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BAe 146

First flight year — 1981

BAe 146 - commercial aircraft. Pictures, specifications, reviews.
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BAe 146 Specifications

Length (m)26.1628.5530.99
Wingspan (m)26.3426.3426.34
Height (m)8.618.618.59
Wing area (m2)77.377.377.3
Maximum take-off weight (kg)38 10242 18444 225
Maximum landing weight (kg)35 15336 74138 329
Operating empty weight (kg)23 30023 80024 800
Maximum zero fuel weight (kg)31 07134 02036 514
Maximum payload (kg)6 6508 0759 500
Standard fuel capacity (litres)11 72811 72811 728
Range with max payload (km)2 1742 3652 181
Cruise speed (km/h)750750750
Maximum speed (km/h)890890890
Maximum operating altitude (m)9 5009 5009 500
EnginesHoneywell ALF 502R-5,
4 x 6970 lb
Honeywell ALF 502R-5,
4x6970 lb
Honeywell ALF 502R-5,
4 x 6970 lb
Cabin Data
Passengers (1-class)7085100
Economy seat pitch (cm)797979
Cabin length (m)15.4217.8120.20
Cabin width (m)3.423.423.42
Cabin height (m)
Aisle width (m)0.530.530.53
Seat width (m)0.540.540.54

Typical Cabin Configuration of BAe 146

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Reviews and Traveller Comments about BAe 146:

01 June 2018 Ronan

Hi Sir, may I request for the dimension from nose wheel to main wheel of BA-e 146-200?

08 April 2018 Guest

cruise altitude..?? of BAE 146

10 June 2016 Tariq

I think it is a beauty. Should be number one in medium sized aircraft

15 April 2016 B K Ramachandra

Can I have AUW of BA146 aircraft

09 June 2015 Itang Suharmono

Dear Sir,
Could I have weight of BAe146 Main landing Gear and Nose Landing Gear ?
Thank you,
Best regard,
Itang Suharmono
PT.Indo Aero Semesta-Jakarta Indonesia

30 March 2015 masume kamaledini

My criticism of this aircraft is that because of a disability or special services not Handicap
Do not lift the aircraft manufacturer design

Do you think it is reasonable
How much will it cost to design a lift
Do not have a human patient, and no matter what the creators of this aircraft?

my mom is sick she cant up to step but last night in tehran ,mehrabad iran they dont help her .they said to us this is type airplane havnt vip for sick and lifter .

please answer me

10 May 2014 S. Alfata

BAE 146-300, can it used for cargo carrier ? how long the run way required at full capacity ?

19 May 2013 Guest

Neptune Aviation in Missoula, MT U.S.A. uses a BAE-146 as an air tanker for fire control.

24 April 2013 Guest

Good day, this is not a comment. do you have an email to send my BAe146 pilot CV????

Thanks and regards

22 April 2013 BIEN WAHA OIL CO. Libya

Good day! this is not a comment, what we want from our dept. is spec. detail of body construction of Bae146 and RJ 100 for our reference to be used in fire and rescue operation.


16 November 2012 hadi tirta

BAe 146 - 300 cockpit

05 June 2012 Franklin Loo

BAe146-200 is beautiful BUT i would prefer the cabin width to be wider by 0.8m.

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