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Sunwing Airlines

Country: Canada
International flights from Canada to leisure destinations
IATA code: WG
ICAO code: SWG
Head office: 27 Faskin Drive, Etobicoke, Toronto, Ontario, M9W 1K6, Canada
Phone number: +1 877 877 17 55
Fax number: +1 416 620 44 33
Year established: 2005
Main bases and hubs: Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International, Toronto Pearson International, Vancouver International
Fleet: Boeing 737-800

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Reviews & Opinions of Sunwing Airlines:

06 November 2016 Guest Pat

Wow I flew to cuba nov.2015 my first time flying. Flight there and home was great. Flight staff was great. Resort great food not so much but it was cuba. I will leave for Mexico next week. Price much cheaper than others. I will continue to use sunwing great job sunning

02 November 2016 Guest

Terrible, terrible service! Not sure where to start , don't fly sunwing. Customer service, less than a kilo overweight, wanted to charge crazy amounts. Terrible service in puerto Vallarta from the singing reps there. They sat two really drunk people in the emergency rows for free after trying to sell them to us for 50 each as we were at end of Check in line Pretty sure that's a bad idea as they had trouble walking there and the sunwing reps had to pull guys out of bar at airport to board plane

16 May 2016 Guest

I recently flew fr om Vancouver to Punta Cana with Sunwing. There's a lot that I can say about how poor my experience was with Sunwing, but I'm only going to describe two things that bothered me the most. First, we were seated in the elite seating on the plane. While you do get extra leg room, the elite seating is actually the emergency exit! With it being an emergency exit, the seats do not recline and for a 7 hour flight, sitting upright the entire time is very uncomfortable. I assume the extra leg room in the emergency aisle is probably because of wh ere the seat had to be bolted to make sure there is adequate room for exiting the plane (in the event of an emergency). So Sunwing is charging extra for these seats, which I think is ridiculous. Second, when we booked our flights, the itinerary said direct flight from Vancouver to Punta Cana and one tech stop on the way back. We presumed the tech stop had something to do with the wind. While everyone was getting settled on the plane to depart from Vancouver the pilot then announces that due to unforeseen circumstances and the number of passengers, they have to make a tech stop in Winnipeg! Funny enough, three days before the flight I was speaking to someone and they had told me Sunwing is notorious for announcing these last minute changes. I understand that emergency landings are sometimes required, you know, in the event of an emergency, but I don't particularly understand why a tech stop had to be scheduled for the way down when it was advertised as a direct flight. The number of seats on the plane hasn't changed, and Sunwing should know how many passengers have booked the flight... I likely won't be booking with Sunwing again unless the price is right, but even then, if the flight is a lot less that the other airlines, you get what you pay for...

24 February 2016 Guest

First time with Sungwing, but I'm sure will be the last time!!! We flew to Varadero on Jan 27th from Pearson Airport. What they called champagne service just a tiny cup for it. I was ok with that. But our returning flight was horrible. After we passed Miami, the pilot told us we have to go back to Varadero because of the problems of the airplane. We never met this condition before. After we got to the Varadero airport, no staff showed up to take care of us. Our flight was around 9pm, but we left the resort at 6pm, didnt have anything to drink or eat since the whole afternoon. Finally one of the staff showed up after 3 hours, and told us we have to go back to the hotel at 2am in the morning. The day after, we had to go over the security check in the airport again, all the duty free sealed bags had to go into out overweight luggage. We didnt receive any champange service at all ,the only selection of the food is Vegetarian sandwich which full of carrots. It was disgusting! I tried to contact with sunwing customer service, but couldnt hear anthing back from them. I promise this will be our last time fly with sunwing

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Sunwing Airlines Discussion:

07 December 2016 Guest

Hello folks, Just tell you a story of Sunwing service agent bullying customer. We went a one week vacation to Cuba last week, at the Toronto, Pearson Airport ,We got a bully from a service agent (named him as Mr. X) who normally stands outside to help or guide sunwing's customers. We called to get help from check-in machine as it showed an error. then he told us to follow him, but on the way, he tried to help another one, let us stand and waited for 10 minutes and finally told us go to line-up. We got upset and asked why you didnot tell us earlier, let us waited for so long. After a couple minute, he came back and told us if you raised your voice again, you cannot go anywhere, did he THREATEN us? My wife told me to keep quiet as She was scared he could spoil our vacation. We recognized that sometimes he looked at us to check if we are in the first people of the line yet. When we reached the 1st people of the line, the girl (named her as Ms. A) told us go to the next check in counter, he ran to her and told her to wait for him. He ran to checked in counter, talked to 2 service check in admins (named them as Ms. B, Ms. C), looks like they refused his request, he ran to another one (named her as Ms. D), we ended up to check in with Ms. D. who asked to check our carry on luggage first, even only 7Kg (only 5 Kg is allowed), We had to took some stuffs out to meet the allowable weight. We don't mind it as she is doing her job, But we would raise some questions, why she asked to check carry on first instead check the check in luggage first even we put it on scale already? I don't think it is a normal procedure, and on the flight we saw some customers carried a heavy one, just wondering why they could get through. Just questions about his duty: 1. What is his duty at sunwing check in area? It would be excellent if helping customers in good manner and efficiency way, wouldn't it? 2. Not sure what you handle if you get threatening like my case? 3. Is it the way his does a good job to let customers waiting, threatening, running around to ask check in counter girls for a specific customer? I don't think so unless he wants to show his muscle. Date Dec7,2016 Toronto

22 November 2016 Guest

Guest : Not impressed. Booked our flights from Calgary-Freeport, leaving Dec.29th/2016. Just got an email saying all flights after Nov.30th have been cancelled, and so now we've got to book a milk-run and shell out another few thousand dollars for new flights. Hoping to get a refund from them soon! They cancelled our Dec 21th Toronto-Freeport flight. No email, but they called my wife on last Friday. They offered refund. When I was asking for an explanation, they wont say a real reason and they refuse to email us the cancellation notice. Some of the agents stating that it has been cancelled due to the hurricane damage.

21 November 2016 Guest

Not impressed. Booked our flights from Calgary-Freeport, leaving Dec.29th/2016. Just got an email saying all flights after Nov.30th have been cancelled, and so now we've got to book a milk-run and shell out another few thousand dollars for new flights. Hoping to get a refund from them soon!

22 October 2016 Guest

Guest : I have not yet flown with Sunwing, however I will NEVER fly with them again. We did the price drop guarantee and it has been nothing but a gong show. First they sent my boyfriends refund cheque TO THE WRONG PERSON!! And now they have lied several times as to when it has been sent to him. We are STILL waiting for it. It has honestly been 2 MONTHS that we have been waiting for this cheque. It is very unprofessional and pretty pathetic. They didn't bother checking the address they were sending someones money too! As i said I have not actually flown with them yet but with how the accounting is so unorganized and well pretty stupid this flight better be * amazing!

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