Hawaiian Note #1 Oahu (Honolulu) to Kauai (Lihue) with Island Air
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Hawaiian Note #1 Oahu (Honolulu) to Kauai (Lihue) with Island Air

Hello, like-minded people and aviation lovers!

I am very glad to present to your attention my brief notes about flights with exotic airlines between the islands of the world's most remote archipelago.
On the Hawaiian Islands, the only (with rare exceptions) view interisland communication is the aircraft. This, of course, plays into the hands of those who like to fly, and even on different planes by different airlines.
There will be 4 notes in total.

This note No. 1 will focus on the flight between the islands of Oahu (Honolulu City) and Kauai (Lihue City) with Island Air. Island Air, which asked for only $63 for this 47-minute flight. It is worth saying that for an hour-long flight, the usual price here is $100 (plus or minus this price depends on the time of departure, working days, holidays and weekends).

Departure date: April 1, 2016
Departure time: 8:23 AM.
Travel time: 47 minutes.
Airline: Island Air.
Aircraft: ATR 42/72, almost 22 years old.

Domestic flights operated from Honolulu International Airport in a separate terminal (terminal 1 on the map).

This part of the large Honolulu airport will be discussed only.
Terminal 1 is nothing special - simple rectangular shape, one-story building.

View of the terminal from the roadway.
Пассажирский терминал аэропорта Гонолулу
Вход в пассажирский терминал аэропорта Гонолулу

Pedestrian gallery along the highway.
Пешеходная галерея у входа в терминал аэропорта Гонолулу

The terminal serves two airlines: Island Air and Mokulele Airlines.
There are only a couple of Island Air check-in counters.
Стойки регистрации авиакомпании Island Air в аэропорту Гонолулу

And a couple of Mokulele Airlines check-in desks.
At the end of the hall on the next You can see the security control and the baggage drop area.
Зона регистрации авиакомпании Mokulele Airlines в аэропорту Гонолулу

The board with the flights of these two airlines.

It is interesting that luggage is not taken away at check-in, but only a luggage tag is glued to it. After that, you yourself need to take it to the scanner at the personal inspection zone and hand it over there. Baggage on most American airlines is not included in the ticket price and must be paid on the spot at check-in (or online on the airline's website). Island Air charges $15 for the first baggage and $25 for the second. Baggage over 158 cm (which I had) costs $35, as well as special baggage (bike and other sports equipment).

Fast passed the security check and ended up in a clean zone, the departure zone.
Зал ожидания в чистой зоне аэропорта Гонолулу

Since the time is still early and the only cafe is closed, there was a a table with free coffee, which really pleased and surprised me.

There are a lot of sockets in the hall.

Outdoor the wall of the waiting room is glass, which makes it possible to observe the life of the apron.
ATR 42/72 is a colleague of the one on which they were to fly to Kauai.
Самолет ATR 72 авиакомпании Island Air в аэропорту Гонолулу

Boeing 717 Hawaiian Airlines - the main carrier between the islands of the archipelago and the only airline in Hawaii that operates transoceanic, including international flights.

And here is my ATR 42/72, almost ready to fly .

The landing has been announced. At exit 76.

Passengers go to the plane on foot, which is perfect for a spotter.

Самолет ATR 72 авиакомпании Island Air в аэропорту Гонолулу
Самолет ATR 72 авиакомпании Island Air в аэропорту Гонолулу

Many people take pictures of the plane and none of the services makes any comments!

Entrance is through the back door.

2-2 cabin layout, economy only, which is called the Main Cabin in the USA. The aircraft is far from fresh (almost 22 years old) and this is noticeable in the cabin interior.

Armchairs "tired and battered".

Quite cramped, the backs don't recline.

Пассажирские кресла в самолете ATR 72 авиакомпании Island Air

There is a safety manual and a logbook in the pocket.

The porthole was not the cleanest, which somewhat upset.

In a couple of minutes there will be towing, but for now the propeller blades are still fixed. In the background of the photo you can see the highway to Honolulu.

For a long, long time we taxied to the far runway, after which we were in the sky.

On this flight only water is out of service, thanks for that.

The weather was clear and nice views opened when approaching the island of Kauai.

Already very low...

And here we are turning off the runway towards the terminal.

Lihue Airport is quite picturesque looks against the backdrop of mountains, although not high, like our coastal hills, but not so rugged.

After the engines stop, the propeller blades are fixed with special clamps.

Welcome to my favorite Hawaiian garden island, Kauai!

Passengers getting off the plane onto the apron....

...after th o go up a special gangway to the boarding bridge.

Further from the boarding bridge...

...passengers pass to general sterile area, meeting departing passengers, including on our plane.

Further along short corridors you get to the baggage claim area.
Переход в чистой зоне аэропорта Лихуэ

There are small gardens along the way.
Небольшой сад в аэропорту Лихуэ

The baggage claim area is spacious, without outside walls with fresh Hawaiian air.
Зона выдачи багажа в аэропорту Лихуэ
Зона выдачи багажа в аэропорту Лихуэ

Quickly received my securely sealed luggage.......,

.....who after 40 minutes here turned into my faithful assistant in this difficult, but insanely interesting 4-week trip.....

I'm leaving, leaving from the terminal.
View of the baggage claim area from outside.
Зал прилета в аэропорту Лихуэ

View of the baggage claim area from the road.
Выход из зоны прилета в аэропорту Лихуэ

Lihue Airport (departure path) and the main terminal of Honolulu Airport will be shown in the following notes.
It will also tell you how to travel with a bicycle by plane.

In conclusion, I want to say that Honolulu airports (Terminal 1 ) and Lihue, as well as Island Air, did not surprise us with anything special. Everything is clear, smooth, fast. However, that is how it should be. I did not notice any negative moments at the airports and the airline.

Thank you all for watching!
To be continued...

The beauty of Kauai is indescribable . I share with you.

Tunnels Beach (Makua), in the north of the island.

Kalalau Valley, also in the north.

Wailua Falls in the east.

The Great Canyon of the Pacific. Photo from a height of 1200 meters.
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