Omsk Ц Antalya with Red Wings airlines
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Omsk Ц Antalya with Red Wings airlines

Omsk airport

It’s common knowledge that recreation begins at our first step aboard the airplane. We were lucky to board the airplane provided by the splendid IMHO Red Wings airline.

Having reached the airport we faced the rather long queue at the international terminal. By the way, the terminal shown in the picture is the domestic one, there is no picture of the international terminal available. This terminal is also inaccessible for people before the checking in starts. We had to wait out-of-doors, not so bad since it was summer.

After having passed through all the formalities and customs we gathered at the holding room and my whole attention was captured by our plane having been prepared for the long-time flight.

Tupolev Tu-204 of Red Wings airlines

The boarding was at last announced and the bus took us to the boarding ramp of the plane. Two pretty stewardesses met us at the entrance and all the rest members of the crew were waiting for us in the cabin.

Passenger cabin of Tupolev Tu-204

Seat of Tupolev Tu-204

It was great fortune for me to fly onboard of this plane because I’m the ardent admirer of TU-204\214 aircraft. The planes manufactured in 2006 can be considered newly produced. The cabin was very clean without any stinking odors. I especially liked the design zest of the cabin – the red (seemed to be leather) seats and the red inserts at the luggage overhead compartment. The cabin is very comfortable (especially for the bottom in the seat), there’s enough space to stretch the legs. The toilets are tidy, there are no any odors inside.

The stewardesses were very friendly. They used to be patient about the passengers’ feeling and often asked whether it was comfortable for us aboard.

View from a window of Tu-204

Antalya under the wing

Take-off and landing appeared to be rather superb! Some of the passengers noticed the fact of landing in the Antalya airport only after they saw in the windows those speed lowing thingamajigs on the wings.

Antalya airport

Thanks Red Wings for the wonderful flight!
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Red Wings

Tupolev Tu-204-100

Antalya Airport

Omsk Tsentralny Airport

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