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Miami Air International Reviews

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All reviews about Miami Air International

04 March 2019 12:03:00 traveler to dominican republic

ABSOLUTELY the worst!!!!!!!!!!! Will never use again. They could not have shoved another passenger in without using the overheads. Seats so tight, that when i dropped my glasses, i was totally unable to pick them up without clearing the other 2 passengers out of their seats! No amenities at all. The only thing keeping the airline from being a totally 3rd world carrier was the absence of a few chickens and a goat. I was assigned a seat near the back but "scored" an aisle seat. All that got me was a continuous mauling by other passengers standing in line for the bathrooms and trying to navigate the incredible narrow walkway. On the return flight I requested seats a little more forward in the plane. The ticket agent said "how about row 11?" Perfect, until we got to the plane and inspected our tickets----row 31, 2 rows nearer the bathrooms!
Save a little self respect and choose any other airline

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20 February 2019 12:02:00 Guest

Traveled February 8-15 on Miami Air. The departure from the airport was good. The plane was very old and cramped. The flight home was another story. Never have I flown on a plane that when seats are reserved by the airline do they load everyone to the front. So now there is a problem and a delay. All passengers come on and two men from the airport come on. The Stewardess comes on and says the plane is loaded to heavy in the front of the plane so they need 14 passengers to move to the back of the plane. What? I seen the men load the luggage and it was right under me and I was in the third row. Maybe that should of been spread out. No matter what so now passengers are moving back with NO compensation or anything. Really. I paid extra for my seat and I am not going to the back of the plane. So we started off for the runway. Sat for little bit before the runway. The pilot was reving the engines, but we weren't moving. After a few of these he comes on and says we have a little bit of a incline and we don't have enough power to make the incline, so they are coming out to pull or push us. By then I am thinking why are we flying on this plane not safe. So they finally move us to have the pilot come on and say we were in a hole. Needless to say I saw men jumping on a grid and they were waving from someone to come and get it fixed. Felt little better after that. When we landed they weren't ready for us so once again we sat on the airplane. Finally home at last. To find out the people on the back of the plane and had to move back to the back of the plane because the plane was tipsy. What the heck is that? Other then this stuff I guess the flight was good. Ran out of snack boxes other then the healthy stuff so no choices. But I paid for it. Mmmmm. Will I think twice about flying with Miami air, you bet ya.

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15 February 2019 12:02:00 Traveler to Dominican

I have traveled to many destinations internationally and this is the worst airline experience I have ever had and we havent even left the airport. They are horrible at letting you know why there is a delay. Did not hear from anyone for 2 hours about the delay. Finally let us some of us board the plane only to be taken off because of another delay. I would not recommend flying with them. Hoping we will be able to board and make it to our destination soon. I can not rate this airline because I can not even give it any stars but I had to give give it a one because they wouldnt let me submit my disappointment

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15 February 2019 12:02:00 Traveler to dominican

Worst experience ever and haven't left the airport yet. I've traveled many times internationally and never experienced anything like this. Multiple delays/issues and no around to give info or updates. Unprofessional, uninformative. Had half of us board the plane after a long delay and then within minutes had us deboard because of another delay. Will never travel with this airline again if we ever depart for our destination. Would not recommend this airline. Would not give this airline one star, but the website made me.

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19 September 2018 12:09:00 Guest

We flew Miami Air with Vacation Express, it was a lot better than when we flew Swift Air. The flight was decent, talked with some flight attendants and they said it was a five day trip with two four/five flights and minimum rest in between, so that is why some flight attendants were not as smiley lol, but Vacation Express supplies them with headphones, food, and drinks which all cost money. No blankets or pillows onboard but a lot of the commercial airlines don't have that stocked either, movies were new, seats were a bit cramped but more comfortable than Spirit/Frontier. Flight attendants said they added 15 extra seats for Vacation Express.

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22 August 2018 12:08:00 Jessica C.

HORRIBLE airline! Stay away I'm not particular and this was the worse experience ever. I would give a zero is I could.

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22 April 2018 12:04:00 Lisa R

This has to be the worst airline ever. We had to wait for late passengers in a hot plane. Seats were so tight , I believe they stuck extra rows in themselves. The planes were old still with ashtrays and ashes in them. The people in front put there seat back and mine and my husbands knees were hitting the back seat. I could not recline my seat because it was broken. Flight attendants didnt care at all , I asked for pillow and he said we have nothing complimentary. Earphones 2.00 and the sound didnt work . I will never go on vacation express again I would rather pay an extra few bucks and go on a real plane. No rating its below 0.

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16 June 2014 12:06:00 Maria

Atrocious crew members. Never realized how bad a flight could be until using this airline. If you can even find the "stand" they have at the airport with a small paper sign representing their name. Constant delays, confusion on their part of where they were even gated, snooty workers who sincerely have no attempt on their part to assist you. No pens for customs sheets, and no headsets.

One thing they did right was play funny movies. That's all.

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