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13 April 2022 12:04:00 Turchian Mioara Iuga

The documents of proof that I have paid and the ticket been canceled due but the money extracted from my bank account!

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13 April 2022 12:04:00 Turchian Mioara Iuga

I understand whats going on in your country now but this is not an excuse to dont return the money to prowl that have paid this flight which was canceled
Perhaps you dont care about dignity as a company but as people which we try to help
all the Ukrainian in this situation you should have the decency to automatically refund the money for a product the wasnt delivered!!
I do have plenty of influencers that can make a pretty good comercial for you airline obviously you are not that popular either way as I reed true comments!
So the choice is yours you know how internet works in this days..
You will get all the attention you want AEROSVIT!
Im pretty sure they are a lot of people out there that they have been cheated and no money refunded to them!!

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10 March 2016 12:03:00 Guest

AeroSvit despite all the bad complaints, I can say my experience on this airline as been one of the best in service and quality, It was on flights from Toronto to Kiev and also flights from Lisbon to kiev and in all case it was an excellent service, In fact my last flight I arrived late from another flight which arrived at the time of departure and ran directly to the gate were I was suppose to go to the check in when I arrived at the gate the AeroSvit attendant had already a blank pass just in case I arrived late totally bypassing the check in as my luggage went directly to airplane as I was booked originally with connecting flights. I did not miss my flight despite being late. In my comparison with other airlines I can say service was excellent unlike American airlines which offer poor quality service and often the attendants are rude and do not respond to customer needs.
I rate AeroSVit as to be a top quality service airline as it as always provided me excellent service.

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03 January 2013 12:01:00 Alexander

AeroSvit is a worst airline I ever bought tickets for. It cancelled my flight from JFK to Borispol. No help of any kind from AeroSvit or from Travelocity was provided to place me on another carrier. I had to buy tickets to another carrier for twice regular rate because I had to fly the next day. I will never again use Travelocity. They send me a positive flight confirmation the day before the canceled flight.

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24 December 2012 12:12:00 Guest

Aerosvit is very bad airline. I always try to avoid Aerosvit. I buy ticket from Aerosvit only if I don't have another choice.
Would not recommend to anybody this airline.
And Borispol airport is a mess. Customer service,Passport control is horrible. Every time when I go to Ukraine I see group gatherings here and there doing nothing. Look like nobody wants to work.

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26 September 2012 12:09:00 Guest

Worst customer service ever. The Aerosvit representative in Pearson's International Airport (Toronto, Canada) is really rude and impolite. I'll never fly Aerosvit again.

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30 August 2012 12:08:00 ria

aerosvit is terrible. and its is not just that the food is bad, flight attendants not trained, no blankets in the 8-hour flight from kiev to bangkok, no entertainment on the flight, but they also canceled my flight and did not say a word!!!! i checked the airoport website in the morning one last time before leaving to make sure i have the right flight data, and saw that my flight was cancelled. no explanations, no e-mail, no call. afterwards, i had to spend seven hours in the terrible line of passengers. it was crowded, completely disorganized, they gave people some water and snacks only after four or five hours. i had a connecting flight which i obviously lost, and nobody reimbursed me for that.

and things like that happen with aerosvit REGULARLY. i know because i am a ukrainian, who lives in the united states, and i also travel a lot around the world: i am an experienced traveler, and i follow the news in ukraine. during the soccer championship this summer aerosvit regularly cancelled or delayed the flights to the cities that hosted games, people were literally going crazy.


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10 August 2012 12:08:00 Aliya

Aerosvit one of the worst airline in the world, sits are so small (one old lady was sitting next to me, she wasn't that big but the table would not open fully due the the space between the sits) also the flight attendants are rude, you shout saying something like I already heard you or I only have 2 hands so wait) and many other examples. When i was at Kiev airport I had some problem there and when I tried to ask airport staff they would not help, they was telling me, whoever sent you there ask them something like why you bother me! They made us wait for 20 minutes inside the bus ( no airport sleeves) then another 20 minutes out in the sun before we finally managed to get in to out sits

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09 September 2011 12:09:00 Sergei

I flew AeroSvit four times in the last 3 months and every time had a great experience. Once, I was running late, and they kept the check in counter open just to accomodate me and my partner. I like them.

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03 August 2011 12:08:00 Guest

The worst airline in the world. We didn't know how bad this airline was. We flew to Athens and when we returned to Astana via Kiev we were delayed there for 4 hours. Nobody told us what was wrong and when we asked they just shouted at us!!!!

Second time, when flying to London Gatwick (and our last) they broke my husband's case and took 11 socks! We believe they were disturbed that's why they didn't take anything else!!! The case was damaged as the zip was broken. WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU DON'T USE THIS AIRLINE. IT IS VERY UPSETTING WHEN YOU KNOW THAT THERE ARE THIEVES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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06 May 2011 12:05:00 Guest

Awful communication with the costumer.I will never use it again.I ordered ticket online a week ago, but I can not still get the booking confirmation.therefore I need to call Ukrainian office, I m located in US,they have 8 hour time I have to wait for early morning or late night just to make a call.the company can not give such information with online support, and New York office can not help either, I still gave to call nightmare ..they charged my card,I still do not have ticket...awful

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06 September 2010 12:09:00 Igor

Frequently use AeroSvit services because they have very extensive route network. Two years Im a holder of Meridian Gold card and flying feel like a king. From 01-SEP-2010 to Meridian Programme in addition to Donbassaero Airlines joined Dniproavia, so now to get award tickets even easier.

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22 July 2010 12:07:00 Guest

Worst experience ever!
In Kiev was +37 C last weekend. We booked a tickets to fly to NY. Aerosvit put us in the plane without AC (which already spend long time on open sun) and hold us there (on ground) two hours without explanations, they even did not offer a glass of water, then people started to lose consciousness. Three persons has been moved unconscious from the plane, others start to fight with flight attendants to go out of the plane. We were boiled alive. Then they took us off plane to the airport. After 2 hours back to the same plane, thanks God AC was ON. And again 2 hours on the ground without explanation. Finally we went to NY. We reached NY JFK airport at 10 pm. As we lost our connection 2 hours later Aerosvit arranged hotel for us at La Guardia and said that we must pay for taxi by ourselves (1 hours driving distance).

Business class DO NOT exist in their planes for long distance. They just move curtains, so its the same seats as economy

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02 July 2010 12:07:00 Guest

Disappointments were non-stop with this flight no one cares do not fly with this airline you will regred it miss luggage bad customer service,

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27 May 2010 12:05:00 Lisa Koerner

I Lisa Koerner want to inform you adout two of your staff memebers.
On May 22 Olena AT 380 44 490 34 90 REFUSED TO CHANGE MY FLIGHT DATES. She refused to refund my ticket. I have dealt with many airlines and have never incountered this before. Then the ticketing agent at the Borispol airport
refuses to help me. Then your employee Okana at the Borispol airport throws my
belongings out the door. Then she said get some help. Why because I want my ticket refunded? She needs some helpand I strongly suggest firing her.

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20 November 2009 12:11:00 Dan

JFK to BKK business class. The best business class flight I have expierenced. Have done this same itinerary three times B class (ANA, Thai and British Air). Good food, friendly crew members. All flights were on schedule, Interior of the plane was equal when compared to above mentioned airlines. The only con is baggage delivery is rather slow. I would fly this airline again and recommend it to others. I hope an expansion in the USA is in their future

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28 August 2009 12:08:00 Guest

will never even think about taking this flight ever again!!
my luggage disappeared and nobody care

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01 March 2009 12:03:00 m curry

I f regularly YYZ KBP YYZ with aerosvit in biz class.the last 2 flights this year have seen the crew bumping up passaengers to biz class while those of us who paid full fare are left wondering why not just bribe the crew.Flights have been good but this bribery has to stop.

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14 January 2009 12:01:00 Guest

Disappointments were non-stop with this flight! They canceled my ticket without consulting me...Seriously, I will never recommend them and will never even think about taking this flight ever again!!

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25 July 2008 12:07:00 Guest

KBP to Baku in a Boeing 737-200. The plane was a bit old, but clean and staff very friendly. The seating was very cramped. The problem in this flight was that in the last minute came a group of about 10 young Russians who made the flight the one of the worst I have experienced. Before the plane had even started, they had already drunk a bottle of something with a lot of alcohol (and this was only the beginning). As they couldn't sit all together, the ones seating in the front rows came back to drink with the rest standing in the middle, and of course they were getting louder and louder. And they refused to switch off their mobile phones, because they were taking pics with them. The staff tried everything to calm them and stopping them using their phones, but there was no way with this kind of people. In the middle of the flight, we started to smell smoke and, what did we see? The man in the row behind of us was smoking. The stewardess came running from their cabin and told him to stop, and this man did as he was told. Food was served at about 2 o'clock in the morning, it was a full meal with blinys with meat, salad and a yoghurt. Drinks were offered 4 times during the flight, of course there were no alcoholic drinks available. I admire the staff and how they could stay calm with these Russians, explaining in a resolute but friendly way every detail over and over again, while the Russians were laughing about them. I really don't know if I would fly with Aerosvit again, not because of the airline, but because of the other passengers. In Baku, we had a little surprise, because our luggage was t

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