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ATR 72

First flight year — 1988

ATR 72 - commercial aircraft. Pictures, specifications, reviews.
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ATR 72 Specifications

ATR 72-200ATR 72-500
Length (m)27.227.2
Wingspan (m)27.027.0
Height (m)7.67.6
Wing area (m2)61.061.0
Maximum take-off weight (kg)21 50022 000 - 22 800
Maximum landing weight (kg)21 850
Operating empty weight (kg)12 40012 950
Maximum zero fuel weight (kg)20 000 - 20 800
Maximum payload (kg)7 050 - 7 350
Standard fuel capacity (litres)6 400
Range with max payload (km)1 1951 330 - 1 650
Cruise speed (km/h)460510
Maximum speed (km/h)525640
Maximum operating altitude (m)76007 600
Take-off field length (m)1 220
Landing field length (m) 1 050
EnginesP&WC PW124B,
2 x 2160 hp
P&WC PW127F,
2 x 2750 hp
Cabin Data
Passengers (1-class)64-7462-74
Economy seat pitch (cm)76-8176-81
Cabin width (m)2.572.57

Typical Cabin Configuration of ATR 72

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Reviews and Traveller Comments about ATR 72:

13 August 2016 Guest

What is the weight of a Main Wheel Assembly and a Nose Wheel Assembly of ATR72 Aircraft ?

16 April 2015 F.A.Rudder

A very improved replacement to the Avro 748s.

03 April 2015 Guest

ATR 72 can built 81 seat all economy at what picth

25 August 2014 sadham

I Like atr models

02 November 2012 Guest

Which is the Stall speed?

30 June 2012 walcott

i need spec for ATR72-500 not general specs please

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