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Country: United Kingdom
Low-cost services from UK to European leasure destinations
IATA code: LS
ICAO code: EXS
Head office: Low Fair Finder House, Leeds Bradford International Airport, Leeds,WestYorkshire LS19 7TU, UK
Phone number: +44 333 300 0404, +44 203 059 8336
Fax number: +44 113 238 7455
Year established: 1978
Main bases and hubs: Bournemouth, Edinburgh, Glasgow International, Leeds Bradford, Newcastle International
Fleet: Airbus A320, Boeing 737-300, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 757-200

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21 May 2016 Guest

I am a frequent flyer between Manchester and Malaga. I usually fly with Monarch but decided to give Jet2 a try to increase my choice of flight times, cost etc. I arrived at Manchester airport and booked hold luggage in, I was then informed that my cabin luggage was too big and would have to be paid for, I accepted that this was my fault as I had not checked the regulation re Jet2's cabin baggage policy and therefore paid the £67 return cost for my case. I was also told that this was to ensure the comfort and safety of myself and fellow passengers. On my arrival at the departure gate I noticed that several passengers had cases significantly bigger than my own and were boarding the aircraft without question. I pointed this out to the gate staff who then stopped a gentleman and made him put his case in the bag 'sizer', the case was oversize. The gentleman then said that he had passed through security without any problem and refused to have his case placed in the hold, the gate staff then waved him through. I took photos of the oversize cases including the 1 in the 'sizer' On my return to the UK I contacted Jet2 Customer services and explained the above, I requested a refund of £67 as I felt my comfort and safety had been compromised by the Jet2 gate staff not adhering to their company policy. I received an email 28 days later saying that they were sorry that I did not agree with their baggage charge, (I never disputed this ) and that a refund would not be paid, they had completely missed the point of my email. I have therefore decided to take legal action which if successful will open the floodgates for all persons charged for excess baggage etc to claim against this Airline.

26 February 2016 Guest

I have flown with Jet2 many times over the years and have found the service excellent for a budget carrier. I usually pay for seats together but on this occasion decided to take allocated seating. On our first flight we were placed in the middle seat on separate rows despite the next seat being free so I had to pay for 1 seat, then when I checked in for the return flight which had originally shown seats together the same thing was showing so again i had to pay for 1 seat. This is Jet2 squeezing the most it can out of passengers and frankly it leaves a bitter taste.

02 April 2014 barry clayton

I tried 3 times to book a flight each time the site crashed, I then received an email asking why I didnt complete the transaction and inviting me back to complete I didnt because Id booked with another airline. I then received a booking confirmation from Jet2 I have called the customer service number on 6 separate occasions, never once getting past the music and adverts, I sent an email to complain, only received an auto-respone not addressing my complaint I finally spoke to an operator who after talking to her supervisor advised me that I couldnt cancel the "booking" I intend to pursue my claim further

30 January 2014 J. Moore

I have used both and Jet2 Holidays and have nothing but praise for the airline and its staff. A few hidden costs like allocated seats but don't all airlines do this now. Good quality low cost airline.

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13 October 2016 Fergie

Went on holiday with jet 2 to lara beach ...great holiday ..great hotel...second night partner had a slip in hotel due to food lying on dining room floor. Hurt knee and ankle reported to hotel management and rep...heard nothing ..reported to ceo when home...still chasing up just now. Refusing to acknowledge any accident ...rep said it wasnt reported...lying scumbag. Sent reports of injuries from doc and physio as requested from jet2. Still refuse to accept respnsibility. Lying scumbags will not receive another holiday booking from me.

28 August 2016 Guest

Traveled to Ibiza on the 14/08/2026 lovely flight arrived at 7.30pm straight on coach to transfer to hotel waited on the coach for 2 hours to be told they were waiting for another 4 flights for people to use the same coach to transfer us to hotel finely got to our hotel at 10.30pm! On coming back home we had a poorly passenger which the staff quickly delt with but was a 2 hour delay we wasn't offered water on board as the doors were open and it was red hot on board finely we took off and the onboard staff started to serve drinks and snacks we got served after 1hour 45 mins in to flight we got served but not much food left just the lunch box with nothing really in them we were seats 23 e and f then it was time to land no time for duty free it's put us off from flying with them ever again

20 July 2016 Guest

Flew from Ncl -Pmi 27/06/16. We were waiting in the departure Lounge when 3 girls in their early 20's clearly drunk,were being escorted by the duty manager. They were told to behave themselves and not to purchase any alcohol on board. The duty manager wrote on their boarding cards 'no alcohol'. The DM informed cabin crew of this and also the captain put announcements out that jet 2 had zero tolerance for bad behaviour on board and would off load anyone who did so. They took their seats at the emergency exit. Now I start thinking if we have to get off in a hurry are these able to open the door? I think not. The cabin crew informed them how to open the door in an emergency saying "are you listening, do you understand". Now that set my nerves off. There were a lot of families with small chidren on board, ours included. However out comes the drinks trolley and lo and behold they serve the females with alcohol !!!!! Granted they were no trouble but.......the emergency doors!!! On returning I sent jet2 an email raising my concerns. Their reply was because I didn't raise the matter on board at the time there is nothing they can do. So I question myself why didn't I? I didn't because the situation could have been very volatile and do holiday makers with families really want their children witnessing it. I am let down by jet2 as I have flown with them many times. But this just goes to show they're more interested in selling products and the cabin crew getting their commission.

16 July 2016 David

Jet2 are getting like the rest of the bunch now customer service zero. They used to be good. My wife and I have travelled all over the world and never complained to a company ever. On a recent holiday to Cyprus we were put in a 3 star hotel which was nothing better than a hostel. We and another couple were checked in by " there's 2 keys which one do you want" no names or registration taken. The room had no fire instructions or smoke detectors, the shower was hanging off, no water coming out of the sink, no sink plugs, the loo roll was on the other side of the bathroom from the toilet, the safe was on the floor so you had to kneel on the floor to get to it, the patio doors had no stickers for safety, there was a very small step into the bedroom which was not marked , no beside lights I could go on and on. Jet2's reaction was more or less we were lying or hallucinating. The rep agreed with some of our complaints and then backtracked obviously been threatened by his bosses. A once good company gone bad.

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