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Airline Reviews & Opinions

To write a review, an opinion or a comment about a specific airline, or to look up reviews for a specific airline, you should browse the World Airline Directory.

Latest Airline Reviews & Traveller Opinions

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18 October 2016 Guest

Good quality planes but a company policy that doesn't care about Customer Service.

Emirates airlines are really good in Window dressing when it comes to their Customer Service. At first sight it looks like they're really value their (loyal) customers but unfortunately in reality they don't live up to the expectations they promise to the world.

I've been flying with Emirates many times before and also reached their Silver Member Status so you can call me experienced when it comes to this airline. The plane itself, the seats and the food provided are OK.

Only when it comes to how they treat their (loyal) customers it becomes a complete different story. Once you've ordered and paid for your ticket they loose their complete interest in you as a customer. They treat you like a number and the only feedback you get are the lines that were written out in their "Customer" scripts.

This resulted for me to the (unfortunate) decision to use the Emirates services in the future and look for other airlines which provide proper Customer Service

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Allegiant Air
11 October 2016 Guest

horrible experience! I arrived 45-50 minutes prior to my flight (which the website recommends). they would not let me board! they told me I had to arrive an hour before the flight. I was leaving ashville which is a very small aiport. there was no one in line for security. not one single person. I could have got through security and been at the gate within 5 minutes. the guy took so long trying to call someone that they said no. this is my honeymoon. so I have spend 12 + hours in a rent a car which I had to pay for. it's been a disaster. I have tried to call allegiant but cannot get through. I will NEVER use
2allegiant again.

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Juneyao Airlines
07 October 2016 Guest

Do not fly with this airline! It seems to be a scam, they don´t reply to messages, are not reacheable by phone, and it happened to me and someone else before me that we paid without getting any confirmation/ticket whatsoever!

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Qatar Airways
06 October 2016 Guest

I fly Qatar mostly because the online booking is so easy and the price is good. This time I flew business class and didn't think much of it. Fr om Colombo the lounge facilities were good. My flight and the food was mediocre. Then at Doha I didn't get to go to the lounge because I had only one hour connecting time. However, if there was someone to take me to the lounge I could have at least had a cup of tea. Then on my return flight the London Heathrow lounge was ok. I must say the service was good and they gave me a card with the wifi password. I had more than two hours in Doha, and i had a problem looking for the lounge. I asked two airport workers and they said that I should go directly to the gate. Although I had more than one and a half hours for my flight. Finally, a nice African official directed me to the lounge and when I got there after walking miles, the receptionists were very indifferent and just directed me in after checking my boarding pass. They didn't give me a Wifi password nor did they tell me where the restaurant is. When you have been flying for hours and in an unfamiliar place I feel these people should guide us properly as to what facilities are available. I must say the lounge itself was beautiful and nicely decorated. I only managed to get a cup of tea since I didn't know wh ere the restaurant was located. I left half an hour before my flight since no one called me to board. Then found out that there was one hour delay in taking off. Well, I will think twice before flying Qatar Business Class again...

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06 October 2016 Brian Naylor

Just travelled Cobalt Laranca to London Stansted. Flight on time. Staff veru polite and helpful. Website and on line check in is terrible at present but hopefully will improve.
Overall great flight

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27 September 2016 Guest

Volaris is the worst travel agency you can travel with. Customer services is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!. No one there knows how to do their job. They are so unqualified. I will NEVER ever travel with them again. They lost my luggage and they can't do nothing about it but compensate me with 100.00 and i had at least more then 600.00 worth of clothes and gifts..


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21 September 2016 nboerma

Worst airline in the world by far, extremely unfriendly and bureaucratic for children. Totally inflexible. When you call them you have to wait 30 minutes on the line and the service is poor.

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Royal Jordanian Airlines
21 September 2016 Guest

The worst airlines and flights I ever experience.
1.In Amman officers ask me to pay them under the table to let me pass thru the security(corruption),.
2. they have a very bad hospitalit.
3.racist, when they see a whit man they treat him differently then the other race, I never thought that I can see that.
4. They stole my laggage twice and I didn't have any of them back..

So I recommend every one not to book with jorDan airlines

By the way may trips were from new York to Kuala lampur

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Condor Flugdienst
19 September 2016 Bella

If you can, don't book with them. They have just changed the baggage allowance, a week before my flight to Germany.
Now I can take only 6 kg, instead of the already stingy 20 kg plus 6 kg in cabin. As I'm moving there, this is a real inconvenience.
I had booked my flight months in advance, and even so, never thought this would be a possibility, not even in my wildest nightmares.
It's not worth the saving. And I still have to see if the flight is not a pain!

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Air Berlin
02 September 2016 Guest

Flew SAN (AA) - LAX (AB) - DUS (AB) - SZG (AB) on August 25-26. They lost my suitcase and have not heard anything yet from Air Berlin. Am starting to go crazy (all my things are in that bag, including needed prescription medicine)!

Have actually flown with them a lot the past 5 years plus and never had any problems. But now I find that if you do have problems they leave the customer high and dry. There is no way to contact them or their baggage contractor other than online forms/e-mails which receive no reply.

Even if I do ever get my suitcase back and compensation for the extra expenses incurred I will only ever fly them again to use up the frequent flier miles I've collected. And I will never trust them with my checked luggage again.

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Topics 41 - 50 of 395
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