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Evektor EV-55 Outback

First flight year — 2011

Evektor EV-55 Outback - commercial aircraft. Pictures, specifications, reviews.
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Aircraft operators:

Evektor EV-55 Outback Specifications

Length (m)14.3
Wingspan (m)16.1
Height (m)4.7
Maximum take-off weight (kg)4 600
Operating empty weight (kg)2 630
Maximum payload (kg)1 820
Max stock of fuel (kg)1 660
Maximum speed (km/h)405
Take-off field length (m)420
Landing field length (m) 510
Engines2 x PT6A-21,
2 x 536 shp
Cabin Data
Passengers (1-class)9-14
Cabin length (m)4.48
Cabin width (m)1.61
Cabin height (m)1.37

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Reviews and Traveller Comments about Evektor EV-55 Outback:

02 November 2016 Guest Hans Kumar

Dear Team,
Congrats for EV-55 aircraft.

I am a service provider of air charter based at New Delhi, India. We have a client to for Dry lease * purchase of this aircraft (period 3 years & 3 aircraft). Please let me know.

Best Regards,
Hans Kumar
WhatsApp +91 9891645533

18 May 2016 Captain Solomon Gizaw

Dear Evektor Team,

Good to hear that the aircraft project is moving fast forward as I believe this airplane has great future in our part of the world. Would very much appreciate to contact someone from your company sales team. Please contact me at: and so I could have direct communications with you as we consider the way forward in acquiring the aircraft.

Kind Regards,

18 October 2013 ahmadi

I am very to interested V-55.and also to know prices for charter airplan(wet)in IRAN at laest 5 ship at 1year. My Email is FLIGHT mobil num 09122492504

07 August 2013 sherpa

I must agree with capt. Singh. Being a twin engine it will upbeat any other pkan3s in that category. Specially in a country like Nepal, I must tell that you have a bright future ahead. Hope it will not be too late to roll out. Good luck from top of the world, everest Nepal

06 August 2013 Captain Solomon Gizaw

Would love to get information on the Evektor Ev-55 as we would like to consider it for our operations in Ethiopia.

27 June 2013 Guest Sr. Capt. I. M. Singh

Dear Sir,
I was a STOL Pilot for 30 years in rugged moutaineous region of Great Himalayan but small country, NEPAL where Mt. EVEREST lies.
I am quite impressed by the facts of design, short runways length, payload and speed of this new aircfraft. So i see its tremendous demand in developing and mountain terrain countries like Nepal.
So I propose and request to show me the ways how I can have SOLE agent for this country and South Asia and beyond.
I am sure I may be able to have demand of this aircraft at least six, (half a dozen) from this country in a first two lot.
Also, I request to send more operation data & graph to calculate RTOW for all the fields over here.
I have the expereince of aircraft maintenance also in electric & intrument in Twin Ottor, HS-748 Avro etc.
Thanking your for your positive response.
Capt. Iswor Man Singh,
Sanepa-2, Lalitpur, Nepal
Mobile: 9851 119 119

05 March 2013 Guest

Comparatively, this plane is better than the CESSNA grand caravan which can seat a maximum of 14 passengers which cost almost 2 million us dollars.. How much does the Evektor EV-55 cost? It is like comparing an eclipse and a cessna mustang

09 March 2011 Andy

This is a very impressive aircraft that should be developed for greater cargo and passenger capacity. What is the fly away price?


25 November 2010 Zoltan Fried

I like your EV-55 aircraft and its purpose. i read about it in the flight international magazine (31 August 2010). I apologize for approaching you this way but I am curious to know if you heard about the SmartDeck glass cockpit avionics that would suite well your aircraft. It will certainly enhance your sales in Russia. If you are interested to know more, i can send you a brochure and more data. I will do that if you are interested. The avionics suite is certified for Part 23 aircraft.
Best regards and good tail wind!

Zoltan Fried, Marketing Manager, CMC Electronics, Canada

16 October 2010 BAUMGARTNER

As a former B747+A340 captain, I'm on the verge of setting up a "small air freighter" service.
This EV-55 Outback seems currently the better
choice for the purpose.
Another goal: new training for "unemployed
professional pilots" facing a near screening & hiring process.
Situational awareness - airline methodology.
Humaitarian air service in the remote areasof
Best regards,

24 June 2010 Hazel

I work for an air charter company and I've just read through the outback's details and i'm very much impressed. It definitely looks like the kind of plane that would be extremely beneficial to our company. She is definitely a beauty!! We've forwarded this to our MD, so i'm keeping my fingers crossed!!

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