"Constellation Dreamer": Sao Paulo Guarulhos (GRU/T3) - Milan Malpensa (MXP/T1) LATAM Brasil LA8062 (JJ8062) on Boeing 767-300ER(WL)
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"Constellation Dreamer": Sao Paulo Guarulhos (GRU/T3) - Milan Malpensa (MXP/T1) LATAM Brasil LA8062 (JJ8062) on Boeing 767-300ER(WL)

Bom dia / boa tarde / boa noite, estimados senhores e senhoras aviadores!

Welcome back to the next review of the "Chilean" series of 2017. So, the Andes and the entire South American continent were left behind; ahead - a transatlantic flight back to Europe, which took place 18-19.03.2017 ...

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1. Online check-in for LATAM flight
2. Sao Paulo Guarulhos Airport (GRU)
2.1 GRU Airport. General Information
2.2 Gru Terminal 3 and night spotting
2.3 GRU apron spotting
3. Flight Sao Paulo - Milan with LATAM Brasil
3.1 On board Boeing 767-300ER LATAM. Economy Seat and Equipment
3.2 In-Flight Entertainment
3.3 Before takeoff
3.4 Night phase of flight. Cabin during the flight. Dinner
3.5 Dawn over the Atlantic
3.6 In skies over Africa: Mauritania
3.7 In skies over Africa: Algiers. Breakfast
3.8 Mediterranean Sea. Cabin during flight
3.9 Alps. Decline over Northern Italy
3.10 Arrival at Milan-Malpensa airport
3.11 Cabin during disembarkation
4. Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP)
4.1 Terminal 1 MXP. International Arrivals Sector
4.2 Registration area T1 MXP. Spotting from the dirty area
4.3 T1 MXP Aeroexpress station. Road to the city
5. Flight results
6. Boeing 767-300ER LATAM on European routes
7. Comparison of LATAM wide-body aircraft in Economy Class
8. Tourist part: Milan
8.1 Milan - banal and non-trivial
8.2 Milano transport

Online check-in for LATAM flight

I registered on both shoulders of the SCL-GRU-MXP via the LATAM mobile app, as detailed in previous review. Here we will touch on the points related to the GRU-MXP shoulder. The aircraft is declared exactly the same - B767-300ER, and the seat was chosen in advance 34A - the same as on the previous flight.

Let's take a look at the map of places. The layout is exactly the same as on flight SCL-GRU

On this shoulder, unlike the previous one, the system generated a full-fledged electronic landing

SГЈo Paulo Guarulhos Airport (GRU)

Gru Airport. General information

SГЈo Paulo Guarulhos International Airport (GRU/SBGR), named after AndrГ© Franco Montor (Governor of the State of SГЈo Paulo), is located in the northern part of the metropolitan area of SГЈo Paulo in the Cumbica district of Guarulhos, part of the SГЈo Paulo metropolitan area. Currently, GRU Airport ranks 2nd in Latin America in terms of passenger traffic (and, accordingly, 1st place on the continent), second only to Juarez Mexico City Airport (MEX). On the 3rd place (and, accordingly, on the 2nd place on the continent) is the airport of Bogota El Dorado (BOG).

GRU Airport is located at an altitude of 750 meters above sea level, has two runways - 09R/27L (3000 meters) and 09L/27R (3700 meters), and three terminals - a small T1 VVL, a morally obsolete T2, which has unequal in size sectors of MVL and VVL and was previously the main terminal, and a new world-class T3 MVL, built for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The airport can receive passenger aircraft flights up to A380, on which Emirates flights have been operating since 26.03.2017.

List of airlines operating from GRU Airport:

Terminal 1 (domestic flights only): Azul, Passaredo.

Terminal 2 (domestic flights): LATAM Brasil, GOL, Avianca Brasil.

Terminal 2 (international flights): LATAM (usually on narrow-body aircraft), Aerolineas Argentinas, Aeromexico, Air Europa, Avianca, Austral (AR division), BoA (Boliviana de Aviacion), Copa Airlines, Cubana, Delta, Ethiopian, GOL, Royal Air Maroc, TAAG

Terminal 3 (international flights only): LATAM (usually on wide-body aircraft), Air Canada, Air China, Air France, Alitalia, American Airlines, British Airways, Emirates, Iberia, KLM, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, South African Airways, Swiss, TAP Portugal, Turkish Airlines, United Airlines

T1 VVL has gates of 101-109; T2 VVL has gates 201-219 and 224-231. International T3 (301-326) and MVL T2 (232-246) gates are combined into an international transit zone that allows you to move from one terminal to another without crossing the border. However, on the Vinsky forum there are cases when with a single ticket of the type, for example, KLM (arrival at T3) + GOL (departure from T2 MVL), luggage was not checked in to the final destination and passengers had to cross the border, receive baggage and check it in again, losing time on this. It is better to learn about the nuances of baggage transshipment in advance. If you are flying on LATAM flights with international transit, you have nothing to worry about - your baggage is guaranteed to be reloaded automatically without your participation

More detailed terminal and gate schemes can be found at official website of GRU Airport

GRU Terminal 3 and night spots from it

Terminal 3 consists of the main building where the registration sector is located and the concourse in which all gates are located: 301-308, 315-326 - with jet bridges, 309-314 - bus level below. All gates with jet bridges are arranged in pairs, which makes it possible to receive aircraft of large and ultra-large capacity of type E (B748/744, B77W/772) and type F (A380)

The previous inspection ended with the fact that I passed the "lower" inspection for passengers delivered to T3 by bus, and climbed up to the gates

I find myself in a spacious clean area that is literally native to me with huge panoramic windows, ideal for spotting (which, for example, T1 SCL cannot boast of). I have even less time than I had before departure to Santiago, I will have to move quickly.

View towards gates 303-304 et seq.
Зона выходов на посадку в терминале Т3 аэропорта Сан-Паулу Гуарулхос

A Bacio di Latte milk "tuk-tuk" appeared next to the escalator I climbed. Last time he was missing

Retrospect. On the right - gates 301-302, on the left - access to business lounges and duty houses (it is also the entrance to the clean area for passengers departing from Brazil who have passed passport control)

Cafe near gates 301-302...

... next to which they put a hybrid crossover Volvo XC90, which was not there last time

Gates 301-302 and a lift for work inside the terminal

Let's walk (more precisely, we will run, due to the small margin of time) through the terminal.
Gates 303-304, from which the United flight to Schschschikago will depart (this is how Chicago is pronounced)...

... and their drive

There are a lot of empty seats, despite the large number of people in the clean zone. The seats are formally sleeping-unfriendly, but if desired, you can lie down under the armrests

Starbucks, which is near gates 305-306. On the left is the elevator for the descent to the transition to T2 MVL

Shops and exchanger between gates 303-304 and 307-308

Gates 307-308, from which the LATAM flight to London Heathrow will depart, shown as codeshare with ANA. Strange, wikipedia about LATAM codeshares with "Aunt Anya" is silent...

Nearby is the descent to the bus gates 309-314. I went there (since I have a gate of 310), but a little later smile:)

Moving on. The T3 clean zone has travelators to speed up movement between gates

Gates 315-316, from which the TAP Portugal flight to Lisbon will depart

There are landlines and a Wi-Fi icon nearby, reminding that T3 has free 2-hour (alas, not unlimited, unlike SCL airport) access to Wi-Fi

Gates 319-320, from which the United flight to New York Newark will depart...

... and a nearby shop with an information display and flight board

"See you soon!" says a Brazilian child from the wall in different languages

Drinking fountains (which T1 SCL cannot boast of)

Gates 321-322, from which the LATAM flight to Frankfurt will depart, shown as codeshare with the Hansa

Cafe, the name of which translates as "the house of the cheese head"...

... and an image of a now adult Brazilian also saying goodbye to passengers

Gates 323-324...
Гейты 323-324 в терминале Т3 аэропорта Сан-Паулу Гуарулхос

... from which the United flight to Washington will depart, shown as codeshare with Azul

The scoreboard near these gates shows tomorrow's flights

Toilets near gates 323-324

And finally, the last gates 325-326, from which the American Airlines flight to Los Angeles will depart, shown as codeshare with JAL

Let's move on to spotting. In T3 GRU, spotting enthusiasts will not be bored for a minute at any time of the day except in late at night (when the number of flights is minimal). Now, during the evening flight, there are many interesting things outside the terminal windows. Let's go! smile:)

The A320 LATAM Brasil against the backdrop of the T2 and the customs office in the distance (left), the purple-lit ATC tower (center) and the brightly lit main building of T3 (right)

A winglet-free B763 United that will depart for the Shshchchikago from gates 303-304. In the background, at the service terminal between T3 and T2, stands the exact same B763 UA. Next you will see how many boards from Estados Unidos are in GRU smile:)

At the same service terminal there is another B763 UA - already the third! - with winglets and in Staralliance livery. To the left - B772 American Airlines

To gates 317-318 tow B77W AA, which will fly to New York (JFK)

Gates 321-322 - B77W LATAM (PT-MUC), which will fly to Frankfurt...

... and in the background is his brother PT-MUA (the first B77W in the LATAM fleet), which is towed to gates 307-308, from where it will go to London Heathrow

Gates 325-326 have American Airlines' B772 (the third AA board spotted!) that will fly to Los Angeles. The lights of the RD and runway give the impression that I am not at the airport, but at the spaceport smile:)

Gates 323-324 have an extremely interesting board - B764 United (already the 4th board ua here!), which will fly to Washington (IAD)

In the background - B77W LATAM, B763 LATAM...

... and tap Portugal's A332, which will fly to Lisbon, TAPkov's second flight; the first (usually on the A343) goes still at dusk, before sunset. By the way, TAPki announced that in February 2019 they will withdraw all A343 from the fleet (they will be replaced by the latest A339neo), which means that the chances of seeing any airline in GRU A343 will be almost zero ...

Gates 319-320 have B772 United with PW4090 engines (the UA fleet also has quite a few B772s with GE90 engines from Continental Airlines), which will go to New York Newark (EWR). Thus, in GRU, which is the hub of the Oneworld alliance, 5 boards of UA - a member of Star Alliance - were simultaneously seen. Not weak, right?! smile:)

Gates 305-306 have American Airlines' B788, which will fly to Dallas (DFW). 4th spotted AA board! In the background are A359 LATAM and B763 LATAM (as it turns out later - mine)

And finally, the American Airlines B77W, standing at a distance from T3 , is the 5th AA board spotted today! 5 AA boards and 5 UA boards (and this is not counting delta boards, which flies from T2) - the presence of estadio-junior airlines in GRU is very, very large!

It's time to run to the landing. I go down to the bus gates drive 309-314

Gate Signs

Passengers are reminded that they are in T3 smile:)

Multiple snapshots of the drive. There are a lot of people, but not crowded, as it was before boarding on flight to Santiago

From Gate 311 there will be a United flight to Houston - on one of the two B763 that are far from T3 at the service terminal

From Gate 309 will depart flight LATAM to Madrid, shown as codeshare with Iberia and Air China. The board that will fly on this flight, we will still see smile:)

My gate is 310, near which LATAM employees are already standing and there is a queue of passengers

Planting begins. The airline staff checks my Schengen visa (I note that at the airport of Santiago at the check-in desks this check was not carried out at all)...

... and welcome to the bus!

Apron spotting in GRU

On the window of the bus there are signs about the prohibition of smoking and mobile phone use, as well as a fragment of the announcement on the prevention of sexual abuse of adolescents

The bus stands for a long time, and during this time it is possible to film how to serve B77W (PT-MUA) LATAM, which will go to London Heathrow from gates 307-308

Previously seen B772 AA and B763 UA in the livery of Starallans, standing at the service terminal between T3 and T2

Finally, the bus starts. B763 UA, standing at gates 303-304, is ready for departure to Shshchishchikago

A tanker truck with diesel fuel of the brand Sol (sun)

B77W AA, standing near the T3 on the side of gates 301-302, already filmed earlier from the terminal

A359 (PR-XTA) LATAM, which will fly to Madrid. It was this board at the end of February 2016, when I flew to GRU from Rio, became the first A350 I ever saw! That's the meeting! smile:)
Airbus A350-900 PR-XTA авиакомпании LATAM Brasil в аэропорту Сан-Паулу Гуарулхос

And here's our B763 standing nearby. On the previous flight I had a B763 in an old classic TAM livery and I was hoping there would be a different livery on this flight - either new LATAM livery or Oneworld Alliance livery, or livery Disneyworld. But no, and this time there will be a livery TAM

This board PT-MOE is one of the youngest (namely, the 6th oldest) passenger B763 in the world! First flight - 23.04.2013. In the B763 fleet, LATAM is younger than him (only a little over a month) only PT-MOF (4th oldest B763-pax in the world), and between them "wedged" board UK67006 Uzbekistan Airways, which is the 5th oldest B763-pax in the world (and at the same time the last B763-pax without winglets). Well, the last three passenger B763 (P4-KEA/KEB/KEC), built in October 2013 - May 2014, belong to the Kazakh Air Astana, and the review of the most recent - P4-KEC - is available on this site

Engines - GE CF6-80C2B7F

A tanker "sucked" to the left wing, pumping fuel from the underground fuel line to the tanks of the aircraft. By the way, a few words about the wingtips of our aircraft: B763 is the only wide-body type of aircraft in the world, on which winglets were installed optionally at the request of the customer. On all other wide-body aircraft, wingtips are (or are not) by default and cannot be modified

It's time to get on board. Let's climb the ladder

Cockpit, Brazilian flag with the slogan "Ordem e Progresso" ("order and progress") and the handle of the raised door 1L

Logo of the OW Alliance at the door 1L

And a pair of "fuselage shots", the second of which manages to catch the reflection of the engine in the fuselage

Flight Sao Paulo - Milan with LATAM Brasil

On board a Boeing 767-300ER LATAM. Economy class seat and its equipment

Bem-vindo a bordo!

I pass a business class cabin. Let me remind you that it has a layout of 2-2-2 in 5 rows, a total of 30 seats. Armchairs - lie-flat, folding into a horizontal bed.
JL starboard seats
Пассажирские места бизнес-класса в Боинге-767-300 авиакомпании LATAM Brasil

Seats 4JL. Please note - this row has an extremely inconveniently located porthole, so you should not choose it! The 5JL seats behind them are fenced off by a curtain - apparently for the rest of the pilots. Still, this flight is one of the longest for this type of aircraft, close to the range limit (although the FLIGHT LATAM Peru Lima - Barcelona is even longer, and in the opposite direction, to the west - also a record duration)

Central seat blocks DH

Business chairs have a branded anti-maxsar

Seat belt

Tables are located in the armrests. They also have seat control buttons and an IFE remote control. Between the seats there is a retractable partition (how much it creates the notorious "privacy", I can not say). Full headphones

IFE displays and magazine pockets
Дисплеи IFE в бизнес-классе Боинга-767-300 авиакомпании LATAM Brasil

Seats 5AC on the port side

General view of the business cabin are included in the seats. As you've probably noticed, its load is small
Салон бизнес-класса в Боинге-767-300 авиакомпании LATAM Brasil

Next is the front mini-cabin of the economy. Row 12 - space+. Seats 12DF are separated by a movable armrest, while seat 12H has both fixed armrests

Seats 15AC. Row 15 is the only "simple" row in this mini-salon that has normally placed portholes. However, it is already above the wing, which partially overlaps the views from the window, and behind is a lavatorium. In general, the option is ambiguous...

The main salon of the economy.
Places 19AC and 20AC at the superwing emergency exits, of which there are 2 on each side
Места пассажиров эконом-класса в Боинге-767-300 авиакомпании LATAM Brasil

The "emergency" door at row 20. The difference between the old-school "rectangular" door porthole and modern rounded fuselage portholes is obvious smile:) Obviously, this is due to the fact that it is impossible to insert a window panel of a new sample into the "emergency room"

General view of the main economy cabin

I get to my seat 34A (exactly the same as on the previous flight) and place my hand luggage in the luggage rack, which has a mirror

My seat is 34A with burgundy seat upholstery. On the chair - a package of "pillow + blanket + headphones"

I sit in the chair and again experience this sweet feeling of spaciousness and comfort. Despite the fact that this time the next seat is occupied and will remain occupied for the entire flight (moreover, the load of the economy, unlike the business , is 100%), the presence of the neighbor is not felt at all. How glad I am that I have a B763 on this flight!!! smile:{}

Belt buckle - no airline logo

With legroom, everything is fine...

... except for a small interference in the form of a fairly compact and "streamlined" IFE block. Of course, it would be better to place it in the middle between the chairs, but even so it is almost invisible. Unlike, let me remind you, the "box" in B748 hansa

Between the seats there is a socket - one on a double block of seats

The chair is equipped with IFE, the display of which is rigidly fixed and does not rotate. Headphone, USB and S-Video connectors are available. The USB connector was hollowed out - the cord in it did not hold at all. This is an unequivocal minus, but it should not be blamed on the airline, but on unconscious pax. But do I have to be sad - I have two powerful powerbanks, the charge of which is enough not only for the whole flight - for several days!

The chair has a one-piece table with a drink holder

There is another beverage holder under the table; table - sliding

Top panel without individual airflow...

... and nice smooth lines Signature Interior

Let's move on to the contents of the package "pillow + plaid + headphones"

Headphones - with a two-pin connector; one pin swivel

Pillow with pillowcase

Plaid with the TAM logo and a reminder that it is the property of the airline

Consider the contents of the seat pocket.
Safety card - dented... and with gum inside! Fuuuuuuuuu To the previous passenger - a big low! smile:evil:

"Vamos/LATAM" magazine for March 2017 - same as on previous flight; we won't look inside smile:)

"Duty Free" magazine

Bolsa de mareo (waste bag), which, by the way, was not on the previous flight

In-Flight Entertainment

Let's briefly (so as not to repeat too much with the review of the previous flight) the IFE function.

Language selection (English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, German)

Main menu and connector highlighting

Flight information (not yet available)...

... and map

Music section...

... and a few examples of music content

Before takeoff

Let's look through the porthole.
Loading of luggage

We continue to be refueled. Next door is an A359 PR-XTA, which is being prepared for a flight to Madrid

The refueling of our board is over. Another catering car lift

We are being towed. A tractor docked to the A359, which would fly after us. From the salon of the A359 business, someone shines in our direction with a very bright flashlight (by the way, my hiking flashlight for 1000 lumens shines just as powerfully). What's that supposed to mean? Maybe it's fate that gives me some sign?!..

We are deployed parallel to T3. A359, tail view

At the same time, safety video is broadcast via IFE - first in Portuguese...

... and then in Spanish...

... and in English

Symbolic diagram of the cabin of the aircraft from the video smile:)

The engines start and our plane starts moving. Ciao, PR-XTA! See you in the sky!

Driving past the A320 LATAM...

... and two adjacent B77W LATAM

Another brother of them. Thus, from the terminal and from the porthole it was possible to see at once 5 B77W of the base airline of the airport GRU smile:)

Moving along the RD to the preliminary launch


Pass the pre-launch point...

... and occupy the executive. On the left is a parking lot near the cargo terminals, where my previous flight from Santiago docked. It still carries the B77W Emirates and the B788 Ethiopian

View of T2 and customs. We will take off to the east, in the same direction

Night phase of the flight. Cabin during the flight. Dinner

The engines roar, entering take-off mode and rushing the aircraft into the night sky. Ate logo, São Paulo!

A moment later, the lights of a huge metropolis disappear into the clouds...

Information about the flight appears. We have to fly for 11 hours. A transatlantic flight on such a comfortable plane will be like an easy walk smile:)

Suddenly, the IFE display goes out from failure. But not for long smile:)

After a while, I start to feel like I'm freezing. Flight attendants clearly overdid it, cutting the air conditioning to full capacity! But I am a Siberian (albeit a very former one), and I know how to dress "according to the weather". I take out a jacket from my hand luggage and life immediately improves smile:) But those passengers who could only hide behind a blanket were sorry. Although, maybe they are accustomed to such temperature changes?..

Before the service has begun, let's take a walk around the salon. Rear view of the main economy

Well, now I will reveal the secret of the last row 40, the window blocks of which are significantly different from the simple seats of the economy. These seats have fixed armrests, increased row pitch and footrest, reminiscent of the "recliner" seats of the narrow-body business class. If on flight SCL-GRU they were occupied by ordinary passengers, then on this flight they are reserved for the rest of flight attendants

Here, by the way, is what these places will look like in a few hours, being closed by a curtain. Unlike pilots, for whom full-flat seats are reserved in business, flight attendants can only rest in a reclining position and they are humanly sorry. Alas, there is no specialized crew rest area, as in B77W or A359, in B763...

Door 2L

Boxes with travel kits are tucked into the jumps near the door of the 2L. For this flight attendants plus - on the flight MXP-GRU on the A359 I did not even understand where to look for these travel kits, but here everything is obvious. I will take one set, which I will show in detail below

Economy kitchen located in the tail

The tail lavatoria is located between the last row 40 and the kitchen

]Let's take a look at this lavatoria. Everything is clean, except for a little chaos caused by previous not very conscious visitors

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