially in Bucharest), old dirty planes, God forbid if they lose you luggage or delay your flight, cause you will get NO compensations!!!

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09 November 2014 12:11:00 Robertana Nita

In two occasions I've used Blueair's services I was very disappointed. Not because they call themselves a " low cost" provider, as a matter of fact they're not cheap at all, but because their "service" it's very poor. They charge hidden fees and they don't respect their scheduled flights. More, they don't inform the passengers in any way, so poor people are abandoned for hours in the airport. I don't understand how they're still allowed to fly, as they don't respect the client- service provider principle. Hope someone will take note of that.
My advice: don't use this company, or if you have no choice, prepare for the worst.

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17 August 2014 12:08:00 Radu

It concerns the flight OB 224 of Blue Air from 15 August 2014

My daughters were traveling as unaccompanied minors. They were the last persons getting on board.
Their seats were abusively occupied and the BLUE AIR employee placed them near a drunk passenger that created incidents during the flight and scared them.

When BLUE AIR is taking such care about children, what can we expect with ordinary passengers.

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11 August 2012 12:08:00 dan

People, stay away of this airline. Cabin crew very pleasant, however it has the worst custommer service ever. They keep over-booking the flights and leave passengers stranded in the airports. I'm still waiting to be compensated for the experience.

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