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Airline Reviews & Opinions

To write a review, an opinion or a comment about a specific airline, or to look up reviews for a specific airline, you should browse the World Airline Directory.

Latest Airline Reviews & Traveller Opinions

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04 January 2016 Guest

If I could have put zero as a rating I would have. Had a flight cancelled today due to bad weather. No staff on hand to help only to tell us to call a call centre. As you can imagine everyone is calling the same no. Flight was at 6. Still trying to call the call centre at 10pm. Turkish airlines and Pegasus supported their passengers with hotel accommodation and rescheduling of flights, sun express offered nothing so we ended up having to pay for accommodation and a new flight, appalling service.

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Spirit Airlines
04 January 2016 Guest

I flew spirit air fr om Ft Lauderdale to Niagara Falls Nov 27. booked my flights for 4 adults months prior and joined their fare club. I read over all their instructions on the luggage policy and paid the extra cost for 4 bags and 3 carry on. I instructed my family about not going over the 40lb lim it on the bags. When we got to the counter the girl was great explained that cause we booked as a group that we had a total weight of 160lbs with are bags so it didn't matter if 1 bag was over weight, as long one of the others was under the bag is ok... as long as we had a total weight at 160lbs. On top of this I still saved over 500.00 on this flight being a holiday weekend. These people writing in with all these complaints about Spirit Air must only fly once in a great while and think every thing is owed to them on Spirit. Go fly a larger airlines and see what you pay. Yes SW gives you 2 bags free but you really are paying for those 2 bags.

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West Air
31 December 2015 Guest

Terrible airline.
- no English speaking customer service
- customer service (with Chinese help) is terrible
- airline changes flight time last minute with no reason
- refuses to reimburse cost of inconvenience

I've generally had a terrible time with this airline. I was supposed to fly from Shenzhen to Zhengzhou - flight booked over a week ago. Less than 10 hours before the flight I receive a message saying the flight time has been delayed by THREE HOURS. What does this mean for me? It means that the hotel I reserved, the time I booked is being wasted; I have to take a taxi to the airport instead of public transportation which is 150 RMB (a fifth of the cost of the actual flight); general inconvenience and meeting times are delayed and cancelled.
Don't expect Chinese airlines to offer any sort of positive customer service. This is the last time I'll fly domestic in China. This airline is absolute rubbish.

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Bulgaria Air
24 December 2015 Guest

Do NOT fly with Bulgaria Air!!! The worst experience ever! The service is one of the worst I've ever seen. Delay of flights and luggage, stolen property from the bags and very poor attitude are just the beginning of your journey with this company. Customer Service is practically non-existent. The only official phone number on their web site does not reply for weeks and the number listed for luggage complains is invalid. Emails are never answered and the service you'll get will make you feel like you owe them a favour for using their services. They will wear you down and hope that you'll give up fighting the wall of bureaucracy they've created. I'd rather walk on foot next time then use their services again.

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Austrian Airlines
17 December 2015 BorisIvanov

I warn all travelers about the abuse of Austrian Airlines company to its monopoly position in the direction of Kiev-Vienna.
Im used to fly to Vienna a lot, due to my business; and more frequent air company monopolist in this direction is Austrian Airlines. However, recently I had bad experience with this airline, which left me with no desire to continue to give them my time and money.
Briefly about the situation: I checked in the flight online the day before departure, but that did not stop the representatives of Austrian Airlines to remove me and 9 other passengers from the flight right at the entrance to the plane. The airline didnt explain to passengers the reason of their decision, but I understood that airline was guided by national basis, because all 9 passengers was from Ukraine. After removal, the airline changed the ticket to a late flight, as a result of what I was late for my appointments. Moreover, Im trying to get a justice, an apology and explanation from the airline for 1 year, but still I didnt receive any feedback from them.
It is very shortsighted and presumptuous of Austrian Airlines to believe that because of its monopoly position on this direction, they can provide so unprofessional service to their passengers.
The big fat minus to Austrian Airlines. If you need to Vienna fly, but just not with them - real advice from real victim.

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Air Namibia
15 December 2015 Guest

Air Namibia is one of the worst airlines.
1. They lock the two rear toilets for the 10 hour flight duration Frankfurt to Windhoek, for exclusive use of the cabin attendants. This means that the 300 or so economy class passengers can only use the 4 centre toilets.
2. When they serve breakfast, the meal is served first, and only when all passengers have received their meal are the drinks served - often half an hour after the meal is served.
3. The cabin staff NEVER answer a "Call Attendant" light, except to cancel the request!

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GOL Linhas Aereas Inteligentes
28 November 2015 Guest

I have 4 flt from Sao Paolo to Forteleza (thru Delta partner) and no problems. always on time and fast efficient boarding. Plane was OK. All baggage arrives. website and phone number offerings are very poor. a friend left computer on board and there is no phone number for direct lost baggage. But in Brazil you can expect functions of some things to be backwards from Europe and of course take a long time.

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North Cariboo Air
23 November 2015 Guest

Excellent service on chartered flight last week! ..Clean Aircraft ; attentive crew ; great flying with them...

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Bangkok Airways
23 November 2015 Guest

bangkok Airways are the Easy jet of Thailand,their flights are over prices,customer service is zero.
I have to fly with them as i live on Koh Samui,but I have lost track of how many times my flight is cancelled and I am put on a much earlier or later flight.When you contact them,they are very sad about what happends but will offer you nothing in the way of help or compensation.
The staff at the airport are not very helpful and customer service is zero
Being stuck at the airport for over 5 hours I was offered a plactic container of cold rice as a meal for the delay.
The planes are cleans and staff on board helpful,but the rest of this airline is a joke

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Aeroflot - Russian Airlines
19 November 2015 Pablo

Excellent flight from Moscow to Havanna, Cuba. The service was great. Food was good. You get a menu card and pick lamb, chicken or even vegetarian food if you wanted. The seats were good and the monitor in the front seat was having good movies, documentaries and games. My earphones didnt work so I got new ones with a smile.

Before booking the flight I was a little afraid og flying with Aeroflot. But they surprised me in a positive way. Looking forward to fly with them again in 2016

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Topics 91 - 100 of 394
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