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All reviews about Air Madagascar

09 January 2020 12:01:00 danie de goede

Don't ever travel with them. It is not an option. Got stuck there with loads of passengers recently for no reason. Put up into a Chinese owned mafia hotel, where the owner intimidates guests. Real time nightmare! Some guests are stuck for two to three days on average. It is almost like they want you to find yourself another flight out of there and pay for it. If you have to go to Madagascar, fly Kenyan even if you have to fly to Kenya and then home.

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17 August 2015 12:08:00 Guest

Customer service is ABSOLUTEY terrible! The same flight has been postponed twice now. Can not get back to Bangkok, and nobody at Air Madagascar seems to care! Two trips to the airport and all I have to show is 20,000 ARY, which is an insult! A 17:00 flight postponed to 00:40 and postponed a second time to 09:30 the next day and not even enough for lunch to make up for it. This was after my arrival was over 6 hours delayed coming in. The direct BKK-TNR flight is seriously not worth the hassle!

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20 August 2014 12:08:00 Terry Hodgson

We have just returned from Johannesburg via Antananarivo to Nosy Be on air Madagascar. ALL of our flights were ON TIME. We found the airline to be extremely reliable, the planes in good condition, the staff extremely efficient and friendly. We shall certainly recommend AIR MADAGASCAR to all of our friends travelling to Madagascar.

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04 July 2009 12:07:00 David Clark (London, UK)

I'd rather walk than take this so-called airline again. We took 5 flights with them on a wedding/honeymoon and every single one of them was screwed up.

1.) CDG-TNR. Cancelled with no reason given. The previous 2 days flights were cancelled too - we were originally booked on one of these, but had to change our plans to this flight, which was also cancelled. We were each given E600 and sent to a rather poor airport hotel that was allegedly 4-star. There was now no way we could make it to the church on time.
We were transferred to an Air France flight the next day, but unfortunately it was a Scarebus (A340). Rude staff, poorly designed aircon, lazy staff. The only thing I can say is the food for the main meal was "OK". Suitcase with my Fiancee's veil and the bridesmaids dresses got left behind in Paris, so had to do the wedding without.

2.) 'Tana-Tave. 90 mins late and then routed the long way around, stopping at Ste Marie first.

3.) Tave - St Marie. Moved forwards 2 hours and nobody bothered to tell us until it was too late. Arrived at the airport 2 mins before it started to taxi. Air Mad staff in the airport were EXTREMELY rude and clearly didn't give a * that they'd moved the flight without warning and we'd missed it. Just told us to "try again tomorrow" before walking away without even an apology!!!

4.) St Marie - 'Tana. Delayed 6 hours. Again, no reason given. Arrived in 'Tana with just enough time to check in for the international flight home.

5.) Tana - CDG. B763. Flight over 30 mins late departing due to "technical" reasons. Onboard staff clearly couldn't care less about anything. Substandard legroom - with my bum firmly in the seat, my knees were tight in the back of the seat in front - fortunately she didn't recline it during the flight (not that it would have been able to recline anyway!).

The in-flight "entertainment" system looks like the original kit installed in the factory in the mid 1980s, which comprised of a ceiling mounted projector and a small screen at the front of the cabin. After 20 mins this packed up and only displayed in black & white for the majority of the flight. The choice of video was quite poor, with most of the time being spent showing an endless loop of Air Mad promotional videos highlighting their routes. Pointlesss! This was peppered with childrens cartoons and the mapping thing which shows where you are and your altitude. Needless to day, I didn't even bother taking the headphones out of the plastic bag.

The food was worse than you'd get in a Little Chef at closing time - we had chewy beef in a salty gravy with some stewed French beans. The desert wasn't edible, and I have absolutely no idea what it was. They were very tight with the drinks too.

Talking to various people including hotel owners, last minute flight cancellations and moving the flight times without warning is common. The owner for the hotel in Ste Marie cursed them when we told them we wouldn't be arriving that day, it's apparently quite common.

The staff on the internal flights were ALL very friendly, polite and caring. Can't knock them at all. However, the international staff were rude as hell - they simply couldn't care less about anything.

Next time I return to Madagascar I'll be avoiding both Air Mad & Air France. The only reason I'd reluctantly consider using them again is if we need to use the full 40Kg baggage allowance for nationals. Other than that, I'll fly any other airline. This trip has left an exceedingly bitter taste in my mouth. The incompetence and negligence of the staff and management is totally unbelievable. With a "service" like this, it's no wonder that they are in serious financial trouble.


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