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InterCaribbean Airways Reviews

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All reviews about InterCaribbean Airways

23 May 2024 12:05:00 Trevor Harrison

Despite arriving 4 hours early in Antigua following our transatlantic flight we were told the plane to Tortola had been downgraded and there was no room for us. As OAPs we were completely abandoned and given no assistance whatsoever to arrange overnight accommodation. Although clearly the airlines fault we were told by the Antigua ground staff that the airline doesnt observe international aviation law and we had no rights whatsoever. Moreover we were told the ground staff belong to an agency so it was nothing to do with them. No phone number for the airline and despite repeated e mails to customer service and the MD Trevor Sadler we havent even received an acknowledgement let alone payment of our USD 460 in out of pocket costs. On the return journey we checked into the flight at the first opportunity and printed off bar coded boarding cards. On arrival at Tortola airport very early we were told theyre useless and again the plane had been downgraded. My wife repeatedly explained we had a connecting flight to London and eventually her powers of persuasion won the day and we could board the flight after all. And there were 3 empty seats on the plane !!! I wonder what that was all about ??? My worst experience in 65 years of flying, and Im a pilot !!!

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18 December 2023 12:12:00 Janet Abraham

Fraudulent airline, takes your money but doesn't get you to destination. No one answers their phones, emails or online correspondence. No one at the San Juan or Tortola airports either.

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04 October 2023 12:10:00 Guest

I would not know where to start. This is simply the worst airline ever!-I flew from Bdos on August 20th to EIS & to this day & a month & 13 days later my bags have not been found.. I did not receive not one call, I have had to initiate every interaction and even after having to provide receipts as asked, bank information, paypal information I am told I need to wait a month, then a month from date of claim received, then my bank needs to be in Turks & Caicos & the constant run around! Now, I am told that they reimburse by weight only and I will be paid by pay pal but needs to wait for another week! The payment will be $400 a percentage of the amount on the claim!! This is preposterous!!
How can they continue to treat persons that way!

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03 September 2023 12:09:00 Guest

I'll delay my trip before ever flying with this useless company. We're waiting in Barbados 4 hours so far for a plane with no explanation, update, solution. Nothing just sitting here frying and waiting. Never want to see their logo again.

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06 July 2023 12:07:00 Guest

Very poor airline, unreliable. I would not recommend this airline as an option for travelling. The planes always have issues ,currently theres a flight which was delayed from 8 10 am in dominica because of issues with the planes landing gear. We were already in the air and had to turn around to go back to the airport . We have been there for over 5 hours waiting for an update on our flight. The planes are old dilapidated and to me unfit for travelling. This airline needs to be banned from carrying passengers asap

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10 May 2023 12:05:00 Guest

This airline will be fail. And, I hope it will be soon. I cannot for the life of me understand why they are still taking passengers' money and not providing the service as peer their Contract of Carriage and Terms of Conditions. My family and friends booked flights from SVG to B'dos around January, 2023. Money taken, no ticket issued. All were on their 9 15 a.m. flight. They changed the time for everyone to 9:25(no notice). As time drew near for our departure from SVG we noticed that 6 members of our group was booked on a 4:15 flight. They were contacted, after many calls with no one answering, emails address were wrong, some phone numbers not in service. Eventually someone answered and when told the six passengers had to be on the 9:25 flight to get a connecting flight back to Canada, they said they "will see what they can do" and get back by 3:00 p.m. that day. No call back and again cannot get in touch. finally, was able to contact a supervisor who said she will call back. Form that point on, no ticket yet for the six, no way to reach anyone, no calls back. We now had two days to get another flight to b'dos to get our other airlines... to get to b'dos. Eventually, we had to shell out $8,000.00 to get another Air Canada flight back to Canada for the six passengers. Their head office is in the Turks and Caicos, they are not a participating airline in the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority, even though they operate in SVG. IATA is not a regulatory body. This airline should not have a liscence for the way they treat passengers.Took money but fail to provide service, clearly an abuse of power....clearly selling tickets already paid for by other passengers...this constitutes fraud. Why are they allowed by the government of SVG to operate in the country? Since this incident, we have heard from local residents how bad this airline is. I will spread the word to warn anyone planning to go to the Caribbean not to use this airline, we have saved all the evidence.

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11 March 2023 12:03:00 Guest

Avoid Intercarribbean airways by All cost

My family and I had a 10 am flight from Georgetown ,Guyana ending up departing at 2pm with no explanation .We landed in Barbados at 3:30 pm as a result we missed our connecting west jet flight @ 3:45pm to Toronto . Intercarribbean left us stranded in Barbados when I tried contacting multiple of there customer service lines my calls kept disconnecting after waiting in the queue .

We ending up having to book an entire new flight home out out of pocket with air Canada. Intercarribbean refused to offer any compensation for the west jet connecting flight we missed because of them.

They claim zero responsibility wish I read reviews before booking with this terrible airline .

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10 July 2022 12:07:00 Guest

This Airline is the worst thing ever...the planes are old and seats are falling apart..they lost my luggage for 4 days...never again ...

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03 July 2022 12:07:00 Guest

Got to my final destination and there were missing luggages. No explanation. No reasoning. No time frame as to when we will receive our bags. Unbelievable. This company should be completely eradicated, yet their flights to small Caribbean islands are still packed, due to little airline options.

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26 February 2022 12:02:00 Taylor

They are liars. Our flight was delayed an hour and they told us it was due to the tires needing to be changed tires on a plane dont need to be changed unless its scheduled maintenance or the pilot is garbage. Then it got delayed again and then told us they were waiting for the plane to land, when I asked how they could be waiting for it to land if they were changing the tires they lied again and said they were waiting for the engine. When I asked what that meant the lady told me she doesnt work there, shes just a security guard and then when we finally boarded the plane she was OUR FLIGHT ATTENDANT! Wish I could give 0 stars, I hope they go bankrupt.

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09 January 2022 12:01:00 Unsatisfied Guest

If I could rate this airline a zero, I would. I was rushed through customs and security by airport personnel after leaving my first flight (on a different airline). I got to the interCaribbean airways counter while boarding was taking place and was told that I was too late to board my flight. I was rescheduled for a flight on the next day. After arriving at the airport the next day, the boarding was delayed by about 20 minutes with no notification to the passengers about what was occuring or why. When we finally boarded, we waited an hour after the plane was supposed to leave for other people to arrive and board the flight (which made me wonder why I was denied boarding the previous day although I was there prior to the plane leaving). I have never heard of a plane waiting for passengers to arrive. When the plane finally closed its doors, there was an undeniable smell of gas. We took off and within less than 5 minutes, the pilot stated we had to turn around for an emergency landing because of warning lights on the dash board. The flight was rescheduled for the next morning and we still waited for hours with little to no information being given. I lost money and had to make new reservations for a place to stay when I arrived. This is the worst experience I have ever had traveling.

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08 January 2022 12:01:00 Daniel P.

Cancelled my flight and have never contacted me. There is no customer service, best I can tell. Avoid these clowns at any cost.

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06 January 2022 12:01:00 Guest101

This is the worst air line every dont fly with them! They are always late and they always cancel flights at the last minute! DONOT FLY WITH THEM!!! They made me miss my connecting flight and they had NO remorse!! Intercaribbean your days are SHORT!!!!

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25 August 2021 12:08:00 Guest : Alvin Thomas

My name is Alvin Thomas. Im an American citizen. My girlfriend is fm Jamaica and I guess when u are an immigrant. Intercaribbean treat there customers anyway they want. My girlfriend and 2 kids arrived at Santo Domingo airport at 11a on July 26,2021. Their scheduled flight was to leave at 2:25p that day. When she arrived at the airport , she spoke to a customer service representative fm intercaribbean airways who told her they have to take a Covid test before they could board the flight. As they were leaving to get the test, customer service said her desk close at 1:20p. My girl friend asked customer service if they can spare her 10 mins to get the Covid test results so she would not miss her flight .she said sorry I cant wait 10 mins. My girlfriend asked her whats the next step. The response from customer service was I dont know.
After this mayhem my girlfriend contacted me to let me know what was going on. We all know the phone service in Dominican Republic isnt good. On July 26th 2021 I contacted customer service and spoke with a representative name Anna and I explain the situation that occurred with my girlfriend. I asked her if she can reschedule flight for next day July 27th 2021. Anna told me the next flight was leaving on July 30th. Between the time of July 26th and 30th 2021. I had to pay for a hotel for my girlfriend and kids to stay in.
On July 30th 2021 they showed up at the airport at 9:18a. Intercaribbean customer service rep showed up at 11:30a. My girlfriend was told by intercaribbean customer rep that their names wasnt showing up on the flight. I should remind you here an a from customer service sent me confirmation email they were scheduled to leave on this day. I was devastated at this time. Customer service rep Anna lied to me and told me they had a scheduled flight to leave on the 30 th of July 2021 and they never made the flight.
After this incident took place , I called customer service rep anna and told her about the situation. At this point I had to pay for another hotel for them to stay in.
Customer service informed me the next flight was on august 9th 2021. They stayed an extra 13 days in Santo Domingo. That being said I would like to express my dissatisfaction with intercaribbean airways and state quite categorically that this has been one of the worst airlines I have ever used.

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