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Airline Reviews & Opinions

To write a review, an opinion or a comment about a specific airline, or to look up reviews for a specific airline, you should browse the World Airline Directory.

Latest Airline Reviews & Traveller Opinions

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Sky Wings Airlines
26 May 2016 Guest

Was delayed for 16 hours at Larnaca on the return to Birmingham. No announcements, coffee, nothing. Then they tried to get out of paying compensation, passed the buck to everyone else, then had their licence revoked but are still flying under another name!! Rubbish.

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21 May 2016 Guest

I am a frequent flyer between Manchester and Malaga. I usually fly with Monarch but decided to give Jet2 a try to increase my choice of flight times, cost etc. I arrived at Manchester airport and booked hold luggage in, I was then informed that my cabin luggage was too big and would have to be paid for, I accepted that this was my fault as I had not checked the regulation re Jet2's cabin baggage policy and therefore paid the £67 return cost for my case. I was also told that this was to ensure the comfort and safety of myself and fellow passengers. On my arrival at the departure gate I noticed that several passengers had cases significantly bigger than my own and were boarding the aircraft without question. I pointed this out to the gate staff who then stopped a gentleman and made him put his case in the bag 'sizer', the case was oversize. The gentleman then said that he had passed through security without any problem and refused to have his case placed in the hold, the gate staff then waved him through. I took photos of the oversize cases including the 1 in the 'sizer'
On my return to the UK I contacted Jet2 Customer services and explained the above, I requested a refund of £67 as I felt my comfort and safety had been compromised by the Jet2 gate staff not adhering to their company policy. I received an email 28 days later saying that they were sorry that I did not agree with their baggage charge, (I never disputed this ) and that a refund would not be paid, they had completely missed the point of my email. I have therefore decided to take legal action which if successful will open the floodgates for all persons charged for excess baggage etc to claim against this Airline.

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Insel Air
21 May 2016 Guest

Do Not travel with this airline. They are disgusting, despicable and dishonest. The staff in Trinidad are liars. Each staff has a different story. They lost my luggage and keep giving me a runaround. Everytime you call it's a different staff with a different excuse/story for you. Nasty people.

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British Airways
17 May 2016 Dumoue

The WORST airlines ever!!!!!!

We were supposed to travel to the United States via British Airways. We had all the required documents needed (ESTA visa, tickets, IDs), but we were refused to board on the flight due to US "no fly list"!
We required a clarification of the reasons but no explanation was provided and we had to move in order not to interrupt the que. We asked them to cancel our reservations so that we could get them refunded, but nope we had to make an international call to UK to ask them for that!

We called their customer service in UK and waited for 30 minutes where we were put on hold 10 times because the employee wasn't trained enough to do her job. We asked for a documentation that we were refused boarding so that we could provide it to the hotels and car rental to get refunds, but apparently that was too much to ask for!!! it was simply not possible!!!

Then we raised a claim and we required full refunds of our tickets and an explanation to why we were allowed in the first place to check in online one day before if our names were on a "no fly list" to USA. If we knew earlier, we could've at least cancelled our reservations smoothly!

Unfortunately, we never got an explanation for why we could check in online and they rejected to refund our tickets even though they admitted that we had all the necessary documents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very poor, slow, cold customer service with no empathy for their customers and where they use standarized templates to reply for your emails instead of a personalized response!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will never use British Airways again! I don't trust them and I will warn all my friends and relatives to avoid them!!!

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15 May 2016 Guest

LIAT are an absolute nightmare - they have a total monopoly in the English speaking Caribbean and are totally unreliable. Staff have an innate defensiveness because of the many times they fail to fly. LIAT stands for leaving island any time - and often they don't even manage that! If there's more than 5 of you charter a small island hopper.

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Malaysia Airlines
12 May 2016 Karen

I wondered why everyone is whinging about poor service from Malaysia Airlines? Why's everyone saying that they weren't attended to or no one answered their calls when they need assistance? We had our flight delayed for 11 hours from London to Kuala Lumpur a month ago, however the crews were very good to everyone waiting and we were given all free hotel room at Heathrow ( we flew with Economy Class), besides we were given paperwork and explained on how to claim for compensation from Malaysia Airlines.

We followed the instructions on the paperwork and email them all documents, and we were attended to within 24 hours. And we received our compensation (almost 50% of our air fares) within 2 weeks.

When we rang the call center in Australia , yes we were put on hold for couple of minutes, but there's always someone to attend to us. Unlike other airlines such as Qantas, we've been putting on hold for more than one hour and yet no one attended to us.

So we're VERY HAPPY with Malaysia Airlines, and definitely is one of the best in the world!!

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Thomson Airways
02 May 2016 Guest

Flew from manchester to sharm el sheikh (boeing 737-800) and really enjoyed the flight, great cabin crew very friendly, legroom was ok not the best though epically when Manchester to sharm el sheikh is a pretty long short haul flight if that makes sense ordered a panini from the eatery was really tasty and compared to some airlines a resonable price . Overall a good friendly airline. by the way i reccomend to bring electronics onboard to keep kids amused as there isnt much in the way of entertainment.

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Sriwijaya Airlines
22 April 2016 Ezra

Great service combined with friendly staff

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American Airlines
15 April 2016 Guest

I fly frequently and my experience with AA has been consistently awful. Most recently, an AA flight canceled due to a crew member not showing up. I was placed on another flight the following day that had additional layovers because that was "all that was available." I was not in my home city so the AA agents gave me a voucher for $150 for cab fair/hotel but when I tried to use it, I was told I needed to pay out of pocket and contact AA Customer relations to get reimbursed. There is no phone number for AA Customer Relations (apparently they do not have phones), only email. I never got an email response and was never reimbursed. And, as if that is not frustrating enough, because I was added late to the alternate flight, I was the last to board, we somehow ran out of overhead space (on two separate flights) and they had to check my small (18"round) carry-on. I pleaded with the flight attendant to let me keep it because it had valuable/fragile gifts in it but she insisted and it broke. I will never fly AA again. Not just because their customer service is terrible, it is literally non-existent.

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10 April 2016 susan

This evening we mis our plane to malaga from dublin due to the fact that ryan air was delayed and they dit not call the passengers to get on to the flight ,no one knows what time was the flight.we and many other one was left stranded with out notice or compesation .worses we had to pay 100 euros each to go on the early morning flight.we had no co operation of the employees of this one of the worse airlnes in the world.they had still time to put us on board but they refuse proberly to make extra money out of this airline yes if you want to be treated as rubbish and swollow them bullshit.we will never fly again with this so called peoples airlines.staff is rude they dont care .most of ryan air employees are trained like feeling what so ever. Pay more fly with proper airline like air lingus or british airways pay a bit more you get better service and you are treated as a client with ryanair you will be treated as cattle

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Topics 71 - 80 of 395
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