Larnaca-Tel Aviv with Arkia
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Larnaca-Tel Aviv with Arkia

The flight on the route Larnaca-Tel Aviv took place on 11/11/2023. I bought a ticket for an Arkia airline flight two weeks before departure at a price of 200 shekels. Arkia is one of three airlines in Israel. The airline is not large, only 5 aircraft, two A 320, and three Embraers.

I arrived at Larnaca airport two hours before departure.

I went to the check-in counters, and there was a line, so I decided to take a walk for now.

I took a walk and came back, and there were cops with machine guns and dogs. There are also a couple of video cameras on tripods... what's going on? It turned out that all flights of Israeli airlines are served this way. And they also have an interview with each passenger.... I didnt expect this. For me, they found a Russian-speaking employee and started asking his stupid questions.
Where do I live, where do I work, what did I do in Larnaca, in total fifteen questions. Then my hand luggage was searched in a separate nook, and then I found out why my glass was broken....
And time is ticking.... So, I still have to go through the usual inspection.
And at the usual inspection queue...... I waited for 30 minutes, oh, I had to jump the queue. Boarding time has already passed. He ran, reached the exit, and there was no one there, but they let him in, and he was the last one to board the plane.

The Embraer plane was almost completely filled. Its already dark outside.
Theres a flight magazine in the back of the chair.

Well, it seems they took off. It takes 40 minutes to fly from Larnaca to Tel Aviv, isnt that much?
The service started which consisted of water, but what a nice glass it is. I didnt notice any paid service.

There was no bumpiness, lights appeared. We landed at Tel Aviv airport. So my journey to Cyprus has come to its finale, ahead of us is the howl of sirens, the roar of cars and motorcycles, the cries of muezzins, Orthodox Christians, Arabs on bicycles, blacks and the scary gray houses of Tel Aviv. We need to get out of this city.....Or maybe out of the country?

Arkia was not pleased with the tedious interrogation and other checks, next time I will not fly with Israeli airlines, let other passengers be interrogated.

Oh, and even at Tel Aviv airport, passport control, automatic, without any interrogations for citizens of Israel.

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