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Country: United Arab Emirates
Budget services from Dubai to the Middle East and Asian destinations
IATA code: FZ
ICAO code: FDB
Head office: c/o Emirates Group Headquarters, PO Box 686, EKE Centre, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phone number: +971 600 544 445
Fax number: +971 429 507 58
Year established: 2009
Main bases and hubs: Dubai International
Fleet: Boeing 737-800

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Reviews & Opinions of Flydubai:

14 August 2015 Guest

I just got of a flydubai flight! Worst airline ever!!! We were 2 hours delayed and even though we were delayed the didn't serve drinks or food, not even water without charging money. But even worse was the fact that u couldnt move your chairs, so that the can squeeze in even more seats and people into the plan. So u sit uncomftable in an upright position and u think lets watch a movie in the the screen in fron of you. But thats also not possible cause even for that you have to pay extra! Never fly with flydubai!

07 August 2015 ECM

Still waiting for money to be refunded for flights they cancelled. Waited 6 weeks so far! Disgusting customer service. Avoid at all costs. Will never use again and am telling all family and friends to avoid as well.

19 May 2015 ANTON

Do not use fly dubai if there is an alternative airline. First, they don't do refunds - they only give you a voucher if you cancel. Then, if you bought a ticket for someone else using your credit card, cancelled it, and decide to use the money for yourself - you are in trouble. First you have to send them an EMAIL to change the name on the voucher, without that they will not book you a ticket. Of course that takes ages and if you want to fly next day you are screwed. Also their ticket offices are all near the airport in the worst and most congested part of town, it takes 1 hour to get their and 30 minutes to search for parking. Terminal 2 which they fly from sucks big time - it's really far and doesn't have a metro connection, so you have to pay lots of money for taxi. Bottom line - STAY AWAY FROM FLYDUBAI, use another airline if you can.

06 February 2015 Guest

Never use fly dubai the staff are rude un professional and arrogant, u will experience added costs that will be made by them and a very very poor customer service. Infact this would be an understatement

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Flydubai Discussion:

07 December 2016 Fred

I have flown fly dubai enroute Dubai and i really thought i would build loyalty with them too, i realize this is going to be a hard paper, you have really have to work hard to be a Dubai client, i wish such reviews were open to the general public we would make better decisions i think they are thriving on consumer ignorance, i have just learnt that surprisingly they share ownership with Emirates, why cant the mgt borrow a leaf especially customer service Beher : The epitome of a low cost carrier lies firmly with Fly Dubai. I flew the carrier fr om Bishkek to Bahrain via Dubai. With a six hour layover, one would think there is sufficient time for baggage to make the connection. But upon arrival in Bahrain, my baggage is missing in action. Upon filing of a missing baggage report, I am advised that Fly Dubai DOES NOT provide a per diem allowance to cover essentials while baggage is tracked. Later I am advised that there is another Fly Dubai flight in another three hours and it may be on that flight. But, no, that is still not sufficient time for the airline to resolve the issue. Finally, it arrives via Gulf Air (Thank you for stepping up to the plate where Fly Dubai fails dramatically). Only to be told I should return to the airport to collect it myself as Fly Dubai, as a low budget carrier service does not offer such service. Really Maybe you should check my passenger record that I am incapacitated due to two surgeries on my foot and require a wheel chair. Great service you offer. Low budget ticket prices was similar to that of full service airline, Turkish Airlines, but you presented the shortest time (or so I thought) between point to point. Maybe your CEO does not realize the level of service that is being provided and never studied marketing that the cost of losing one customer is equivalent of capturing ten new customers. Worse word of mouth, especially in this age of Social Media, will by far out cost the price of a lousy service to deliver the baggage and a small per diem allowance. No, you would rather stick to your policy (I will check with IATA as to legalities in accordance with international treaties) than try to build loyalty. Thank you to my hotel guest services. Golden Tulip Bahrain has picked up the ball wh ere it was dropped by Fly Dubai.

07 December 2016 Guest

I am amazed how fly dubai continues to thrive with very poor customer services dept, i wonder if they have a customer services dept at all. I wrote a complaint email where six of us were bumped as we traveled to India, they quickly send an automated email acknowledging my complaint with #03308035 promising to get back to me in 10 days , after 11 days i wrote to them , i got another automated response urging me to call if i need service, i have called +97160054445 ( not toll free) and the line simply runs adverts . I am confused, does anybody know of a body that regulates Flydubai where i can seek assistance Fred. +256701800601

22 November 2016 Guest

Hello, what happened with flight Dubai- Goa, i do not see any available tickets...

31 October 2016 SHAMEER

Economy class In economy class, you can pre-pay to check in 20 kg of baggage on any flydubai flight. If you want to take more baggage, you might be able to pre-pay to check in 30 kg or 40 kg if theres enough space on the flight. The baggage allowance may be included in some fares . (You might be able to pre-pay to check in 30 kg or 40 kg if theres enough space on the flight) What is that mean if no space we cant take 30kg incase we pay additional amount

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