Tomsk-Moscow in Aeroflot Business Class
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Tomsk-Moscow in Aeroflot Business Class

In continuation of the last review about the flight Krasnoyarsk-Tomsk, this review tells about my further route. This time it was a flight from Tomsk to Moscow in Aeroflot business class.

1. Departure from Tomsk

All flights from Tomsk to Moscow depart early in the morning. I chose for the flight the latest flight under the number SU-1537, departure from Tomsk at 10:30. Aeroflot operates 2 daily flights from Tomsk to Moscow. The earlier flight number SU-1531 departs at 07:50. 

There are noticeably more people in the terminal in the morning than in the afternoon.
Общая зона пассажирского терминала Томского аэропорта
Special control takes place on the 2nd floor - in the photo below the exit to the special control and further to the landing zone is visible on the right.

The main convenience in the business lounge is large sofas. 

There is no serious kitchen, only light drinks and snacks. 

The second room is more enclosed and cozy. There is a separate coffee machine.
Комната ожидания в бизнес-зале Томского аэропорта
There are no telebridges at the Tomsk airport in principle. Boarding the aircraft is made from the apron. Delivery to the board by bus.
While waiting for my flight, I saw an ATR-42 arriving from Krasnoyarsk - the same flight that I had arrived the day before.
Самолет ATR 42 авиакомпании NordStar в аэропорту Томска
Boarding of passengers has ended. Getting ready for takeoff.
Перрон Томского аэропорта
Farewell view of the airport from the runway:
Вид на аэропорт Томск со взлетно-посадочной полосы
Next, a few views from the porthole during takeoff. The terrain in the vicinity of Tomsk is not particularly picturesque. Flat area. Forests, fields, sometimes rivers.
  • Вид на поселок Богашево при взлете из Томского аэропорта

2. Business Class in Aeroflot's Airbus A321

I have already noted in my previous reviews that I consider Aeroflot's business class to be the best in Russia.

It is gratifying that, unlike many European national carriers, Aeroflot's medium-haul airliners are equipped with special seats in the business class cabin. 
Салон бизнес-класса в самолете Airbus A321 Аэрофлота
Flying in such chairs is incomparably more comfortable than in the economy - wide backrests, large armrests, a footrest, increased space between the rows.

Each business class passenger is entitled to a travel kit - small household items for a comfortable flight.
Дорожный набор пассажира бизнес-класса Аэрофлота
For in-flight entertainment, a logbook and a tablet with a built-in multimedia system are provided.

The multimedia system contains a large number of movies, music, games, guidebooks, news reviews. For listening with the tablet, good headphones are given.

Interestingly, viewing content is possible not only in Russian and English, but also in Chinese.

A separate story is the food during the flight. In business class, it is arranged according to the restaurant type. The menu offers a choice of dishes, for alcoholic beverages there is a separate wine list.
The flight time from Tomsk to Moscow is approximately 4 hours. During this time, the passenger is served one full meal.  

First nuts. I took a glass of wine to them. 

Then a shrimp salad.
Салат с креветками в бизнес-классе Аэрофлота
Main course.

And, finally, dessert with tea or coffee.

Before boarding, a gift from the airline is a package of green Chinese tea.
A separate toilet for business class passengers is provided in the nose of the aircraft.

3. Arrival in Moscow. Double-decker Aeroexpress.
Aeroflot flights from Tomsk to Moscow arrive at Sheremetyevo Airport. My last year's flight arrived in Terminal D. Currently, all flights to Tomsk are made from the new Terminal B.
Зеленая композиция
It's nice that Sheremetyevo Airport continues to expand. Every new visit to this airport brings something new. New interiors, new services.

This time, a new experience for me was a trip on a double-decker Aeroexpress train.
Аэроэкспресс в аэропорту Шереметьево The double-decker Aeroexpress trains themselves have been launched for a long time. But in 2019, their route from Sheremetyevo was extended. Now they follow not to the Belorussky railway station in Moscow, but to the city of Odintsovo. Which has become especially convenient for me since I live there. Thus, Aeroexpress trains have become the fastest way for me to get to/from Sheremetyevo.

I pass to the railway station of Sheremetyevo Airport.
Железнодорожная станция Аэроэкспресса в аэропорту Шереметьево
Aeroexpress trains are waiting for passengers at the apron.

Double-decker modern train in signature red. 
Двухэтажный поезд
The second Aeroflot flight from Tomsk arrives in Moscow at about 10:30. By this time, the main passenger flow of the morning arrival is already gone. Surprisingly, I rode alone in my car. This made it possible to slowly and in detail shoot the train.

1st floor. 
The seats in the carriage are arranged according to the 3+2 scheme. The interior is modern and comfortable.

The upholstery of the seats is painted with airplanes, which emphasizes the purpose of the car as an Aeroexpress.

2nd floor
The second floor in the carriage is similar in layout to the first. But the ceilings are a little lower.

Places for the disabled
Aeroexpress pays great attention to disabled people. For such passengers, a special 8-seater section with wider aisles is made.

The seats here are facing each other.

The stairs in the carriage are equipped with wheelchair ramps.

There is a special toilet with increased space for wheelchair accommodation.

Thank you! In the next review, I will talk about my first experience of flying in the era of coronavirus.
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