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Air India Reviews

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07 May 2024 12:05:00 Ram

In April 20254, I took a Non-stop flight to DEL from SFO. This flight is 15hrs 45 minutes and had 3 toilets out of order. In-flight entertainment was broken in 75% or more of the seats. Individual reading lights were also not working. Seat-back trays on which you place food was cracking.
My theory is that Indian crew possibly prefers janitors back in India to clean toilets and so possibly locks them as out of order if clogged or dirty. This is just conjecture, but could explain why 3 toilets were not working at the same time.

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09 August 2023 12:08:00 Nimeshkumar patel

Please pay attention to the awful treatment I received on my trip from Toronto, Canada to Ahmedabad, India. My pregnant wife, my daughter, and my three-year-old boy were going with me. I only received one business class ticket for myself and whatever reason thru cheapoair and due to me and my wife medical condition we both was under so much stress i forgot to get upgrade them, and my other family members traveled in the economy.My trip to India is intended to treat my cancer and to attend to some medical issues affecting my pregnant wife. Since my wife was pregnant and my three-year-old kid wasn't feeling well, I asked the staff to after take off the plane can i change seat with my son so I could tend to my wife's illness and my son could get some rest on recline seat. Unexpectedly, the Air India flight crew mistreated me horribly and threatened to me says on my seat they will not allow my son to sleep, then i ask to flight supervisor (Name:Kiran) she was reply the same i was keep doing humble request to they mentioning my and my wife medical condition i also had show them medical report to confirm that what i am saying is not bluff or lie. finally they called airport ground security (No name tag, ID have only photo with some numbers but not name) punjabi and gujarati guy from my back tap my solder and said (TU khada ho or side me aa) you stand up and come in side strait them you should seat down on your seat no more request for seat exchange with family or we will escort you from plan and do whatever complaint you want to do in prime ministers office even though it's in side but all other passengers was keeping them eyes and ears in matter. None of the staff in business class had their name tag.
Although I paid for business class, the service was terrible. Staff members acted like goons.They fed me, but it was of very bad quality food intencally served to me . For instance, Dahi Wada was something I couldn't break with a knife. When I ask something better same lady kiran come and said this is what we have cant provide anything else eat it or leave it, rest of my flight i feel so humiliated i haven't eat anything else. I expected better service since TATA has taken over AI as I had 11 years back with the same attitude issue with staff. I was never traveling in AI. This time again after 11 years the experience was truly a nightmare. I believe the flight crew at Air India lacks empathy. I would greatly appreciate it if you took measures to alter worker behavior.
please note: my Seat number i dont remember 100% its is on my best memory. and reason for late complaint just today i get better after my cancel treatment. i have one video regarding food rest they ask me force fully to delete from phone. this format is not support here to upload. i can provide in email.

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31 July 2023 12:07:00 Jeppe Juel Dam Sorensen

At 0:39 in the morning you are informed a 6 hours delayed of your connecting flight leaving you in Delhi airport for 8 hours later delayed 1 more hour so 9 hours.
Originally I was to be fetched in Cph at comfortably 18:45. In stead I had to book a taxi mid night.
As compensation you are offered a kebab? 😆

Never have I experienced such poor service.

Now talking about the seats🤣🤣🤣 my monitor was falling apart only kept together by duct tape. I did check the wings but didnt spot any so didnt run away just tried to get into zen mode.

For toilet visit you will need rubber boots. What else can be added
never ever again Air India.

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12 October 2015 12:10:00 Guest

Air India are absolute hopeless. I was travelling Melbourne to Hyderabad via Delhi with my 4 month old son. We were told that the bassinet was confirmed at the time of booking the ticket, but did not get one and when I asked the flight attendant was very rude. Didn't even provide me with water for the baby food, I had to get water myself from the galley area every time. They absolutely don't care. The worst airline crew.

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26 March 2015 12:03:00 Guest

The worst airline I have ever flown with. Cannot trust air India at all. They just charge whatever they want if you need to change the flight travel date for a true family emergency(death of a love one), but they do not care even if you have an Executive/Business class ticket. Even we were traveling on business class with a priority baggage sticker our luggage came after all other economy class non-priority baggage. JFK airport Air India baggage crew did not even care . Air India staff are not customer focused, they are rude, unhelpful and don't deserve to call themselves a star alliance airline. My advice to everybody avoid using them if at all possible.

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29 December 2014 12:12:00 Pramesh

We had to book our ticket from Delhi to Newark. They gave us ticket from Delhi to Mumbai and from Mumbai to Newark. Time we had 3 hours to catch our flight from Mumbai to Newark. But when we got our boarding pass, the lady said she cannot check our luggage to Newark directly and we will have to pick our luggage at Mumbai airport. She said we have three hours and is plenty enough and we will be transferred to International terminal internally. But that was not the case we had to take 15 mins bus ride from domestic terminal to international terminal. Flight from delhi to bombay was already 30 mins late. The line at check in and immigration was long enough to scare us. Cannot trust air India.

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14 May 2014 12:05:00 Colin

Flew from Delhi to Kathmandu. First, Air India Delhi ground staff ignored us (more interested in texting on their mobile phones) and only showed interest when they tried to charge us for excess baggage, despite the fact that our bags were well under the allowable weight. Then one of our bags didn't show up in Kathmandu (was misplaced for 48 hours). Air India staff in Kathmandu were rude and unhelpful. They refused to compensate us despite the fact that their website outlines that there is compensation for delayed baggage. We tried many times to contact Air India, but their normal approach is not to respond, and in the unlikely event that you manage to contact someone they will either claim you need to speak to someone else or take an aggressive rude approach. In short, our experience is that Air India are not customer focuses, they are rude, unhelpful and don't deserve to call themselves an airline. Our advice is avoid using them if at all possible.

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16 December 2012 12:12:00 Guest

5 hour flight New Dehli to Singapore business class A319.
Don't * your money. Old plane, filthy,seats very uncomfortable with limit reline, next to non existent service, no functioning in flight entertainment, hostess and cabin manager slept most of the flight, no food served. Made it to Singapore but 5 hours on a park bench would have been more comfortable.

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