"Constellation Dreamer": Sao Paulo Guarulhos (GRU/T3) - Milan Malpensa (MXP/T1) LATAM Brasil LA8062 (JJ8062) on Boeing 767-300ER(WL)
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"Constellation Dreamer": Sao Paulo Guarulhos (GRU/T3) - Milan Malpensa (MXP/T1) LATAM Brasil LA8062 (JJ8062) on Boeing 767-300ER(WL)

Bom dia / boa tarde / boa noite, estimados senhores e senhoras aviadores!

Welcome to another review of the "Chilean" series of 2017. So, the Andes and the entire South American continent were left behind; ahead - a transatlantic flight back to Europe, which took place 18-19.03.2017...

Let me remind you of the previous reviews of the series:

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Santiago de Chile - Sao Paulo with LATAM Brasil

1. Online check-in for LATAM flight
2. Sao Paulo Guarulhos Airport (GRU)
2.1 GRU Airport. General information
2.2 GRU terminal 3 and night spotting from it
2.3 Apron spotting in GRU
3 . Sao Paulo - Milan flight with LATAM Brasil
3.1 Aboard Boeing 767-300ER LATAM. Economy seat and equipment
3.2 In-Flight Entertainment
3.3 Before takeoff
3.4 Night flight phase. Salon during the flight. Dinner
3.5 Dawn over the Atlantic
3.6 Sky over Africa: Mauritania
3.7 In the sky over Africa: Algiers. Breakfast
3.8 Mediterranean Sea. Cabin during the flight
3.9 Alps. Descent over Northern Italy
3.10 Arrival at Milan Malpensa Airport
3.11 Lounge during disembarkation
4 . Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP)
4.1 Terminal 1 MXP. International arrivals sector
4.2 T1 MXP check-in area. Spotting from the Dirty Zone
4.3 T1 MXP Aeroexpress Station. The road to the city
5. Flight summary
6. Boeing 767-300ER LATAM to European destinations
7. Comparison of LATAM Widebody in Economy Class
8. Tourist part: Milan
8.1 Milan - banal and unbanal
8.2 Transport in Milan
]BR]Online check-in for a LATAM flight

I checked in for both legs of SCL-GRU-MXP via the LATAM mobile application, which is detailed in ]URL=https://www.airlines-inform.com/flight-reports/skyhopper-6344.html]previous report[/URL]. Here we touch on the points related to the GRU-MXP shoulder. The plane is declared exactly the same - B767-300ER, and the seat was chosen in advance 34A - the same as on the previous flight.

Let's look at the seat map. The layout is exactly the same as on the flight SCL-GRU

On this shoulder, unlike the previous one, the system generated a full-fledged electronic landing

Sao Paulo Guarulhos Airport (GRU)

GRU Airport. General information

Sao Paulo Guarulhos International Airport (GRU/SBGR), bearing the name of Andre Franco Montor (Governor of the State of Sao Paulo), is located in the northern part of the Sao Paulo metropolitan area in the Cumbica area of Currently, the GRU airport in terms of passenger traffic takes 2nd place in Latin America (and, accordingly, 1st place on the continent), second only to airport. Juarez Mexico City (MEX). In 3rd place (and, accordingly, in 2nd place on the continent) is Bogota El Dorado Airport (BOG).

GRU airport is located at an altitude of 750 meters above sea level, has two runways - 09R / 27L (3000 meters ) and 09L / 27R (3700 meters), and three terminals - a small T1 VVL, obsolete T2, which has unequal sectors of MVL and VVL and was previously the main terminal, and the new T3 MVL of the world level, built for the 2014 FIFA World Cup of the year. The airport can accept flights of passenger aircraft up to the size of A380, on which Emirates operates flights from 26.03.2017.

My review of the airport is "transit", but I consider it necessary to mention an important news regarding the connection of the airport with the city. Until recently, there were only a few bus routes from public transport connecting the airport to Sao Paulo, including bus 257 to Tatuape metro station (which I used several times in 2016). However, more recently, at the beginning of July 2018, a new metro line was built to the airport, connecting the GRU airport (the station is located near T1, and there are free shuttles to it from both T1 and T2 / T3, the schedule of which is consistent with the train schedule) with the Engenheiro Goulart station, line 12 of the city metro (Tatuape station is located on the same line). Trains run at intervals of 20 minutes, the duration of the trip is 13 minutes, the ticket costs 4 Brazilian reals (R $) and you can use it to get to any city metro station. Despite the fact that the terminal station at the airport is not yet very convenient (let's hope that in the future the line will reach T2 or T3), now you can not be afraid of traffic jams. Details (in Portuguese) can be found at vounajanela
]IMG ID=164411]

List of airlines operating from GRU airport:

Terminal 1 (domestic flights only): Azul, Passaredo.

Terminal 2 (domestic flights): LATAM Brasil, GOL, Avianca Brasil.

Terminal 2 (international flights): LATAM (usually on narrow-body aircraft) , Aerolineas Argentinas, Aeromexico, Air Europa, Avianca, Austral (AR Division), BoA (Boliviana de Aviacion), Copa Airlines, Cubana, Delta, Ethiopian, GOL, Royal Air Maroc, TAAG

Terminal 3 (international flights only): LATAM (usually on wide-body aircraft), Air Canada, Air China, Air France, Alitalia, American Airlines, British Airways, Emirates, Iberia, KLM, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways , South African Airways, Swiss, TAP Portugal, Turkish Airlines, United Airlines

T1 VVL has gates 101-109; T2 VVL has gates 201-219 and 224-231. International T3 gates (301-326) and international T2 gates (232-246) are combined into an international transit zone, which allows you to move from one terminal to another without crossing the border. However, on Vinsky's forum, there were cases when, with a single ticket of the type, for example, KLM (arrival at T3) + GOL (departure from T2 MV), baggage was not checked in to the final destination and passengers had to cross the border, receive baggage and check it in again, wasting time on it. It is better to find out about the nuances of baggage reloading in advance. If you are flying on LATAM flights with international transit, you have nothing to worry about - your luggage is guaranteed to be reloaded automatically without your participation

More details on terminal and gate diagrams can be found at GRU airport official website

GRU terminal 3 and night spotting from it

Terminal 3 consists of the main building, where the registration sector is located, and the concourse, in which all the gates are located: 301-308, 315-326 - with teleports , 309-314 - bus level below. All jet bridge gates are arranged in pairs, which makes it possible to receive large and extra large capacity aircraft type E (B748/744, B77W/772) and type F (A380)

Previous the inspection ended with the fact that I passed the "lower" screening for passengers delivered to T3 by bus, and went upstairs to the gates

I find myself in a spacious clean area with huge panoramic windows ideal for spotting (which, for example, the T1 SCL cannot boast of), which is already literally native to me. I have even less time than I had before flying to Santiago, I will have to move quickly.

View towards gates 303-304 and more
Зона выходов на посадку в терминале Т3 аэропорта Сан-Паулу Гуарулхос

Next to the escalator I went up, the Bacio di Latte milk tuk-tuk appeared. It wasn't there last time

Looking back. On the right - gates 301-302, on the left - exit to business lounges and dutik (it is also the entrance to the clean zone for passengers departing from Brazil who have passed passport control)

Cafe near gates 301-302...

... next to which they put the Volvo XC90 hybrid crossover, which was not there last time
Gates 301-302 and an elevator for carrying out work inside the terminal

Let's take a walk (or rather, run, due to the short margin of time) around the terminal.
Gates 303 -304, from which the United flight will depart to Schshchchikago (that's how Chicago is pronounced)...

... and their drive
There are a lot of free seats, despite the large number of people in a clean area. The chairs are formally sleeping-unfriendly, but if you wish, you can lie down under the armrests

Starbucks, near gates 305-306. On the left - an elevator for descending to the transition to T2 MVL

Shops and an exchanger between gates 303-304 and 307-308

]IMG ID=164426]

Gates 307-308 from which the LATAM flight to London Heathrow departs, shown as codeshare with ANA. Strange, wikipedia about LATAM codeshares with "Aunt Anya" is silent...

There is a descent to bus gates 309-314 nearby. I'm going there (since I have gate 310), but a little later smile:)

We move on. The T3 clean area has travelators to speed up movement between gates

Gates 315-316, from which the TAP Portugal flight to Lisbon will depart

There are landline phones nearby and a Wi-Fi icon, reminding you that T3 has a free 2-hour (alas, not unlimited, unlike SCL airport) access to Wi-Fi
Gates 319-320 from which United's flight departs to New York Newark...

... and nearby shop with information display and scoreboard flights

"See you soon!" - says a Brazilian child from the wall in different languages

Drinking fountains are installed near the toilets (the presence of which T1 SCL cannot boast)

Gates 321-322 from which the LATAM flight departs to Frankfurt, shown as codeshare with Hansa

The cafe, whose name translates as "house of the cheese head"...

... and an image of a now adult Brazilian also saying goodbye to passengers

Gates 323-324.. .
Гейты 323-324 в терминале Т3 аэропорта Сан-Паулу Гуарулхос

... from which United's flight to Washington departs, shown as codeshare with Azul

The board near these gates already shows tomorrow's flights

Toilets near gates 323-324

And finally, the last gates 325-326 from which the American Airlines flight to Los Angeles will depart, shown as codeshare with JAL

Let's move on to spotting. In T3 GRU, spotting fans will not be bored for a minute at any time of the day except late at night (when the number of flights is minimal). Now, during the evening flight, there are a lot of interesting things outside the terminal windows. Go! smile:)

A320 LATAM Brasil with T2 in the background and the customs office visible in the distance (left), the ATC tower illuminated in purple (center) and the main building of T3 brightly lit (right)

Wingletless B763 United, which will go to Schshshchikago from gates 303-304. In the background, at the service terminal between T3 and T2, is the exact same B763 UA. Then you will see how many aircraft from Estados Unidos are in GRU smile:)

There is another B763 UA at the same service terminal - the third one already! - with winglets and in the livery of Staralliance. To the left - B772 American Airlines

B77W AA is being towed to gates 317-318, which will fly to New York (JFK)

At gates 321-322 - B77W LATAM (PT-MUC), which will fly to Frankfurt...
[IMG ID=164572[

... and in the background is his fellow PT-MUA (the first B77W in the LATAM fleet), which is being towed to gates 307-308, from where it will go to London- Heathrow

At gates 325-326 - B772 American Airlines (the third AA aircraft already spotted!), which will fly to Los Angeles. The taxiway and runway lights give the impression that I am not at the airport, but at the spaceport smile:) interesting aircraft - B764 United (UA's 4th aircraft is already here!), which will fly to Washington (IAD)

The B764 can be considered an attempt to create a "new generation" (NG) from the classic B767. Compared to the B763, this aircraft received an elongated fuselage, upgraded high-thrust GE CF6-80C2B7F engines, ridged wingtips (as on the B777) and a cockpit unified with the B777, large windows and a "Signature Interior". Alas, this modification was made for only 2 years - from 2000 to 2002 - in the amount of 37 units, and only 2 airlines showed interest in it - Delta, which received 21 aircraft and Continental Airlines, which received 16 aircraft, which were transferred to United after the airlines merged. Thus, if you do not have an Estados Unidos citizenship handshake or an Estados Unidos visa, then you will not be able to fly the B764. Unlike the B764, the passenger B763 of the latest series, which received winglets as an option and the same upgraded interior in the spirit of the B777, was produced much longer - until 2014. It is strange that the B763 never received the same windows as the B764, although it would be a logical decision...

On in the background - B77W LATAM, B763 LATAM...

... and A332 TAP Portugal, which will fly to Lisbon - this is the second TAPkov flight; the first one (usually on the A343) departs before dark, before sunset. By the way, TAPki announced that in February 2019 they will withdraw all A343s from the fleet (they will be replaced by the latest A339neo), which means that the chances of seeing any airline in the GRU A343 will become almost zero...

Gates 319-320 have a B772 United with PW4090 engines (the UA fleet also has quite a few B772s with GE90 engines from Continental Airlines), which will go to New York Newark (EWR) ). Thus, in GRU, which is the hub of the Oneworld alliance, 5 UA aircrafts, a member of Star Alliance, were seen at the same time. Not weak, right?! smile:)

Gates 305-306 have an American Airlines B788 that will fly to Dallas (DFW). 4th AA board spotted! In the background - A359 LATAM and B763 LATAM (as it turns out later - mine)

The highlight of today's spotting is A346 Etihad, which will go to long way to Abu Dhabi! This flight had only one week left to fly - from 03/26/2017, Etihad left GRU forever ("thanks" to which he dropped out of the elite club of airlines flying to all 6 inhabited continents), and Emirates upgraded their DXB-GRU flight to A380 on an ongoing basis, taking over all the passenger traffic in this direction. This was the first and last time I was able to see the A346 EY - at the end of October 2017, Etihad took all of these aircraft out of service. Moreover, Etihad is currently in a rather difficult financial situation, canceling orders for the latest generation of aircraft and reducing the route network. Everything goes to the fact that Etihad will be "blown away" to the level of a small niche airline like Oman Air, and the "Big Arab Three" (ME3) will turn into a "two" (ME2)

And finally, the American Airlines B77W, standing far from T3 - the 5th AA aircraft seen today! 5 AA aircraft and 5 UA aircraft (and that's not counting the Delta aircraft that flies from T2) - the presence of Estado Union airlines in GRU is very, very large!

Time to run for landing . Going down to the bus gate storage 309-314

Indicators to the gates

Reminder for passengers that they are in T3 smile:)

A few shots of the drive. There are a lot of people, but not crowded, as it was before landing on the flight to Santiago

From gate 311, United's flight to Houston will depart - on one of the two B763s that stand at a distance from T3 at the service terminal

LATAM flight to Madrid will depart from gate 309, shown as codeshare with Iberia and Air China. We will see the plane that will fly this flight smile:)

My gate 310, near which LATAM employees are already standing and lined up from passengers

Boarding is starting. The airline staff checks my Schengen visa (I note that at the airport in Santiago at the check-in counters this check was not carried out at all) ...

... and welcome to the bus !

Apron spotting at GRU

On the bus window there are no smoking signs and use of mobile phones, as well as an excerpt from an announcement about the prevention of sexual abuse of adolescents

The bus stops for a long time, and during this time it is possible to film how the B77W (PT-MUA) LATAM is serviced, which departs for London-Heathrow from gates 307-308

]IMG ID=164614]

The previously seen B772 AA and B763 UA in Staralliance livery, standing at the service terminal between T3 and T2

Finally, the bus moves off . B763 UA, stationed at gates 303-304, is ready for departure to Schshchchikago

Sol brand diesel tanker (sun)

B77W AA, standing near T3 from gates 301-302, already filmed earlier from the terminal

A359 (PR-XTA) LATAM, which will fly to Madrid . It was this aircraft at the end of February 2016, when I arrived at GRU from Rio, became the first A350 I have ever seen! That's the meeting! smile:)
Airbus A350-900 PR-XTA авиакомпании LATAM Brasil в аэропорту Сан-Паулу Гуарулхос

And here is our B763 standing nearby. On a previous flight I had a B763 in the old classic TAM livery and I was hoping this flight would have a different livery - either new LATAM livery, or Oneworld alliance livery , or Disneyworld livery. But no, and this time there will be a TAM livery

This board PT-MOE is one of the most young (namely, the 6th oldest) passenger B763 in the world! First flight - 04/23/2013. In the B763 LATAM fleet, only PT-MOF (the 4th oldest B763-pax in the world) is younger than it (only a month or so), and between them is the UK67006 Uzbekistan Airways board, which is the 5th oldest B763-pax in the world (and also the last B763-pax without winglets). Well, the last three passenger B763s (P4-KEA / KEB / KEC), built in October 2013 - May 2014, belong to the Kazakh Air Astana, and the review of the latest - P4-KEC - available on this site

Engines - GE CF6-80C2B7F

K the left wing was "sucked" by a tanker pumping fuel from an underground fuel line into the aircraft's tanks. By the way, a few words about the wingtips of our aircraft: B763 is the only wide-body type of aircraft in the world, on which winglets were optionally installed at the request of the customer. All other wide-body aircraft have (or don't have) wingtips by default and are not subject to modification

Time to board. Let's go up the ladder

The cockpit, the Brazilian flag with the slogan "Ordem e Progresso" ("order and progress") and the handle of the raised door 1L

OW alliance logo at the door 1L

And a couple of "fuselage shots", the second of which manages to catch the reflection of the engine in the fuselage

Flight Sao Paulo - Milan with LATAM Brasil

Aboard a Boeing 767-300ER LATAM. Economy class seat and its equipment

Bem-vindo a bordo!

I am passing through a business salon class. Let me remind you that it has a 2-2-2 layout in 5 rows, a total of 30 seats. Seats - lie-flat, folding into a horizontal bed.
JL seats on starboard side
Пассажирские места бизнес-класса в Боинге-767-300 авиакомпании LATAM Brasil

4JL seats. Please note - this row has an extremely inconveniently located porthole, so you should not choose it! Seats 5JL, located behind them, are fenced off by a curtain - apparently, for the rest of the pilots. Still, this flight is one of the longest for this type of aircraft, close to the range limit (although the flight LATAM Peru Lima - Barcelona is even longer, and in the opposite direction, to the west - also a record long one)

DH seat central units

Business chairs have branded antimacassar


The tables are located in the armrests. They also contain the chair control buttons and the IFE remote control. Between the seats there is a retractable partition (I can’t say how much it creates the notorious “privacy”). Seats come with full-fledged headphones

IFE displays and magazine pockets
Дисплеи IFE в бизнес-классе Боинга-767-300 авиакомпании LATAM Brasil

5AC seats to port
]IMG ID=164642]

General view of the business salon. As you may have noticed, its load is small
Салон бизнес-класса в Боинге-767-300 авиакомпании LATAM Brasil

Next - the front economy mini-salon.
Row 12 - space+. Seats 12DF are separated by a movable armrest, while seat 12H has both fixed armrests

Seats 15AC. Row 15 is the only "simple" row in this mini saloon to have normally positioned windows. However, it is already above the wing, which partially blocks the views from the window, and there is a lavatorium at the back. In general, the option is ambiguous...

The main economy cabin.
Seats 19AC and 20AC at the overwing emergency exits, of which there are 2 on each side
Места пассажиров эконом-класса в Боинге-767-300 авиакомпании LATAM Brasil

Emergency door at row 20. The difference between the old-school "rectangular" door porthole and modern rounded fuselage windows is obvious smile:) Obviously, this is due to the fact that you cannot insert a window into the emergency box new sample panel

General view of the main economy cabin

I get to my seat 34A (exactly the same as on on the previous flight) and place my hand luggage in a luggage rack with a mirror

My seat is 34A with burgundy seat upholstery. On the chair - a package of "pillow + blanket + headphones"

I sit down in the chair and again experience this sweet feeling of spaciousness and comfort. Despite the fact that this time the next seat is occupied and will remain occupied for the entire flight (moreover, the economy load, unlike business, is 100%), the presence of a neighbor is not felt at all. How glad I am that on this flight I have B763 !!! smile:{}

Belt buckle - no airline logo

With space everything is fine for the legs...

... except for a small hindrance in the form of a rather compact and "streamlined" IFE block. Of course, it would be better if it was placed in the middle between the chairs, but even so it is almost invisible. In contrast, let me remind you, from the "box" in B748 Hansa

There is a socket between the chairs - one per double block of seats

The chair is equipped with IFE, the display of which is rigidly fixed and does not rotate. There are headphone, USB and S-Video jacks. The USB connector turned out to be gouged - the cord did not hold in it at all. This is a definite minus, but it should not be the airline that should be blamed for this, but the irresponsible Paxians. But should I be sad - I have two powerful power banks, the charge of which is not only enough for the entire flight - for several days!

The chair has a single-section table with a holder for drinks

There is another drink holder under the table; table - sliding

Top panel without individual ventilation...

... and nice smooth lines Signature Interior

Let's move on to the contents of the package "pillow + blanket + headphones"

Headphones - with a two-pin connector; one swivel pin

Pillow with pillowcase

Pillow with TAM logo and a reminder that it is the property of the airline

Let's look at the contents of the chair pocket.
Safety card - wrinkled... and with gum inside! Fuuuu! The previous passenger - a big nizachOt! smile:evil:

Vamos/LATAM March 2017 - same same as on previous flight; we won't look inside smile:)

"Duty Free" magazine

Bolsa de mareo (waste bag), which , by the way, was not on the previous flight

In-Flight Entertainment

Let's consider in brief (so as not to repeat too much with the review of the previous flight) IFE functions.

Language selection (English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, German)

Main menu and connector illumination

Flight information (not yet available)...

... and map

Music section...

... and some sample music content

Television section on the example of National Geographic

Before takeoff

Let's look out the window.
Luggage loading is nearing completion

We continue to be fueled. Next door is an A359 PR-XTA, which is being prepared for a flight to Madrid

The refueling of our aircraft is over. Another catering lift approaches the A359

We are being towed. A tractor was docking at the A359 that would follow us. From the A359 business lounge, someone shines in our direction with a very bright flashlight (by the way, my 1000-lumen camping flashlight shines just as powerfully). What would that mean? Perhaps this is fate giving me some kind of sign?!..

We are being deployed parallel to T3. A359, tail view

At the same time, safety video is broadcast on IFE - first in Portuguese...

... and then in Spanish...

... and in English

[video width=400 height=300]https://youtu.be/qneRc-6HZ1Y[/ video]

Symbolic diagram of the cabin from the video smile:)

The engines start and our plane starts moving. Chao, PR-XTA! See you in the sky!

Passing A320 LATAM...

... and two standing side by side B77W LATAM

Another of their colleague. Thus, from the terminal and from the porthole, we managed to see 5 B77W of the base airline of the GRU airport at once smile:) BR]

A320 LATAM takes off in front of us

We pass the preliminary start point...

... and occupy the executive. On the left is a parking lot near the cargo terminals, where my previous flight from Santiago landed. It still has B77W Emirates and B788 Ethiopian

View of T2 and customs. We will take off to the east, in the same direction

The night phase of the flight. Salon during the flight. Dinner

The engines roar as they go into takeoff mode and rush the plane into the night sky. Ate logo, São Paulo!

A moment later, the lights of the vast metropolis disappear into the clouds...

Flight information appears. We have 11 hours to fly. A transatlantic flight on such a comfortable plane will be like an easy walk smile:)

Suddenly, the IFE display goes out due to a malfunction. But not for long smile:)

After a while, I start to feel like I'm freezing. The flight attendants obviously overdid it, turning on the air conditioning at full power! But I am a Siberian (albeit a very former one), and I know how to dress "according to the weather." I take out a jacket from my hand luggage and life immediately gets better smile:) But those passengers who could hide only with a blanket, it was a pity. Although, maybe they are used to such temperature fluctuations?..

Before the service starts, let's take a walk around the salon. Rear view of the main economy

Well, now I will reveal the secret of the last row 40, the window blocks of the seats of which differ significantly from simple economy seats. These seats have fixed armrests, increased row spacing and a footrest, reminiscent of narrow-body business class "recliner" seats. If on the flight SCL-GRU they were occupied by ordinary passengers, then on this flight they are reserved for rest of flight attendants

By the way, here's what these places will look like after a few hours, being covered with a curtain. Unlike pilots, for whom full-flat seats are reserved in business, flight attendants can only rest in a reclining position and are humanly sorry. Alas, a specialized crew rest area, as in B77W or А359, B763 doesn't have...

Door 2L

Into Jumpseats boxes with amenity kits are tucked near door 2L. For this, the flight attendants are a plus - on the flight MXP-GRU on the A359, I did not even understand where to look for these amenity kits, but here everything is obvious. I take one set for myself, which I will show in detail below

Economy kitchen located in the tail

The tail hatchery is located between the last row 40 and the kitchen

Let's take a look at this hatchery. Everything is clean, except for a little chaos caused by previous not-so-conscious visitors

In the meantime, 40 minutes have passed since takeoff, Rio de Janeiro is left behind...

... and passenger service will soon begin. From the experience of previous flights, I no longer expected that the flight attendants would remember my gluten-free special meals. Imagine my surprise when I was handed a tray of GFML stickers!
On the tray:
-- Hot Cassole
-- Vegetable Salad
-- Salad Dressing
-- Fruit Salad
-- Bag of baked goods (HBI)
-- Cutlery
-- Wine glass

Cutlery is already traditionally metal

Opening the cassette...

... and in it - a large piece of meat with stewed potatoes and carrots

Meu Deus, how delicious was this meat with vegetables! Definitely the best hot for all LATAM flights! To be honest, at that moment I regretted that I had not been persistent on previous flights - maybe I should have asked and my GFML would have been found? smile:) But everything is known in comparison - perhaps it turned out even better! Red wine went great with the meat
Бортовое питание эконом-класса на рейсе Сан-Паулу-Милан авиакомпании LATAM Brasil

Viva Chile! Viva Brazil! Viva LATAM!

Vegetable salad and its dressing

HBI - also delicious

Fruit salad - papaya + pineapple + grapes

In general - bravo, LATAM! Great dinner!

Let's see what the amenity kit is.
-- Socks
-- Eye mask
-- Earplugs
-- Toothbrush and toothpaste

A beautiful figure: 8888 kilometers to Milan! Meanwhile, the plane flies over the state of Espirito Santo...

... and finally crosses the coastline of the continent, entering the Atlantic Ocean. Until we meet again, my beloved continent, we will definitely see you again - maybe in another part of you!

It's time to dive into embrace of Morpheus. My sleep lasts 3 hours and I wake up when the plane has already crossed the equator, entering the northern hemisphere of the planet. Judging by the trajectory, we bypassed a vast storm front. It takes about 7 hours to fly to Milan

On the table I find a Brazilian-made Hershey's chocolate (by the way, I ate exactly the same chocolates in trekking in Patagonia). A very touching gesture from the flight attendants!

It should be noted that on this flight the flight attendants were wonderful and, perhaps, the best in all 4 flight with LATAM Brasil. I even "made eyes" at one pretty Brazilian flight attendant smile:D

Meanwhile, outside the window, the dull darkness of the night begins, still very slowly, to give way to a new day, towards which we are rushing. It would be possible to sleep more, but I decide to stay awake so as not to oversleep the dawn (this decision will come back to me later)

About an hour passes. A funny example of how the IFE contradicts itself with an estimate of the remaining flight time. Of course, the correct number is 6 hours smile:)

[video width=400 height=300]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uc8puDGShU]/video]

Meanwhile, outside the window is getting even lighter. On the port side, at a higher echelon above us, there is a board rushing in a parallel course. Perhaps this is just the A359 PR-XTA that left for Madrid from a nearby parking lot, because LATAM flights to London, Paris, Frankfurt, Madrid and Milan (which then departed from GRU almost simultaneously) fly next to each other one by one most of the way and the same airway! If so, then in his business lounge is now sleeping (or maybe awake, watching the luminous dot rush to the right along the side and below in a parallel course) a mysterious someone who signaled from the window with a flashlight in the GRU airport parking lot. By and large, all of us in this life are like planes in the sky, each has its own destination and its own route, and sometimes, when the paths intersect or coincide for a while, we admire each other's flight. Admire from afar...

At higher echelons, cruising speed is higher, and the A359 (if it really is) is generally faster aircraft than our B763, and therefore the luminous dot, leaving behind a white trail, moves forward, disappearing from view...

Overboard it is already quite light...

... and we are gradually approaching the coast of Senegal and the westernmost point of Africa - Dakar[BR[

Dawn over the Atlantic

Lungs float under the wing clouds, and the sky in the west begins to turn pink - at first taking on pale shades...

... brighter and more saturated

The sky flares up with a stunning symphony of colors with transitions to ora

Under the wing, a cloud lights up with crimson hues...

Рассвет над Атлантикой

... which in a moment disappears into an ash-gray shroud

[IMG ID=164824[

The clouds under the fuselage now light up...

... and the plane dives into an orange colored cloud for a few moments

But the enchanting dawn colors begin to fade...

... and under the wing - dark gray "milk", not yet illuminated by sunlight

However, the coming day takes its toll...

... and the left winglet begins to shine in the first rays of the sun, which will shine brightly on the starboard side of our plane for the rest of the way

Long live the new day! I pierced the night, entering over the Uruguay River in Brazil and exiting over the Atlantic on my way to Africa...

Meanwhile, stunningly beautiful clouds appear under the wing, illuminated by the rays of the still low sun gliding over them

Clouds look like ocean waves, and our plane looks like flying over these waves a caravel with a fair wind blowing in its sails. And somewhere far below - a real ocean, the Atlantic...

Облака над Атлантическим океаном

Облака над Атлантическим океаном

Air currents change character, and wave clouds turn into breakers, like air reefs below us

The surface of the cloudy "ocean" tilts as if taking the shape of a tsunami...

... and the sun begins to reflect in the distant clouds, as if in a mirror, and the Atlantic begins to appear below...

Утренние облака над Атлантическим океаном
Рассвет над Атлантическим океаном

The last light clouds are passing under the wing...

... and the ocean surface opens. I was on the Pacific Ocean on this trip, and now, finally, I saw the Atlantic, albeit from a height

B skies over Africa: Mauritania

Meanwhile, we are reaching Africa. The invisible Dakar and Senegal remain under the fuselage...

... and appears under the wing with stunning wide beaches. It should be noted that with the onset of daylight hours, flight attendants demanded that passengers keep the porthole shutters down, so I had to resort to the already traditional trick - look into the porthole, covering it with a pillow. No one objected to this smile:)

Побережье Атлантического океана в Мавритании

Under the wing - [URL=https://www.google.com/maps/place/%D0%9A%D1%91%D1%80+%D0%9C%D0%B0%D1%81%D0%B0% D0%BD,+%D0%9C%D0%B0%D0%B2%D1%80%D0%B8%D1%82%D0%B0%D0%BD%D0%B8%D1%8­F/@16.5440556,- 16.4073564,22841m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0xec172f5b3c5bb71:0xb17c17d92d5db21f!2z0JTQsNC60LDRgCwg0KHQtdC90LXQs9Cw0Ls!3b1!8m2!3d14.716677!4d-17.4676861!3m4!1s0xe95740dc5056e63:0x6c75fed7e2adbb46!8m2!3d16.558379!4d-16.2330723[lakes
between the coast and the lower reaches of the Senegal River, which separates Senegal and Mauritania. The river itself is not visible, and our route is northwest of the route I flyed from Sao Paulo to Istanbul on a Turkish Airlines B77W in 2016

Further below...

... large lake near which the road passes. To the east of this lake, signs of the Sahara Desert are already beginning

В полете над Мавританией

Very high light clouds are floating above us...
[IMG ID=164874[

... and the ocean begins to hide under the underlying cloud layers. At the same time, the plane moves away from the coast inland...

]BR]That's it, the ocean disappears from view...

... and now the real Sahara desert is under the wing

After a few moments, the desert itself is hidden under the clouds...

We are still racing over Mauritania, approaching the city of Atar, which is located near the border with Western Sahara, the territory of which is annexed by the Kingdom of Morocco
]IMG ID=164889]

After a while, the clouds begin to dissipate...

... and below, in a haze, the yellow-orange sandy ocean of the Sahara is shown again. We are flying over the locality Табальбала - небольшим оазисом, цепляющимся behind a dark "island" of solid relief, on which the sandy "waves" of the desert are advancing

In the sky over Africa: Algiers

We are already over the territory of Algeria - the third and last country on our trans-African route, and the plane is flying parallel to the border of Algeria and Morocco

[IMG ID=165080[

Another "island" of solid land, located near the settlement Zeghamra

Another atmospheric front appears on our way...

... which is pretty cloudy
Облачность над пустыней Сахара в Мавритании
[IMG ID=165095[

The clouds are thinning for a while...

.. ... and the waves of the desert beautifully shine through the waves of clouds. This is almost the same Sahara over which Antoine de Saint-Exupery flew while working in the French Aeropostal. Being alone with the sky and the desert, he was not afraid of loneliness - on the contrary, the experience of such flights gave him, as a writer, invaluable material for new works. Low-flying piston aircraft of that era often suffered accidents and the pilots had to independently repair the sides after emergency landings, and to replenish water supplies go tens of kilometers to the nearest oases. The "Little Prince" also begins with a description of a similar flight incident. In our time, at a great height above the desert, crossing it in a matter of hours, points shining in the sun are rapidly rushing, leaving behind a double (less often quadruple) white trail - modern jet airliners, in one of which I am now flying from the New World to Old World...

Облака над пустыней Сахара

And again, overcast under the wing...

... meanwhile, we have already passed most of Algeria, and only 2 hours left to fly to Milan

The atmospheric front is ending, giving way to fair weather clouds. We are flying over the area near the city El Bayad...

... and it is already obvious that the sandy sea is left behind, giving way to a solid terrain. Under the wing (on the left in the pictures) is the N6A road connecting El Bayad with the settlement of Buzhtub
В полете над Алжиром близ города Эль-Баяд

Cirrus clouds float under the wing.. .

... which looks stunningly beautiful against the background of the Martian landscapes of Algeria!

Перистая облачность над Алжиром

Port side - unnamed

Location is shown under the wing [URL=https://www.google.com/maps/ place/%D0%A0%D0%BE%D0%B3%D0%B0%D1%81%D1%81%D0%B0,+%D0%90%D0%BB%D0%B6%D0%B8%D1 %80/@34.0443677,0.9220537,19975m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0xd855f5061ac9881:0x97206fd4229749af!2z0JHQtdGI0LDRgCwg0JDQu9C20LjRgA!3b1!8m2!3d31.6167026!4d-2.2194864!3m4!1s0x127e69b456ac7da9:0x7c26ff29e67446f0!8m2!3d34 .0188741!4d0.9271431]Rogassa (https://www.google.com/maps/ place/%D0%AD%D0%BB%D1%8C-%D0%91%D0%B0%D1%8F%D0%B4,+%D0%90%D0%BB%D0%B6%D0%B8% D1%80/@33.9062495,0.8747481,12355m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0xd855f5061ac9881:0x97206fd4229749af!2z0JHQtdGI0LDRgCwg0JDQu9C20LjRgA!3b1!8m2!3d31.6167026!4d-2.2194864!3m4!1s0x127e8ed0cb89c807:0xac1564b44064a5f!8m2! " lambs" smile:)
[IMG ID=165170)...

... and after a few moments a large drainless salt lake Шотт-Шерги ...

... over the southeastern coast of which cumulus clouds hang, casting very textured shadows on the Martian landscape

Солёное озеро Шотт-Шерги в Алжире

To the north of the lake, the orange desert landscapes are already disappearing

В полете над Алжиром - солёное озеро Шотт-Шерги

Schott-Shergi is left behind...

... and us meets a completely different landscape in the vicinity of settlements Ain Kermes...
В полете над Алжиром у населенного пункта Ain Kermes

.. and Medrissa
Городок Медрисса в АлжиреГородок Медрисса в АлжиреГородок Медрисса в АлжиреГородок Медрисса в Алжире BR]
The road leading to the city of Tiaret. The colors of the landscape are just amazing!
В небе над Алжиром. Дорога, ведущая в город Тиарет.

Area near a settlement with a funny name Туснина
В небе над Алжиром. Местность около населённого пункта Туснина.

Meanwhile, the flight attendants serve out breakfast and I get gluten-free food, just like for dinner.
On a tray :
-- Hot Cassette
-- Fruit Salad
-- Yoghurt
-- Sachet of Bread
-- Cutlery
-- Wine glass

Cutlery - expectedly metal...

... and their packaging contains also a sachet of sucrose

Open the casserole with hot. On it, by the way, there is a hint about different types of special meals that can be ordered on LATAM

flights Inside - a pretty good omelette with tomatoes and champignons. As far as I remember, the usual meal was a sandwich - the same as on my flight MXP-GRU on the A359. So I ended up winning with my special food anyway smile:)


Yogurt and red wine, which was poured into a plastic glass, not a glass

Fruit salad - exactly the same as was for dinner

City left behind Tiaret (bottom left)...
[IMG ID=1653][... and under the wing - a colorful mountainous landscape near the settlement Тидда

Black Mountains in the vicinity of the settlement Melaab
В небе над Алжиром. Чёрные горы в окрестностях населённого пункта Мелааб.[UR=Locality]
https://www.google.com/maps/place/%D0%...B%D0%B6%D0 %B8%D1%80/@35.7549262,1.6829266,32779m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0xd855f5061ac9881:0x97206fd4229749af!2z0JHQtdGI0LDRgCwg0JDQu9C20LjRgA!3b1!8m2!3d31.6167026!4d-2.2194864!3m4!1s0x1286983bcb4c4ecf:0x16eb30fc4b4b84ac !8m2!3d35.7472089!4d1.5451241]Large[/URL]. In the distance, on the horizon, you can already see the coast of the Mediterranean Sea

В небе над Алжиром. Окрестности населённого пункта Ларжм. Вдали - Средиземное море.

Under the wing - a reservoir Barage Beni Chaib
[IMG ID=1653] 165309]
В небе над Алжиром. Водохранилище Barage Beni Chaib.

Neighborhoods Teniyet El Had

]IMG ID=165313]

Neighborhood Бордж Эмир Calais

В небе над Алжиром. Окрестности Бордж Эмир Кале.

City shown ahead Milian's Khemi
Far away - neighborhood Ain Defla and the mountainous Mediterranean coast

Гористое побережье Средиземного моря в окрестностях Айн-Дефла в Алжире

The Mediterranean coast is getting closer and closer. ..

Under the wing - reservoir Барраж Буруми]/URL]

В небе над Алжиром. Водохранилище Барраж Буруми и побережье Средиземного моря.

Location [URL=https://www.google.com/maps/place/%D0%AD%D0%BB%D1%8C+%D0%90%D1%84%D1%84%D1%80%D­1% 83%D0%BD,+%D0%90%D0%BB%D0%B6%D0%B8%D1%80/@36.4539186,2.558398,16355m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0xd855f5061ac9881: 0x97206fd4229749af!2z0JHQtdGI0LDRgCwg0JDQu9C20LjRgA!3b1!8m2!3d31.6167026!4d-2.2194864!3m4!1s0x128f709ea16d3159:0x12e7945c26db5be2!8m2!3d36.4605018!4d2.6297665]Эль Аффрун
и его окрестности
Населённый пункт Эль Аффрун в Алжире

In the distance you can see the cape, near which the city is located Типаза
]IMG ID=165326]

Cities Kolea and Bou Ismail, located on the coastal hill

We are already flying over the Algiers agglomeration City. Under the wing shows Reservoir near Duer

В небе над Алжиром. Водохранилище и бухта близ Клёб де Пен.

Bay near Cleb de Pin

And finally is shown /place/%D0%90%D0%BB%D0%B6%D0%B8%D1%80/@36.7605701,3.0387707,13549m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0xd855f5061ac9881:0x97206fd4229749af!2z0JHQtdGI0LDRgCwg0JDQu9C20LjRgA! 3b1!8m2!3d31.6167026!4d-2.2194864!3m4!1s0x128fad6795639515:0x4ba4b4c9d0a7e602!8m2!3d36.7312489!4d3.0876732]algiers-city...
... with sea port near which there are ships in the raid
Морской порт города Алжир-Сити.

Aircraft makes a right turn...

... and the coast of Africa disappears from view. Last look at Bay of Algiers, on the shore of which Algiers City is located
Алжирская бухта на средиземноморском побережье Африки

Mediterranean Sea. Salon during the flight

Under the wing - sea blue, around us - sky blue. Blue space...

It's less than an hour and a half left to fly...

... and I'm going to a second walk around the cabin, this time forward.
General view of the economy

Flight attendants serving drinks
Пассажирский салон в Боинге-767-300 авиакомпании LATAM Brasil

Front part of the main economy cabin

A passenger from seat 20C clearly demonstrates the row spacing at the emergency exits smile:) BR]Front mini-economy, fenced off from business by drawn curtains...

... and its rows 12, 13, 14, 15 located above the engine and leading edge wing. Let me remind you once again: row 12 - take (if you have a status in the OW alliance), row 13 - do not take categorically, row 14 - do not take, row 15 - take (if you are not embarrassed by the proximity to the lavatorium)

Let's take a look at one of the nearby labs. On the wall of the "dressing room" there are pointers to fire-fighting equipment in case of fire on board

Labatorium is clean (apart from the fact that some passengers have already caused chaos), there are wet wipes

Returning to place, and as a breakfast bonus I eat a nectarine taken from Chile

Far to the left are the Balearic Islands of Spain - Menorca and mountainous Mallorca just visible behind it

And now, clouds appear under the wing, resembling ice floes floating in the ocean of heaven...

... and the French coast of the Old Continent is visible ahead near Сен-Тропе...

... and National Park Islands Port-Cros

Visibility over the sea is excellent, but in the distance over the continent - dense translucent haze...

Far below a ship is moving towards the shore below us - most likely a cruise ship

Flight attendants walk around the cabin, spraying the interior with a special aerosol - apparently complying with EU rules for aircraft arriving from Brazil

A lions. Descent over Northern Italy

The snowy ridges of the Ligurian and Maritime Alps are ahead...

... and the pilots slightly correct the course with a slight turn to the right

Passing the coast of the Italian Riviera - Сан-Ремо]/URL]...

... and [URL=https://www.google.com/maps/place/18012+Bordighera,+%D0%98%D0%BC%D0%BF%D0%B5%D1%80%D0%B8 %D1%8F,+%D0%98%D1%82%D0%B0%D0%BB%D0%B8%D1%8F/@43.8058601,7.6805504,14452m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m13!1m7!3m6 !1s0x12979259c61ac757:0xc40d5406c3d058c6!2z0J_QsNC70YzQvNCwLCDQkdCw0LvQtdCw0YDRgdC60LjQtSDQvi3QstCwLC­DQmNGB0L_QsNC90LjRjw!3b1!8m2!3d39.5696005!4d2.6501603!3m4!1s0x12cdf3b7493a1e09:0x4e876555b0b2bb3!8m2!3d43.7806998!4d7.6723194]Bordighera

To our left is a mountain of stunning beauty национального парка "Лигурийские Альпы " and peaks of the French Alpes-Maritimes National Park - Bego (2872 м.н.у .m), Argentera (3297 m.a.s.l.) and others, in the sky over which a translucent haze hangs, and in the distance on the horizon - a clear sky

Горы национальных парков

Passing the mountain Fronte (2152 м.н.у.м)...

... the plane dives for a few moments into a veil of haze that has descended to our flight level. ..

... and dense white clouds appear under the wing

The haze clears and views of the Italian region of Cuneo in the vicinity of and the already familiar ranges of the Ligurian and Maritime Alps

The plane makes a small left turn...

... and to the left of the Alpine ridges the coast becomes visible again, covered with a white blanket of clouds

The view of the clouds flowing over the coastal ridges is simply mesmerizing!!!

Below us - the area near [URL=https://www.google.com/maps/place/16010+Acquabuona+%D0%93%D0%B5%D0%BD%D1%83%D1%­8F,+%D0% 98%D1%82%D0%B0%D0%BB%D0%B8%D1%8F/@44.5097921,8.6082029,3646m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x12979259c61ac757:0xc40d5406c3d058c6!2z0J_QsNC70YzQvNCwLCDQkdCw0LvQtdCw0YDRgdC60LjQtSDQvi3QstCwLC­DQmNGB0L_QsNC90LjRjw!3b1! 8m2!3d39.5696005!4d2.6501603!3m4!1s0x12d32596328ac967:0x8642c50d099db173!8m2!3d44.5080752!4d8.6019945]Acquabuona
[IMG ID=16572]]. .. and a river meandering through a mountain valley Torrente Orba near Madonna delle Rocche

The ridges of the coast, covered with a bluish haze, and the clouds that lick them like a surf, begin to drift back...
Хребты Приморских Альп на побережье Средиземного моря на юге Франции]BR]

Alpes-Maritimes in the lens zoom...
Приморские Альпы на границе Франции и Италии

... with a prominent dominant - a mountain Monte Viso (3841 m.a.s.l.) pyramidal shape
Гора Монте-Визо в Лигурийских Альпах в Италии

Under the wing - town Ovada on the river Torrente Orba. From a height, it is especially clearly visible, in contrast to Africa, how much civilization changes the landscape, turning it from wild, sparsely populated spaces into cozy pastoral landscapes. And yet, in the desert landscapes of North Africa left far behind, there is something special - something that made Saint-Exupery return there again and again...
Городок Ovada на реке Torrente Orba на севере Италии
Valley of the river Bormida di Spigno near the city Acqui Terme[/URL][/URL][BR3]IDIM6][BR16]
Under the wing - outskirts of the city Sezzadio ...

... and city Predosa on the river Torrente Orba
Город Predosa на реке Torrente Orba на севере Италии

City Fresonara and Bosco Marengo and Torrente Orba River

Moments later...

... the city is shown under the wing Alessandria, standing on the river Tanaro

Город Алессандрия на реке Танаро на севере Италии

City next to Alessandria Spinetta Marengo

Городок Spinetta Marengo на севере Италии

Aircraft starts a smooth descent over Alessandria using spoilers
[IMG ID=165747[

Место слияния рек Tanaro и Torrente Orba близ Алессандрии

The valley of the Tanaro River, stretching into the distance into a misty haze...
Долина реки Танаро на севере Италии

... over which rise the majestic Alps and Monte Viso
Долина реки Танаро на севере Италии. Вдали Альпы и гора Монте-Визо.

The city is shown under the wing , standing on the Po River - the main river of Northern Italy, carrying its waters from the northern slope of Monte Viso to the Venetian Lagoon in the Adriatic Sea

[IMG ID=165755[

River Po near Valenza separating Piedmont and Lombardy

Река По, разделяющая Пьемонт и Ломбардию, близ города Валенца

Surroundings cities [URL=https://www.google.com/maps/place/27020+%D0%A1%D0%B0%D1%80%D1%82%D0%B8%D1%80%D0­%B0%D0 %BD%D0%B0-%D0%9B%D0%BE%D0%BC%D0%B5%D0%BB%D0%BB%D0%B8%D0%BD%D0%B0,+%D0%9F% D0%B0%D0%B2%D0%B8%D1%8 F,+%D0%98%D1%82%D0%B0%D0%BB%D0%B8%D1%8F/@45.1090022,8.6629241,7141m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x12979259c61ac757: 0xc40d5406c3d058c6!2z0J_QsNC70YzQvNCwLCDQkdCw0LvQtdCw0YDRgdC60LjQtSDQvi3QstCwLC­DQmNGB0L_QsNC90LjRjw!3b1!8m2!3d39.5696005!4d2.6501603!3m4!1s0x47870885ac067e61:0x53b717d6ccadfbd1!8m2!3d45.1149955!4d8.6663246]Sartirana Lomellina
, расположенного на левобережье реки По

City Mede (bottom left of image)

Sartirana Lomellina, Valle Lomellina and in the distance место слияния рек По и Сезия

Village Semiana и расположенный близ него лесной array

Посёлок Семиана и расположенный близ него лесной массив на севере Италии

The Po River begins to fade into the distance...

[IMG ID=165770[

... and under the wing - the river Agogna близ Olevandro di Lomellina. ..
Река Agogna близ Olevandro di Lomellina на севере Италии

... and city Castello d'Agogna]/URL]

Bends under the winglet [URL=https://www.google.com/maps/place/27030+Rosasco+%D0%9F%D0%B0%D0%B2%D0%B8%D1%8F,+%D0%98 %D1%82%D0%B0%D0%BB%D0%B8%D1%8F/@45.2481286,8.5389033,5997m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x12979259c61ac757:0xc40d5406c3d058c6!2z0J_QsNC70YzQvNCwLCDQkdCw0LvQtdCw0YDRgdC60LjQtSDQvi3QstCwLC­DQmNGB0L_QsNC90LjRjw!3b1!8m2

City [URL=https://www.google.com/maps/place/27036+%D0%9C%D0%BE%D1%80%D1%82%D0% B0%D1%80%D0%B0,+%D0%9F%D0%B0%D0%B2%D0%B8%D1%8F,+%D0%98%D1%82%D0%B0%D0%BB% D0%B8%D1%8F/@45.2525576,8.7292917,3565m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x12979259c61ac757:0xc40d5406c3d058c6!2z0J_QsNC70YzQvNCwLCDQkdCw0LvQtdCw0YDRgdC60LjQtSDQvi3QstCwLC­DQmNGB0L_QsNC90LjRjw!3b1!8m2!3d39.5696005!4d2.6501603!3m4!1s0x478701f238deae63: 0xe467bb273740c912!8m2!3d45.2515372!4d8.7380791]Mortara

Город Мортара на севере Италии

City Outskirts Borgolavezzaro[/URL[, located near the river Agogna...

... and city [URL=https://www.google.com/maps/place/27024+Cilavegna+%D0%9F%D0%B0%D0%B2%D0%B8%D1%8­F,+%D0% 98%D1%82%D0%B0%D0%BB%D0%B8%D1%8F/@45.3086266,8.7289902,3561m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x12979259c61ac757:0xc40d5406c3d058c6!2z0J_QsNC70YzQvNCwLCDQkdCw0LvQtdCw0YDRgdC60LjQtSDQvi3QstCwLC­DQmNGB0L_QsNC90LjRjw!3b1! 8m2!3d39.5696005!4d2.6501603!3m4!1s0x4786fe8d01bc9887:0x4684e8b0130b3ddf!8m2!3d45.3089265!4d8.7440819]Cilavegna

Spoilers are used again to slow down the aircraft; on the left under the wing - the city Tornaco

In the distance, above the foggy haze, Monte Viso is still visible, gradually disappearing into the distance

Village Villanova and Tornaco

Flaps partially extended...

... and the plane is making a left turn

The city is shown above the wing Monte Rosa, whose highest point is Peak Dufour (4634 m.a.s.l.)
[IMG ID=165787[

Under the wing - the city Sozzago и его окрестности

[B R]City Trecate

City Romentino and highway A4 Turin - Trieste. Flaps extend into landing configuration

Город Роментино и шоссе А4 Турин - Триест

City under the wing Galliate...

... and far above the wing - Alps with the Monte Rosa massif (slightly to the right of the center of the image) and the mountain Teshhorn (4 491 m.a.s.l., right)

Passing over the river Ticino separating ID
[/URL] 165798]

Under the Wing - industrial area near Cascina Padregnana...[BR0=6]ID[BR0=60] IMG ID=165801]

... and city Turbigo. A military airbase is visible under the winglet Braco-Alenia
[8IMG04] Another look at the Alps, Monte Rosa and its neighboring peaks

Village Nosate and a lake near it

Канал Villoresi и пруд около него. Canals are generally very typical for the whole of Northern Italy, and not just for Venice, and I will reveal their topic below, in the tourist part smile:)

Monte Rosa slightly opens its top

Crushed stone quarry (apparently) near Tornavento

Tornavento village and IDIM=165821]

Arrival at Milan-Malpensa Airport

We pass, descending along the glide path, the forest that separates us from the airport.. .

... and now the FedEx cargo terminal is shown ahead, and majestic Monte Rosa still rises in the distance

We pass the end of runway 17R / 35L (let me remind you that the runway at the airport of Santiago de Chile, from which the flight SCL-GRU took off) has exactly this the same course!)...

ATC tower and a yellow А300F DHL standing not far from it

A moment...

... and 8 wheels of the main landing gear of our B763 burn the runway. Speedbreaks, reverse. Benvenuto a Milano!!!

On the run we rush past the terminal. At the concourse of gates B01-10 there is A333 Qatar Airways, at the concourse of gates B50-59 - A380 Emirates...

... and to the right, at the hangars - B788 Ethiopian and MD-82 Meridians without engines, already decommissioned. In the background is the already familiar majestic Monte Rosa, hiding its peak in the clouds. By the way, Monte Rosa is very similar in shape to Aconcagua, which, combined with the same course of the MXP and SCL runways, suggests that there is a downright mystical connection between these airports smile:)

At gates B56-57 there is already seen A380 EK, at gate B58 - A332 of Alitalia...

... and at gate B59 - A321 Turkish Airlines

B788 Ethiopian - Africa's largest airline

All these aircraft in one frame
[IMG ID=165834[

Full braking...

... turn off the runway onto taxiway

Pilots deactivate wing flaps

Video of descent, landing and run

View of runway 17R/35L. On the left you can see the orange tails of the EasyJet, standing near the modest and nondescript Т2

We are moving along the taxiway. The haze in the sky begins to clear, revealing a blue sky

Following us, an A320SL EasyJet lands on runway 17R / 35L in a livery with an advertisement for Europcar car rental

There are a lot of interesting: a pair of white "classic" B73x without liveries, the closest of which is B734, a rare Fokker F100 of the Swiss Helvetic, A319 Ernest, B738 and B763 Meridiana (now Air Italy under the auspices of Qatar), B763 Blue Panorama and cargo B77F Etihad Cargo and A300F DHL

DHC-8-400 (LX-LQI) Luxair. In the background - a concourse of gates VVL A01-10 T1

A333 Qatar Airways, standing at gate B04 and B738 Egyptair in Staralliance livery, standing at gate B03

A320 (TC-AGU) Atlas Global

A320 Atlas Global and Luxair "dashka"

The previously seen two white B73x, F100 Helvetic, A319 Ernest and B738 Meridiana

Taking in to concourse B01-10. A333 QR

At gate B08 - B738 (UR-PSV) UIA...
Боинг-737-800 UR-PSV Международных авиалиний Украины в аэропорту Милан Мальпенса

... nearby with which at the B09 gate, as if by irony of fate, is the A321 (VP-BOC) of the Russian nationalist, bearing the name of the great conformist S.V. Mikhalkov

B738 UIA and "Dashka" Luxair

Comrade Mikhalkov
At Gate B52 across from us is a B739 (TC-JYP) Turkish Airlines in C16Y153 layout; this is the last 739 received by the Turks. By the way, in 2016 I flew on his fellow TC-JYL from Istanbul to Porto, moreover, by chance (operational upgrade), in business

B738 UIA departs from gate B08...

... and sets off

parking position. We landed at gate B10. A321 of the Russian National Air Force will set off on the same flight that I was supposed to fly the next day at the same time, but fate decreed otherwise and the departure time of my flight has significantly shifted, as I will say below

A transporter and a tractor with luggage trolleys are approaching the plane

That's it, the flight is over, and my heart becomes inexpressibly sad that this journey is coming to an end. I've taken a giant leap from looming southern hemisphere autumn and the mighty Andes to the Alps and burgeoning European spring...
[video width=400 height=300]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ao2lL6tWy8]/video]

Salon during disembarkation

I am one of the last to get off the plane, which makes it possible to film the cabin with almost no passengers.
Main economy cabin, general views

Пассажирский салон эконом-класса в Боинге-767-300 авиакомпании LATAM Brasil

Seats 19JL at the emergency exit...

... and their IFE displays and magazine pockets

The space+ 19DF seats are separated by a movable armrest, while the 19H seat's armrests are fixed

The 19D seat's armrest has a remote whose function is unclear, because space+ seats at emergency exits do not have such consoles

19AC and 20AC seats at emergency exits

Going to the front mini-economy

Rows 13, 14, 15 seats JL

Rows 12, 13, 14, 15, AC seats

The very first economy row is 12. AC seats on the left...

... DFH in the center (D and F, as in row 19, are separated by a movable armrest) and JL on the right

]BR]General view of the whole economy
Пассажирский салон эконом-класса в Боинге-767-300 авиакомпании LATAM Brasil

And finally the business.
5AC seats

5DH seats

Seats 1DH and 1JL

IFE displays of 1DH seats on bulkhead

]BR]General view of the business
Пассажирский салон бизнес-класса в Боинге-767-300 авиакомпании LATAM Brasil

Raised door 1L

Having thanked the crew for a wonderful flight, I step into the teletrane...

Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP)
Terminal 1 MXP. Sector of international arrivals and spotting from it

I take pictures of our board from the air bridge...

. .. and standing at the gates B51 and B52, respectively, of the "pirated" (see the image on the tail) A320 (HZ-ASG) Saudi Arabian and the already seen B739 (TC-JYP) TK

I pass through the teleport...

... and follow the exit signs

View of neighboring gate B09 (bridges for departure and arrival are clearly visible)...

... at which stands "comrade Mikhalkov"

Next - I'm moving along the arrival gallery (in the picture - the view in the direction opposite to the direction of movement)...
Галерея прилета в аэропорту Милан Мальпенса

... in which there is a plan of the arrivals sector

The gallery goes to the room with the flight board...

... and empty transit counters

Y then the next gallery begins, at the entrance to which there is an advertisement for the flights of the then Meridian (now Air Italy) to Moscow (translation: "Do you think that Moscow is only Red Square?"). Ironically, despite the scale of the advertising campaign, as of 10/15/2018, Air Italy completely stopped flying to Moscow. , go to the transfer desks

The gallery has a travelator...

... and an advertisement for one of my favorite my airlines

The gallery windows offer a view of the main T1 building and my B763...
Вид с перрона на терминал Т1 аэропорта Милан Мальпенса

... reflected in the windows of the B26-34
[IMG ID=166262 bus gates hall[

Several shots of B763 from different angles

To the cargo deck hatch they are adjusting the lift - apparently, to check if they forgot to unload something smile:) moving on - already in the main terminal building

Instructions for using the travelator smile:)

Next, another hall with a flight board, where the paths of arriving and transit passengers diverge

Today's departing flights...

... among which there is flight JJ8063, which will fly our B763 back to Sao Paulo, and some tomorrow's flights

Transiters - here. Now the MXP airport, by the way, finally has its own base network airline - this is the aforementioned Air Italy (aka the former Meridiana), for which MXP has become the main hub. Given the very likely entry of Air Italy into the Oneworld alliance, it is possible that on some of its flights LATAM codeshare may appear

There are toilets in this lounge

Next - another corridor with a travelator...

... after which I finally find myself at passport control. Oh, and long transitions here smile:)

While I'm standing in a rather big queue, a cab passes by the crew from our flight, and one of the flight attendants (the one whom I "made eyes" on board) gives me her sunny smile in parting. At this moment, it makes me sad to the point of tears that the entire series of flights with LATAM Brasil, which I can now certainly rank as one of my favorites - also thanks to the excellent crews, has been completed...

The line moves slowly, and I have time to look into the toilet...

... and then, having connected to Wi-Fi, I try to check in for tomorrow's Aeroflot flight to Moscow, but to no avail: the check-in system cannot be opened either from the mobile application or from the mobile version of the nazper website

Finally, the Schengen border crossing stamp has been received, and...

Here is the baggage claim

My backpack arrived safe and sound

Baggage claim completed
[IMG ID=166295[

Let's look around. There are trolleys in the baggage claim...
Зал выдачи багажа в терминале Т1 аэропорта Милан Мальпенса

... which, alas, are paid - the airport is not worth it for redneck. I can do without them - my backpack is not as heavy as it used to be

There are free maps and city guides - it's a plus
Лента выдачи багажа в терминале Т1 аэропорта Милан Мальпенса

There is an ATM...

... and a landline phone

View towards the tapes 7 and 8, where there is a currency exchange office and an oversized baggage claim
В зале выдачи багажа терминала Т1 аэропорта Милан Мальпенса

And finally, after passing through empty customs...

... I find myself in the arrivals hall

View towards the exit to the hotel shuttles
В зале прилета в терминале Т1 аэропорта Милан Мальпенса

Bus ticket offices to the city and installation next to them

Various cafes near bus ticket offices

Various schemes arrival hall


]BR]Elevators to the registration hall

T1 MXP registration area. Spotting from the Dirty Zone

As I mentioned just above, I failed to check in online for tomorrow's Aeroflot flight. Therefore, I decide to go up to the registration desks to choose my place (and maybe register in full) "...
Общий зал в терминале Т1 аэропорта Милан Мальпенса

... with the already familiar grand piano
Общий зал в терминале Т1 аэропорта Милан Мальпенса

Here are the Aeroflot stands...

... next to which are Alitalia's desks
Стойки регистрации авиакомпании Alitalia в терминале Т1 аэропорта Милан Мальпенса

On the opposite side of the hall - AZ advertisement with the slogan "Live. Love. Fly"

Aeroflot employee at the counters says that she can presitting for me, but I will have to check in tomorrow at the airport. Well, thanks for that too smile:)

Since I ended up in the "dirty zone" with its excellent views of the apron and runway, it would be a sin not to take advantage of this and arrange a little spotting. The first thing that catches my eye is my B763 that brought me here from Sao Paulo. The plane is still parked at gate B10. I don’t even know if it will be towed to the parking lot, or it will stay like that until late in the evening...

Finally, there is an opportunity to take a photo of the board from a good angle!]BR]

Gate B08 has A332 Alitalia. AZ flies these aircraft from MXP to New York (JFK) and Tokyo (NRT). In general, the presence of AZ in Malpensa, unlike the Linate city airport, is quite small

A320 (HZ-ASG) Saudi Arabian stands at gate B51. On the left is the tail of an Emirates whale; in the background - the departing A332 Alitalia (apparently, the one that was standing at the B58 gate) and the arriving B738 Norwegian

The B738 of the ubiquitous Ryanair in Europe arrived. It is noteworthy that, unlike the main competitor EasyJet, the Ryans fly from the T1 MXP, and not from the low-cost T2

A300F DHL, A332 Qatar Cargo and tail of B744F Saudi Arabian Cargo

Near them - winglet B763 (EI-CMD) Blue Panorama, built in 1995. Currently, this aircraft has already been withdrawn from the airline's fleet and is being converted into a cargo B763F for DHL

Next to the Blue Panorama B763 is an unidentifiable white B734, which I have already seen from porthole while taxiing to the terminal

A320SL EasyJet in livery with Europcar sticker - possibly the one seen from the porthole earlier

E175 of the British airline Flybe, which was approached by a cobus with passengers

A320SL Eurowings and another unidentified white classic B73x

A332F Qatar Cargo takes off. The separation of the front landing gear...

... and the main landing gear. Winglet B763 Neos arrived; The Saudi A320 has been driven to the bus stop and loaded with catering

B763 (I-NDDL) Neos of the same venerable 1995 build as the B763 Blue Panorama shown above. Neos is a small semi-charter airline that recently became famous for having received 2 B789s, the first wide-bodies in "new from factory" condition in the last 6 years of recent Italian aviation history. Alitalia, who is now desperately trying to save the Italian government, can only dream of such a thing. New boards, if they appear, will be very soon...

Neos was followed by a B77F Korean Air Cargo

B763 Neos taxis to concourse B50-59 and E175 Flybe begins taxiing to the runway. The Neos livery is simply gorgeous, and I would say that it is one of the best not only in Europe (where the dull "eurowhite" dominates), but in general in the world! The new B789 Neos livery has more white, but it still remains very effective
B763 Neos and B77F Korean Air Cargo in the same frame. Heavenly beauty! To complete the set of "blue-white" there is not enough KLM board smile:) gate

Korean B77F taxiing to a cargo parking

And finally, one last look at my B763. Ci vediamo! smile:{}

Is it really all real: and the lights of the huge Sao Paulo waking up under the wing of the A359; and the mighty snowy Andes and Aconcagua under the wing of the mighty B77W; and the pink dawn at Torres del Paine, and the glaciers that seemed to glow with blue light from within, and the fiery red of Fitzroy; and volcanoes in the A319 window; and stunning orange-pink sunsets in Santiago and the Pacific Ocean in Viand again the Andes - already disappearing into the distance - in the porthole of the previous B763 and its wing, burning in the last rays of the sun over the Uruguay River; and the dawn over the Atlantic, the yellow-orange sandy ocean of the Sahara and the snowy Alps under the wing of this second B763?!..

[I]Or maybe it's just a dream, and the wings are pulling our shoulders?..[/ I]

T1 MXP Aeroexpress Station. Road to the city

I go down back to the arrivals hall and follow the signs towards the train station. I'm already specifically "covered" with jetlag and I want to sleep - all because I didn't sleep enough on the plane, although I could have slept longer...

Escalator to the lowest level of the terminal , where the station is located

After going down, I continue to follow the signs...

... and find myself in the already familiar "Magic Threshold" (La Soglia Magica)...
[IMG ID=166361[
Волшебный Порог

... after which a view of T1 from below opens
Пассажирский терминал Т1 аэропорта Милан Мальпенса

Here is the entrance to the station...

... which has both traditional ticket offices and ticket terminals. Let me remind you that the cost of a train ticket to Milano Centrale is 13 euros. A round-trip ticket, provided that both trips are on the same day (alas, not my case), will cost 20 euros

Don't forget to validate your ticket before you travel!

Trains can also be reached by elevator

Terminal 1 apron

Станция Аэроэкспресса в терминале Т1 аэропорта Милан Мальпенса

The train finally arrives...

... which takes me to Milan past cherry orchards in full bloom. Here is Centrale Station

Flight summary

S. [B]Rating 5+

Flight Sao Paulo - Milan with LATAM Brasil: chic B763 with wide and comfortable seats, excellent service, excellent flight attendants. A fly in the ointment - a broken USB port and chewing gum in the safety card (this is, of course, the fault of previous passengers) and turning on the cabin air conditioning at full power to the dubak (and this is already too much; it's good that I prudently took the jacket in my hand luggage). Despite these shortcomings, I really liked the flight, and I can definitely recommend long-haul flights on the B763 LATAM! Score 5+.

Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP), Terminal 1: in the arrivals sector, everything is quite obvious, passport control is slow (which is typical for Italy), there is a sleaze with luggage carts, in a dirty area - excellent spotting with good traffic and a variety of liveries, the airport has a train station to the city (albeit not cheap). Overall, score 5.

Boeing 767-300ER LATAM on European routes

A few words on which European destinations you can currently meet the B763 of the Brazilian LATAM. In addition to Milan, these are recently opened flights to Rome (FCO) and Lisbon (LIS). Interestingly, FCO-GRU and LIS-GRU flights are day flights. In the first half of 2019, it is planned to open a flight to Munich (MUC), also on B763. Until not so long ago, the B763 also operated a flight to Barcelona (BCN), but with an increase in passenger traffic, it was upgraded to A359 (and at the same time, the BCN-GRU flight became a day one). Thus, in the Brazilian fleet, LATAM B763 is a kind of "route opener". Madrid (MAD) and Barcelona (BCN), as well as from Guayaquil (GYE) to Madrid (MAD).

Comparison of LATAM Widebody in Economy Class

So, I have behind me - flights on all types of wide-body aircraft of the Chilean and Brazilian LATAM (except B763 with the Chilean registration CC-*** and their Brazilian counterpart PT-MOG, an idea of //flight-report.com/en/report/33192/LATAM-LA8112-Sao-Paulo-GRU-Mexico-City-MEX]here[/URL]) and now they can be unambiguously ranked according to the degree of suitability for long-haul flights in economy.

1. In the first place, of course, the heroes of this and previous reviews are the Brazilian B767-300ER. The widest and most comfortable seats among the entire fleet, excellent layout 2-3-2. On this plane, even a flight at the limit of range will be easy and imperceptible. Choose for flights with LATAM the beginning of the route in Milan (MXP), Rome (FCO), Lisbon (LIS) or Munich (MUC) and you will be happy smile:)

[IMG ID=165869[
Пассажирский салон эконом-класса в Боинге-767-300 авиакомпании LATAM Brasil

2. In second place is А350-900. The latest type of aircraft with fairly comfortable seats, however, not without flaws in the form of somewhat narrowed (feelings) seats and fake armrests, as well as the lack of an air humidification system (which is present in the A359 of richer airlines like Qatar Airways). However, a long-haul flight on the Brazilian A359 will be relatively easy. Currently, these aircraft can fly to European destinations from Paris (CDG) and Barcelona (BCN)

3. In third place - B777-300ER. In the B777, the 3-4-3 layout differs from the 3-3-3 like earth from sky, but on a medium-haul flight there are no complaints about it. On a long-haul flight, the lack of personal space will begin to be felt clearly, but thanks to the comfortable shape of the seats and their good ergonomics, this is far from the worst option for a transatlantic flight - for example, compared to В748 Hansa, the economy of which is a torture concentration camp, the economy B77W LATAM is simply utterly more comfortable. Now these planes fly on European routes to London (LHR), Frankfurt (FRA) and Madrid (MAD)

4. On the fourth, last, place - B787-9...

... and В787-8.
[IMG ID=172483[

A Dreamliner with a 3-3-3 layout is clearly a cramped, uncomfortable cattle truck. In addition to narrow seats, passengers sitting by the window find themselves "pressed down" by the wall, which goes at a noticeable slope (unlike the B77W) and takes up a significant part of personal space. Given that LATAM puts dreamliners on such long-haul flights as Santiago (SCL) - Melbourne (MEL), Santiago (SCL) - Auckland (AKL), Santiago (SCL) - Madrid (MAD), and from 2019 there will also be a flight Santiago (SCL) - Sao Paulo (GRU) - Tel Aviv (TLV), passengers of these flights can only sympathize. I recommend choosing these types of aircraft only for short- and medium-haul flights (for example, a great option to try out LATAM dreamliners in Europe is the MAD-FRA flight, which is a continuation of SCL-MAD, and sales at very tasty prices are not uncommon for this short leg), and long-haul flights to avoid them in every possible way


Milan - banal and unbanal

Thanks to the fact that upon arrival I spent a lot of time at the airport, and also thanks to the fatigue from the jet lag, because of which I had to take a little rest in the hostel, to the main attraction of Milan - the Duomo Cathedral - I got there already at dusk and ... did not lose! With backlighting, it looks just gorgeous! This was my first acquaintance with the Flaming Gothic style, which continued in Belgium and France on subsequent trips to Europe...

An advertisement for Air France is attached to the restoration scaffolding on one of the side facades of the cathedral (I remind you that I made positioning flights with this airline SVO-CDG and CDG-LIN at the beginning of the journey). Apparently, the Catholic Church not only does not object to this way of using the space, but also welcomes it in every possible way smile:)

Next to the cathedral is the monumental gallery of Victor Emmanuel II...

... leading to the monument to Leonardo da Vinci...

... next to which is the world-famous (and rather modest-looking) Teatro Alla Scala...

The day came to an end and I was upset that I managed to see so little, but unexpected news awaited me: the next day (03/21/2017), on the day of my departure, the ground services of Italian airports decided to arrange another (x)welga and, thereby, my flight shifted by 4 hours later! Unlike the previous (x)welga, which led to serious stress, I was really happy with this (x)uelga - because I can continue to explore Milan!

Waking up early in the morning, I went to the next, much less known , attractions - Navigli canals. They are located near the Porta Genova train station and the metro station of the same name.

A little psychedelia along the way smile:)

A body of water called Darsena, which is a kind of a hub connecting the Naviglio Grande and Naviglio Pavese channels

North end of the reservoir with parked boats smile:)

In this part of the reservoirs the channels "join"

The beginning of Naviglio Grande...

... and Naviglio Pavese

Ducks dissecting Darsenas smile:)

In the eastern part of Darsena - Piazza Ventiquattro Maggio (May 24 Square), on which stands the Porta Ticinese arch

Graffiti on acute social themes

Naviglio Pavese Canal

A short walk along the Naviglio Grande canal. The combination of the words "Italy" + "canals" is stereotypically associated by many with Venice only. However, there were canals in most of the cities of what is now northern Italy, connecting them to the Po basin. Moreover, a number of completely land cities had their own fleets of ships! In some cities, the canals have practically disappeared by now, in others, such as Milan, they have survived. Well, why not Amsterdam, only with more unpretentious architecture?! smile:) Pay attention - a new function of merging photos into a slider has appeared in the reviews![


Naviglio Grande goes far, far into the foggy distance towards the Ticino River, into which it flows

And here is a small canal located nearby, which shows how abandoned canals grow and disappear over time

Let's move to the city center. The huge building of the Cadorna station, from which, let me remind you, you can go to the MXP airport by train. Oddly enough, there is no luggage storage...

Imperial architecture nearby

The Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, which houses one of the most famous frescoes by Leonardo da Vinci - The Last Supper. In order to see this masterpiece, you need to book tickets in advance, which I did not, and therefore I did not see the fresco

Santa Maria delle Grazie has a cloister (patio) with cherries, which then, on March 21, 2017, were already in full bloom, filling the air with their fragrance. And it was amazing!

Castello Sforzesco...

... and its "innards"

Castle dweller smile:)

Sempione Park adjoins the castle, which is very beautiful in spring (scroll the slider !)

Walking in the park, I suddenly heard : "Good afternoon! Are you by any chance from yesterday's LATAM flight from Sao Paulo?" What a surprise - I met two Brazilian passengers from my flight! The world is small, and it's nice!

Milanese walk in the park with their four-legged friends smile:)

Next to the park is a very beautiful Arco della Pace - Arch of Peace

Next, I made an attempt to visit the Cimitero Monumentale - the historical cemetery of Milan, which, according to reviews, is not inferior to the legendary Recoleta in Buenos Aires. Alas, a bummer awaited me here - on Monday it is closed (like all museums in Milan). At first I thought that there was (х)welga here too smile:)

At least I managed to admire the beautiful facade of its main entrance. Maybe next time you'll have better luck...

The Cimitero Monumentale overlooks downtown Milan. After all, Milan is the financial center of Italy and its richest city

And, finally, a few pictures of the Buenos Aires area (symbolic name, isn't it?!), where my hostel

Milan transport

It is impossible to ignore the theme of Milanese transport, which is very diverse.
The Milanese metro consists of 4 lines - M1, M2, M3 and M5.
This is how the trains of the M1/2/3 lines look like:

The M5 line has unmanned trains and platforms with automatic doors, which was a big surprise for me. If I'm not mistaken, this is the only unmanned line in all of Italy!

Trams are the most charismatic of Milan's land transport. There are so many varieties: both "retro" and modern articulated! Scroll through the slider to see them in all their diversity smile:)

Milan buses

Let's move on to two-wheelers. Italy without mopeds is not Italy smile:)

And finally, cycling. Milan is a very cycling city where city biking and bike sharing are developed smile:)

There are also unusual pepelats smile:)

Bicycle infrastructure for comfortable movement around the city is available smile:)

This concludes this review and, in general, the entire series. The last flight - from Milan (MXP) to Moscow (SVO) by Aeroflot is too banal from the point of view of the flight as such (which, in addition, turned out to be a night flight due to the departure time shift), however, the resolution of the situation with the aforementioned (x)welga by the Russian National Guard is quite rich in "catch" spotting that day still deserve to say a few words about it. Probably, as a bonus to this series, my review of spotting in MXP in the "Aviation Reviews" section will be released some time later. Ecuadorian Leo Rojas playing the Pan flute. I think that the enchanting overflows of the Andean melody could be great as boarding music for LATAM smile:)

To all readers who have read the reviews of the "Chilean" series to the end and appreciate them, I say:

Spotting at Milan Malpensa Airport
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