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Silver Airways

Country: United States
Regional services in Florida and feeder flights as United Express for United Airlines
IATA code: 3M
ICAO code: SIL
Head office: 1100 Lee Wagener Blvd., Suite 201 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315, USA
Phone number: +1 954 985 15 00
Year established: 1990
Main bases and hubs: Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International, Billings Logan International, Cleveland Hopkins International, Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International, Tampa International, Washington Dulles International
Fleet: Beechcraft 1900, Saab 340

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Reviews & Opinions of Silver Airways:

13 July 2015 Guest

I have flown Silver airways the past two years as they are the only nonstop carrier to many Florida cities. They are almost ALWAYS late with very poor to nonexistent help from the airside staff. On holidays they are either many hours late or will CANCEL the entire flight after keeping you hostage at the airside fir many hours. You are then stranded at an airport overnight with little compensation if any even after arguing. I have sometimes been transported by bus over 4 hours to my final destination that should take an hour or so. It is my opinion to avoid Silver Airways at all costs and even consider WALKING as a better alternative

24 June 2015 Rick D.

I have flown Silver Airways many times and have never been overly impressed with their service. Every flight I have ever taken has been delayed and I have never complained and just accepted it as the reality of flying a "bargain" airline. However this last problem I had with Silver is the last straw. My friends and I planned a trip to Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas for a week to celebrate my birthday and another one of my friend's birthdays. Our group totals 15 people. I first contacted Silver 6 months prior to our trip to attempt to book a group rate or see if there is some kind of group program that will allow us all to get on the same flights. Since their planes seat 30 people I figured they'd likely be happy to book 50% of their plane in 1 booking. Apparently you cannot directly contact their group booking agent. All you can do is email the agent and wait for a reply. Sent 3 emails, and all went unanswered so we all booked individually. Since booking our itinerary was changed 3 times, each of which became more and more inconvenient. I had originally booked a direct flight from St. Pete/Clearwater to Treasure Cay, Bahamas which was great because we are traveling with small children and we will still have to take the ferry boat to Green Turtle Cay. After the 3rd schedule change they put us on a flight that would force us to get up at 3AM to get to the airport on time for a flight that would have a 4 hour layover in Ft. Lauderdale then take us to Marsh Harbor, Bahamas which means a 30 minute cab ride to Treasure Cay, then a 30 minute boat ride to Green Turtle Cay. All this while traveling with 5 kids under 2. If that's not bad enough every time I called to rebook the staff seemed indifferent and gave the distinct feeling that attempting to rebook was such a burden that it was too much trouble for them to deal with. if you try to express your displeasure with the situation they just talk over you and get very rude. Here's the summary of all of my experiences with Silver -Always Delayed -Rude & Uncaring Customer Service Agents -Multiple schedule and airport changes for the same trip -Inconvenient flight schedule Bottom Line - I will NEVER fly Silver Airways or United Airlines ever again

20 June 2015 Guest

Very poorly run airline with many flight delays! Flights are on old small propeller aircraft that have been repainted and are frequently breaking down causing many of the flight delays. Very noisy in cabin due to aircraft propellers. Also, planes are very hot on the ground due to no air conditioning being available. Luggage is frequently bumped off a flight due to weight and balance limitations for the aircraft. If your looking to get to your destination on time and with your baggage, you would be wise to find another airline.

03 June 2015 Regular flyer

I have never written a complaint on one of these sites. I fly a lot. I empathize with airlines, I understand the low budget, low fare airlines business model and applaud them for offering very cheap tickets. But Silver advertises direct flights to places, and then you find out that your flight is actually connecting. I received a email that touted direct flights Tampa to Marsh Harbor, Bahamas 1.5 hours. I booked it as direct. The connecting flight that they provided too 7 hours to arrive at destination. A call to the airline the day after arrival to discuss the seemingly bait and switch tactic resulted in a directive to email customer service because the issue is "more than 24 hrs old" . Email was sent. No response. 8 more emails sent over the next 110 days . Finally a response- $25 voucher. Fly silver if you have lots of time to get there and are comfortable hanging out in airports

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Silver Airways Discussion:

19 September 2015 Guest

Flew with them on july 5th, or should I say, were supposed to...all 4 flights at the ONE terminal were grounded due to????? No explanation, just lies from the staff, wound up renting a car to get hone at midnight. Booo, to Silver Airways

19 August 2015 John

Wow.....the terrible on time record of this airline is only surpassed by the absolutely horrible customer service. I am sure that the gate and flight attendants must field a lot of complaints due to the constantly late planes. The most rude and confrontational I have seen. Very sad we really need a smaller carrier in florida. Boooo you suck.

17 August 2015 Guest

Made the mistake of booking with this company for 4th July 2015 (first time experience and last!) I've been flying all over the world for 32 years, including significant time in 3rd world countries. Never in my life have I experienced worse air travel than to deal with Silver Airlines in Florida. Their Gate Agents are useless and constantly misleading flyers into believing your flight will depart ... eventually. Customer Service on the phone? Fuhgetaboudit!! Delays upon delays upon delays without explanation. If you are foolish enough to buy a ticket from these horrible scoundrels, then plan on sitting around in an airport until your flight departs ... if it departs. They also cancel without explanation. They receive subsidies from the US govt for providing 'essential air service' which seems to be the only reason for their existence. If taken on face value as a 'real' air carrier, then they are a total fraud. For most of their routes in Florida, you are better off renting a car and driving. In that manner, you secure your time -- you control your schedule. Otherwise, if you expect to board one of their aircraft, then you are a hostage to the roulette wheel they use to determine when and whether they actually take-off. There is really no good reason for anyone to subject themselves to the capricious (mis-)operational antics of Silver Airways. Don't be a dope. Walk, swim, drive ... anything but Silver Airways. (I'm very pissed off that United does a code share with these scoundrels; it's what led me to believe Silver could be trusted. However, based on my experience with Silver and based on what I've read since flying with them, I have to conclude someone at United must have been paid off to cut a deal with these rogues.)

12 August 2015 Hannah R Peterson

Silver Airways had a 4 hour delay on a 1 hour flight, which made me miss my international flight. I'd highly recommend avoiding them. They did not compensate me for the loss of finances or European vacation time.

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