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Country: Spain
Low-cost airlines within Italy, France and Spain also as seasonal charters to other countries
IATA code: V7
ICAO code: VOE
Head office: ravessera de Gracia, 4o, 08006, Barcelona, Spain
Phone number: +34 93 122 071 7
Fax number: +34 93 222 071 1
Year established: 2011
Main bases and hubs: Bordeaux Merignac, Nantes Atlantique, Palermo, Venice Marco Polo
Fleet: Airbus A319, Boeing 717, Fokker F28

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Reviews & Opinions of Volotea:

15 June 2016 Guest

Our flight has been delayed and no information has been given until the very last minute - when everyone were waiting at the gate. The staff clearly had no idea of what was going on and was rude. The company didn't give information and apparently wanted to keep us all waiting - this was completely irresponsible and unacceptable - we are definitely not using volotea again

21 August 2012 Guest

Beyond my expectations! Pristine plane, sturdy, loads of room - leg room, wide seats...widest trays I've ever experienced. Eye candy for stewards, nice menu (pity they don't take cash), without feeling harassed. Quiet, serene, perfect flight. Barely felt the plan touch the ground upon landing! 5 star...felt like I was in first class :)

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Volotea Discussion:

17 May 2016 Guest

Supposed to be a low cost air line.....what a joke.....booked 3 flights from England to Mallorca towards the end of April 2016, then got an e mail from them about kids going being curious I entered my details again and found that the flights were now 150 Euros contacted them and they say that they have these promos so they could fill the plane up....fair looking at their website they make the following statement 'This means that if you purchase your flight earlier, it will be cheaper, since the price goes up as the plane fills up and the date for the flight approaches' So I asked to explain this statement and below is the exact reply I got Unfortunately, we can not give a positive answer, and sorry for the inconvenience Well that says it all, first and last time I book with Volotea

09 August 2015 Guest

Absolute WORST airline. First, flight was delayed with NO announcement or notification. Then they board those with children first, but it is onto a bus, and they get pushed to the back and do not get boarded first on the actual plane. Flight crew was rude right from the start. Someone from the back of the plane put their luggage up front I. The overhead bin. I was seated in row 3, so I should be the one to put my luggage overhead. Tried to move it and the flight attendant gave me attitude. In the end I won that fight. When they came through with the beverage cart, the girl looked right at me when I pulled my wallet and card out to purchase. When she stopped the cart, she asked the person across from me, but then instead of acknowledging me after, she and the other flight attendant(who had been rude upon embarking) completely ignored me and moved past! They didn't even give other passengers time to flag them down for something. When they finished, they walked right past again with the cart and put it away. When called to my seat, was told we have to signal them and ask for a snack. Hard too when they ignore you. Was very rude AGAIN!! Then, 45 min before landing, another attendant came up to me and told me to put my iPad away and make sure it was turned off for landing! We had another 45 min on the flight!!!! I know when to turn it off. Rude crew, and unacceptable attitudes. No professionalism with this airline! DO NOT FLY VOLOTEA!!

09 April 2015 KOLKMAN

Hi, We'll be flying with them this weekend, so I can't review the flight yet. But one thing that I can already tell you is to be carefull because they'll do anyting to empty your wallet. As many low cost companies you can choose to sel ect your seat for a fee. But as their own site says ( : "Can I book a flight without selecting a seat? Yes. If you agree to let Volotea automatically assign a seat for you, you do not have to pay for it." So I didn't. OK, so we're a family with two small children and they then split you up, to see if you won't change your mind, not great but so be it. But then I see that on the way back my wife doesn't have a seat attributed to her and that to register on line you need to select a seat...... which you have to pay for: 6 euros. If you don't you can't register, or you need to do it at the airport. But this costs 10 euros. The other seats were attributed, even hers for the out bound flight, but not for the inbound, though you can see the flight is more than half empty. I doubt if this is even legal. I sent them an email, when I hear fr om them I'll post it here. But I think they are on the fringe of legality here.

13 October 2014 Guest

Our flight was delayed for 5 hours and 30 minutes upon arrival. That can unfortunately happen, and I am ok with them bringing in a new plane to fly us home. What I am not ok is waiting 60 minutes in a small confined place, standing in line with no available place to sit or roam, because the flight attendant was not able to give us any news or any reason for delay up until 5 minutes after the flight was supposed to leave. There were children and elderly in the line with no place to sit, just stand for 60 minutes....We were informed we are having technical issues with our plane and we should have a 30 minute delay. This information was given in french only. After hour and half sitting in the Nantes Hall 4, which is under construction or something, as it is void of any shops, we were told something in french, which someone had to translate to me that we are receiving new airplane from Bordeaux, which has not even started yet, so we are being moved to a saloon with refreshments. In the saloon a water cooler was provided, and after an hour we received a pass to some restaurant in Hall 1, that was explained as to be for sandwich and beverage. In the restaurant we were told the pass is only for beverage ( water, juice, beer or something else). We were then left to roam the airport before the check area, so free to leave and buy the overpriced food. We waited in the saloon, no one came in the next few hours, until we saw some people leaving the saloon and going again, through the security check, to wait in yet another line for our plane, that was now rescheduled for 20:20. I received a text message which was the only way I knew about this reschedule, no one came to inform us or to even check on us to the saloon. Another boarding check, another line and finally at 9 pm we were actually flying away. The pilot and crew apologized for the issue and explained what caused it I do not mind the delay, but the approach of the attendants really astounded me. No food either from their side, no information in english unless specifically asked for. Also on the plane I was not able to call the flight attendant to my attention, the button was not working and they did not roam the hall to be called to. I am quite glad I was not sick in the end, as there was even no bag available. The flight from Prague to Nantes was ok, no issues but nothing special. Seat room is expectable from cheap airline, no entertainment or bags, no meals. Landing and take of without issue, small turbulences due to strong wind. Temperature great, not too cold, maybe even hot without AC. Captain and crew shared their messages, no problem. Getting attention of flight attendant was hard

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