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Hurghada International Airport Reviews

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All reviews about Hurghada International Airport

11 May 2024 12:05:00 Leo

Completely incompetent security staff with overall very poor operations.
Never seen such a bad, unfriendly airport and I travel a it.

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29 March 2024 12:03:00 Nana Yıldız

The worest airport I have been too
The worest Police and clerks ever
I will never use it again

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08 March 2024 12:03:00 Guest

prices for food and beverages and prices in all duty free shops are highly exagerated. shop owners are not trading on fair relationship to customers. Prices are not tagged in general and vary from 100 to 50 Perzent overcharge. Nobody get a bargain there.

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29 February 2024 12:02:00 Nigel Mills

Please be aware the Duty free Staff are up to their old tricks not pricing certain cigarettes and tobacco then trying to charge double the price with no receipts, when challenged they charged the correct price and give you a correct receipt, luckily we purchased the same items a month ago so new the rough price, shame it's ment to be an international airport,29-02-2024

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17 February 2024 12:02:00 Guest

I don’t like the shops inside airposrt, and its an issue overall in egypt. I go to the store ask the price in eiros and they insert a different price if i want to pay with card, I don’t care about that black market thing they are trying to explain me, currency is 1ˆ=33.3LE but they charge there 1ˆ=50LE which doesn’t make sense and i have to pay more then. It is a formal place and i expect the right prices,
Also toilets really rusty, dirty and out of paper.
Overall look good

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15 January 2024 12:01:00 Callum

Would rate 0/5 if possible.

Worst airport I’ve ever used. Dirty. Useless staff everywhere. Fake designer bags for sale. Security is a shambles. Also had money stolen from wallet during security checks. Will never be back

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07 January 2024 12:01:00 Guest

The most disgusting, rude, filthiest airport I’ve ever visited. We had to first que to put ourselves and cases through metal detector in separate male and female system (wierd) we had to show our passport about 4 times at different points, we had to go through another metal detector with our hand luggage in a male and female que again! The staff shout at you and look at you like you the absolute scum of the earth. I’ve come to the conclusion, Egyptians only like the wests money to buy rubbish off them or they hate you. I’ll never return to Egypt, ever. The journey to airport was like driving through Gaza, rubble and slums, poverty, awful.

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07 January 2024 12:01:00 piettie

We came back after two years and it changed people are more friendly and it is much cleaner.
they opened a business lounge finally and have to say i have been in worse places in the western world ( if you can call greece airports western).
in the loiunge the staff was very friendly served your drinks the food different curry's where good to eat.
still the waiting times at security checks are too long we always book fast track it is worth every penny and the people are very helpfull.

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29 December 2023 12:12:00 Wale

Dreadful airport, we love Egypt but Hurghada airport seriously needs to sort things out. Horrendous queues going through visa desks as no system in place and people just push to the front. In departures same again no queues, no common sense and the prices are shocking for food and drink. Oh and there tills only accept cash!!! I have been going for 11 years and they have been saying the same. A big con to get cash from you!!!!

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23 December 2023 12:12:00 Guest Nikkita

Sister was refused to travel home as she tried to pay for her over stay in their Egyptian currency they didn’t accept it and she missed out on family celebration and the anniversary of her mothers and grandmothers death spending it alone as they demanded her to pay the fine in dollars which I payed for in Egyptian pound 2 weeks before I’d rate this airport 0 for I have used it for 5 years and they are all scamming tramps out to make a dollar of anyone and everyone it’s sickens me tjat these people call themselves Muslim they are kuffar

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16 December 2023 12:12:00 Jamil

Same as any other tourist airport. Some European airports are worse.

Airport is clean, well made, airy and spacious.
It is very busy, csn seem chaotic but thisvis nainly due to language and travelers not understanding whatvto do, not many signs explaining.
Staff are abrupt.
Toilets are clean with toilet paper and soap etc, staff ask for money like beggars. Ignore them, they get paid for their work.
Food is expensive. Bring your own and save a fortune.

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02 December 2023 12:12:00 James Grey

Hurgada airport security use a passport register to distract passengers whilst security staff steal from passengers. Very rude, very aggressive. BEWARE personal luggage, do not take your eyes off inspection, do not be hurried to register passport as this is a ruse to permit security to steal. We lost ear buds and iPod.

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20 November 2023 12:11:00 Sorin

Many of the security agents (men/women) do not know English, they are rude, they pushed us with their feet and urged us to take the trays from the floor in which to place our things. The airport is dirty, the bathrooms are dirty, but the person who is supposed to clean there, entered the toilet over the passengers and begged for money, the toilet paper was missing. The prices at DuttyFree are not all displayed and the staff is rude. I do not recommend this airport!

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19 November 2023 12:11:00 Salah

My recent experience at Hurghada Airport was nothing short of disgraceful. The behavior of the airport staff was shameless, rude, and racist, leaving me deeply disappointed and infuriated. It is disheartening to witness such underqualified, dim-witted, and corrupt individuals in positions of authority.

As Kurds from Southern occupied Kurdistan (Northern Iraq) who couldn't speak Arabic fluently because I grew up in Sweden, we became the target of the old individual who checked our passports. It seemed like he was envious or harbored some ill feelings towards us. He went out of his way to ensure that we missed our flight, deliberately mispronouncing our names and searching for any excuse to argue with us about trivial matters. He bombarded us with intrusive questions about our father's name, birthplace, and our inability to speak Arabic.

After some time, he conveniently pretended to be ignorant of the English language and began interrogating us in Arabic. It was only when someone behind us stepped forward to assist with translation that he shifted his focus to Saddam Hussein, praising him as a great man—ironically, the same man responsible for a genocide against our people.

When we confronted him about his behavior, he responded by hurling curses at us in his language. The flight was delayed as a result, and we were fortunate enough to escape the clutches of this appalling airport. Our initial intention had been to help the kind and needy individuals we encountered during our stay, but after enduring such treatment, I can confidently say that I will never set foot in Egypt again.

I sincerely hope that the airport authorities take this review seriously and address the abysmal state of affairs. The treatment we received is an embarrassment to the friendly and helpful people we encountered in the city, who truly made our stay amazing. Hurghada Airport must reconsider the hiring and training of its staff if it wishes to maintain any semblance of credibility and hospitality.

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20 October 2023 12:10:00 Guest

One star because you cannot give 0. People are treated as cattle, screamed and yelled at for nothing. Staff seem to literally hate the tourists and are shooting angrily to everyone who are just trying to file their requests and understand what's expected of them. Very stressful and makes you think twice of wanting to go back, even if the holiday and the staff at the hotel were great

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16 October 2023 12:10:00 Guest

Definitely needs improvement on departures. LONG UNNECESSARY QUEUES. Having a security check for bags and Personal items at the entrance is simply an overkill. I travel worldwide but found Hurghada Airport as one of the most tedious and unnecessary. Especially after spending a lovely time in Egypt, the system at the airport is exhausting.
Please improve this and make it simpler. Departures does not need to be this difficult. Thank you.

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14 September 2023 12:09:00 Suz

Rude and abnoxious staff at airport who don’t like the British at all but will happily take your money. Witnessed at security check a man shout at lady to stand up even though in wheelchair. The staff laugh at you and one member of staff even cheered when saw the uk departure boarding. Staff arguing. Airport staff are a huge let down apart from Check in. This was all departures.
Arrivals the staff will rip you off at passport control please go the bank to get visa.

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16 August 2023 12:08:00 Guest

After a week in which everyone was trying to sell us something overpriced or to charge us for silly things, the airport Hurgada was the worst experience in Egypt. There are countless security checking points. They are checking if we were checked by their colleagues. Insane! They are putting you to fill some cards (for checking of course) and they don't give you pen, you have to figure it out. In the airport there's no soup or toilet paper, and everywhere is dirty. Whole country is dirty. Their perception of clean is totally different than the rest of the world.

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20 April 2023 12:04:00 Guest

The security guy has stolen cigarette from the back pack while checking the bag!!!!!!
Toilets were so disgusting dirty with no paper at all.(all of them men&woman)
would rate minus starts

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02 April 2023 12:04:00 Guest

I had arranged for Special Assistance for the return journey home. At check-in I had to askant after a delay a guy with a wheelchair arrived. He hurriedly took us to passport control and the security check following and at that point told us he was taking us no further and wanted a tip. There is a long walk to the the departure gate and I expected him to take me but alas that was as far as he was going. Basically it was a painful * of time.

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01 January 2023 12:01:00 Audrey

This is probably the worst Airport I have been to. Its hell on earth. The people there hate you and try to make you life as miserable as possible. I was screamed at in Arabic by a very aggressive person. I don’t understand Arabic, sorry. Don’t know what I did wrong, cause I took off my shoes, watch and glasses. Later my elderly mother was treated like sh… She doesn’t speak English, so it doesn’t help when you scream like crazy. Make some hand signs and she will understand. My mum was traumatized and still shaking when the plane took off. Make sure nobody steals something, they check your bags and passports about 4 times. They let you fill in some forms (with your passport number, but you can write Mickey Mouse, as nobody is interested) during this time they „check“ your bags. Please keep always an eye on your items. Otherwise something might be missing. Then we were harassed several times as people who were asking for tips…

I am so thankful I was born in Switzerland. This experience made it even clearer. We had a wonderful vacation, but this Airport should be closed. Wonder why Tour Operators do nothing against it.

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12 December 2022 12:12:00 Nikolay

On 10.12.2022 around 21:30 l was going through security checks before the gates. A person by the monitor confiscated a short rubber cord that I had in my carry on. He refused to answer my question about the legitimacy of his actions. He refused to provide the list of prohibited items. He also refused to provide his name. His supervisor also refused to provide explanation of his employee actions. Then another boss showed up, and another one, and another one. None of them was able to explain why the cord was confiscated. No paperwork was produced. All security personnel was unprofessional and disrespectful. Meanwhile, the passengers like me are the reason why the security employees are getting salaries and wages. Finally, one of the supervisors told me that the cord could be used for strangulation. That was one of the stupidest things I have ever heard. I am 67 years old. Whom and why would I have strangled on the plane? A pilot? A flight attendant? A passenger sitting next to me? How about dozens of things that allowed on the planes and which can be used for strangulation? Phone charging cords, shoe laces, shirt sleeves, etc. Hurghada airport management needs to get rid of mentally challenged employees. They hurt image of the airport and Hurghada as a whole. I will never advise my friends and family to go to Egypt. This country is very capable of destroying people's vacations.

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10 December 2022 12:12:00 Ömer

We would like to take this opportunity to once again thank the staff who helped with the search for our son's Ömer backpack. Without their help we would not have found the backpack. We would like to say a big compliment to these three employees.
Unfortunately don't remember the name
The employee at the information desk
The young friendly employee who took care of it.
The employee from the new airport.

Please forward our praise and thanks to these nice employees.


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13 September 2022 12:09:00 Guest

Be sure to lock your luggage before going to this airport and checking in. They opened & stole things from mine...

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19 May 2022 12:05:00 Bazo Atanas

The day before yesterday I bought 4 bottles of water at the airport in Hurghada (boarding hall) for 25 LE each (i.e. 100 LE).
I told the seller twice beforehand: I would like to have the bill in Egyptian LE and pay contactless with my cell phone.
He said "YES YES, NO PROBLEM..."

After paying I realized I was scammed.
1. The original invoice was instead of 100 LE in 5.81 USD (unfavorable exchange rate)
2. And then ˆ5.57 was debited and converted from USD to ˆ with its own exchange rate.

I thought I could pay anywhere in local currency with VISA and I complained.

I discussed it for 10 minutes, also with the alleged shop manager and asked why I didn't pay directly in LE.
They told me that the cash register system does not allow paying with VISA in LE. Strange but the prices were all in LE and everywhere was the Mastercard and VISA accepted.
I couldn't return the 4 bottles either, apparently the system doesn't allow that if you paid with VISA.

That's cheating³, isn't it?
This made me pay 7% more

I still can't understand why the 100 LE were first converted to 5.81USD and then to 5.57ˆ. I can pay in local currency all over the world, except at Hurghada's airport

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24 January 2022 12:01:00 Guest

The guys from police are working together with the staff. Police scouts things to steal, staff steals. Simple. They deserve to get AIDS

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10 April 2021 12:04:00 Guest

Unacceptable service and service failure, 2 things that must be told about the following airport. With my family I’ve been in Egypt more than 20 times, but 2 last is really terrible. The security check( the first one) having the people that should never contact humans. They pulled us over, DEMANDING to open the bag and DEMANDING to give the passport( no official or legal reason to ask for that). We had a pharmacy, bought in governmental apotheke, with all of paperwork needed, they didn’t even look at that. Those people just tried to steal that from us. Never listened to each of person on our side. Tried to take the medicine with dirty hands, without gloves, and terrified me that they will cancel my flight and will depart me to the jail?! For having a bog favor to their economics, by travelling here, and buying that * . Never ever I’m gonna travel through that place. Those people said a whole list pf a bad words on me, on theor native language, we just got our stuff back, only because we made a big discussion there. No qualified person could be found in this airport, don’t recommend this airport, as well as trip to Egypt.
Think twice before you decide to get to the contact with unprofessional, lazy people
They are already

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09 December 2019 12:12:00 Guest

Unbelievable slow passport and security check

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17 July 2019 12:07:00 Guest

The security staff right before the gate were terrible. One of thembwas telling the other to not let us in. They took our bottled drinks my wife's lotion and some dish washing liquid. We stayed there 7 days so we needed it. But they really pissed me off when they took our un opened drinks. I never went through that in America. Im traveling with my 2 kids and wife. I swear that type of treatment made me forget I had a nice time in hurgadah. They need to watch who they hire for these positions.

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16 July 2018 12:07:00 Elise Blockley.

My friend had an accident wich left her unable to walk so we had to get wheelchair assistance. We got onto the wheelchair bus to take us to the aeroplane as we struggled on the plane with our suitcases we left a black mochino string bag on the back of the wheel chair before we had chance to go back they had drove off leaving us without it.
We then informed the airline staff (Thomas Cook) that they had taken our bag with them and it had a lot of valuables in that we always keep close inside. They told us to go back to our seats and they will look. A man that work for Hurghada airport said they looked them self’s and the bag is nowhere to be seen we we are 100% sure that the bag was on the buss but no assistance was given to us and they practically called us a liar. We feel let down by not only the airline but the airport staff our bag has things in that will never be replaced. A lot more could have been done but they was to interested in getting the plane in the air. Even passengers on the plane was disgusted by the way we was treated. Our bag was on the buss as people on the place witnessed it being on the back of the wheelchair. I’ve will never travel with Tomas Cook or to hurgahada ever again we was left on a six hour flight feeling distraught and heart broken. We didn’t have our cards as they was in the bag so not only could we not afford a drink we had no money for food. This situation has put us off traveling full stop.

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09 February 2017 12:02:00 Guest

1) if there is many people who need assistance there is not enough people to help us
2) the wheelchair are in very bad conditions !
3) there is only some small one and I need a LARGE one
4) Most of them do not have inflated tires
I hope that with your fantastic new Airport you will be some NEW WHEELCHAIR !
I really regret that there is no more small shops ! now there is only some expansive shops
We are coming in Hughada 2x/year in EASTER and OCTOBER and hope that for our next trip middle of april
you will have some nice and new wheelchairs !
christine from GENEVA SWITERLAND

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